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  1. Spencerport, west of rochester
  2. Garage clean out I have a lot of odd and ends I would like to get rid of. swivel seat post, its a 3/4 inch shaft $5 a 13" 3/4 inch seat post pole $15 (not pictured) an older johnson fuel connector $5 older themos cooler decent shape $5 dsytims 46 1ul 4' 6" ultra light shakespeare rod and under spin reel light use good shape $15 a shakesphere omni 33 fly reel $5 a frabill landing net (almost new with extention handle) $10 sold aluminum two rod rod holder great shape $40 I also have a older johnson sea horse cover and carberator $5 each
  3. I try hard to stay away from people and this still happens, there used to be a things called courtesy, decency, and common sense. but not any more. u betcha has none, that's for sure.
  4. looking for 124 walker deeper divers looking for a couple of 124 walker deeper divers, preferally in black but i do have some paint so any color would do. only looking because so jerk at the niagra bar ran me up on it with his 35 foot cabin cruiser running over 100 ft of line on both side off a set of planer boardsin the middle of 20 other boats. he ran me up on the drop off and i couldn't get all my lines up in time and I lost all my line off one rod, the dipsy and the flasher fly I was using all because he was to stupid to know what a steering wheel is and did not want to get off of auto pilot and mess up his track. next time I will run over his board and cut it off.
  5. Have you looked at polarkrafts? they make a simular one for a lot less money. I love my frontier.
  6. I would go with a 4 stroke, I tried a 9.9 two stroke johnson on my new boat and had some problems with it. 1. you cant hook it up to your main tank, so you have to bring along a separate tank. 2. it smokes and going with the wind it will choke you with fumes 3. 4 strokes are much quieter 4. for 600 more you can get a brand new one shipped to your door with a 5yr warrenty and no sales tax. (if you need a short shaft you can get it even cheaper) http://www.ebay.com/itm/2017-Tohatsu-9-8-Hp-4-Stroke-Outboard-Motor-Tiller-20-Shaft-Engine-/142242176589?hash=item211e4b5e4d:g:qlAAAOSw44BYdpfd&vxp=mtr
  7. damn its a lx (left handed) looking for a right handed one. !@$!#$!@#!@#
  8. good luck I have been looking for a good deal on 203's but the best price i have found recently in $95 on ebay 303's seem to come up every once in a while used on ebay.
  9. here's one with a 140 and a 15 brand new for 33,900 http://www.duck-boats.com/New-Inventory-2016-Polar-Kraft-Fishing-Frontier-189-WT-Fenton-Michigan-2183510
  10. you can buy a brand new polarkraft 189 frontier with a 150 brand new for right around 35K its 18ft 10in with a 100in beam. I love my 179 frontier it has a 115 yamaha on it an i got it for 27k new the kodiak 200 is also nice but more $$$$$
  11. I did my old boat 3 years ago, but i did the whole thing, took all winter. I went through lots of carpet and glue. i like the vinyl better than the carpet, when I bought my new boat I got it with the vinyl. heres what the old boat looked like when i was done.
  12. this one ? https://buffalo.craigslist.org/boa/5941408768.html
  13. i would rather have the 203 because my other ones are 203's like to keep them the same.
  14. looking for a cold water CW203D Looking for a cw203d that is in good shape for a good price, anyone out there have one they need to get rid of?
  15. x2 you can get them on line right now, they are selling off the last of the 2016, so nows a good time to buy. Bought my 9.8 tohatsu about this time last year and its a long shaft, electic start, power tilt model for $2500 shipped to my door. The only problem with buying one online is you can not get remote models, some stupid thing were a dealer has to install it or no warrenty so no one will do it.
  16. i would take the berts racheting rod holders, whens the next time your in rochester.
  17. I have a 2015 115 Yamaha and a 2015 9.8 Tohatsu on my boat, this spring I ran the Yamaha for about 4-5 hours at about 20-25 mph and the Tohatsu for about 40 hrs at 2.5 mph and only went thought about 15-16 gallons of gas. only 3/4 of a tank. Last year with my 1996 90 hp 2 stroke mercury and my 1998 9.9 Johnson i did about the same amount of time and i went through about 30-35 gallons of fuel. I can accually talk to my passangers while going full speed with the Yamaha, had to use gestures and scream with the mercury. and no choking on the fumes from the Johnson when going with the wind. I am much happier with my 4 strokes.
  18. I have two reels for sale: abu garcia ambassadeur 6000 reel, it is in good shape and works perfectly $55 abu garcia ambassadeur 6500c reel, it is in good shape and works perfectly $65 I cleaned and greased these reels just a little while ago and were only used twice since then, I only have used these reals 2-3 times every year since i got them. they are in great shape. I live in spenceport NY and I would be willing to ship at buyers expense.
  19. https://utica.craigslist.org/boa/5769550911.html
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