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  1. Otisco

    your timing is excellent, this article was on about finding parkng along Public Fishing Rights...PFR.
  2. Otisco

    If you have access to a boat, there is a brown drake hatch in the summer ( late June, early July?) on Skaneateles that turns on the rainbow bite. Lots of people fly fish it from boats.
  3. Otisco

    as fisherdude said, nine mile is right off the dam of Otisco. A little tough to find access close to the lake, but further down near Marcellus all the way to Camillus there is plenty of great spots. The feeder to Otisco is Spafford Creek, it has browns. There is access to the last leg into the lake as the owner has a fishing allowed sign in the parking area. I haven't fished that area, so cannot offer any advice. Maybe some one here can. There is also Grout Brook the feeder on Skaneateles Lake, the next lake West of Otisco. The spring run is known for monster Bows, but it is tiny and more suited to small ultralight hook and worm rather than fly. The outlet of Skaneateles is Skaneateles Creek, there is, I believe a catch and release fly zone on that. Again someone can chime in on that.
  4. It is illegal now, see Restricted Baitfish Species section:
  5. a little off topic, anyone have any luck with jigging?... Or, casting jigs?
  6. I was joking. I would like to try the savages, they look like they would be a blast. Or Suick?, Believer, and of course a Mepps.
  7. 1000 casts, no thanks. I would troll, drift, or use bait.
  9. jk, there is also Seveys boat launch across the lake and a little south. I have never been there but they have a website. that would get you in that area in a boat to fish.
  10. I also hope they put in a launch. But that end as previously mentioned gets extremely shallow. This summer it would have been dry by Labor Day. It could be a hand launch for yaks and small boats but I don't see any way to put in a full launch for big boats unless they dredge a channel clear through The Cut in the Causeway. It will be interesting to see what they do. I believe Otisco is really a reservoir for OCWA to draw water as needed. Add to that some dry weather like this summer and the south end dries up.
  11. Thanks everyone! I hit Skaneateles today for trout with another member. I went 2/3, one keeper. We then hit the Causeway on Otisco and got soaked and skunked. The whole day was a blast though. Back to work tomorrow. Looking forward to next weekend, either eye fishin or more rainbows.
  12. I have fished with Rob and can tell first you he handles them properly, uses circle hooks, treats them with respect, and releases them good. I have read your articles and they are good.
  13. I have been lurking and reading for about 2 years here and finally got past the procrastination and created an account. Great site, posts, pics and info. I mostly fish from shore but will be doing some small craft small waters fishing. I am on mff under the same screen name. I live in 'Cuse and mostly fush Otisco, Skaneatles, Nine Mile, Oneida, Jamesville and other spots. Always try to hit new waters and explore a bit. I have ice fished and want to get back to doing that this year. Alright, nuff bout me. Tlak to you all soon.