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  1. Godfrey launch, in Cleveland, NY.
  2. Nice fish Oats! I had to look it up, St. Lawrence, Clayton area. [Edit: wow, it took the link and "autoembedded" it, nice!]
  3. Thx for the report! Gotta hit it myself pretty soon. Looking forward to shore fishing for sure,
  4. Nice haul.. I went Saturday night. Tried trolling but weeds, weeds, weeds and more weeds. Should have spent more time casting and fishing panfish. Waiting patiently for cooler weather and the weeds / boat traffic to drop.
  5. thx for report bullet... state launch is always full, i gotta get out there on a weekday. been really wanting to go there, only went twice so far, but it was like you said good panfish action. Especially near dark. Bugs were thick at sunset though. South end was slow for us too, bout a month ago.
  6. if you are a hardcore walleye fisherman you would want to be close to Onieda if not on it. Especially if you ice fish.
  7. Skaneateles

    Thx Walnut, going later today in a small craft. If it isn't too rough I will hit the deeper water and see if I can jig some trout. If not I will play with the bass and panfish near shore. Hope the state launch isn't full! Will post if I get anything noteworthy.
  8. Cayuga

    Great pics! You really have all the varieties dialed in.
  9. Skaneateles

    what depth are you finding them at? Thanks!
  10. My answer would probably not be impartial unbiased or objective. I don't use downriggers, but do cast, jig and troll (a little) and have fished mine alot. they are durable good strong rods. one is 20 some odd years old.
  11. Geez!
  12. tournament any time soon?
  13. per the regulations, they must be destroyed. Invasive Species. BTW, he is holding it wrong.
  14. Otisco

    your timing is excellent, this article was on about finding parkng along Public Fishing Rights...PFR.