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  1. Where u fishing alot of boats in the back round
  2. Springfield classic folding boat deck Chair. eBay. 139.99 Thank you!
  3. I will give you 75.00 for the chair and pick it up Thanks for considering
  4. I now have a 9.9 Johnson 1996. Where is the best place to buy a new one???I am in paulski Thanks
  5. Looking for two roller rods. 71\2 or 8 foot Thank you
  6. Look up avets. Level winds let me know if your interested Thanks
  7. Mike they look great!!!!! Hope the walleye think so
  8. I'm the one still interested on the roller rods! Where r u located? Thanks
  9. I was the one who wanted to know where you are from!! Interested in the roller rods Thanks
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