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  1. Did know if we'd be able to land it
  2. Shark Fishing with My Mom!
  3. TRIPLE header sharks from the beach
  4. Giant Mystery Fish Breaks 100lb Line
  5. It's a river where it connects to a lake. PM me if you want to know which one lol.
  6. Yeah man it was crazy. Could not believe how bad it got for about 10 days there.
  7. So those stones are dropped off by freighters, and for a freighter to get that close to shore there obviously has to be dredging. Basically that dredging has created a huge drop off right off of shore for about 3km, which attracts tons of fish. Accompany that with the moving water of the river and you have some incredible structure!
  8. 95% pf them are fishing for walleye
  9. Here's this week's episode where we go 5/5 in two hours!
  10. Haha I wouldn't be mad at a suggestion. Why do you think loosening the drag would increase the landing %?
  11. PB Fishing! I'm trying to upload weekly videos.
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