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  1. UglyStik

    Fish ID

    Perch Walleye? Awesome. Bet that tasted good! Makes the mind wander to some hatchery stocking program... wouldn't that be great?
  2. The town park can be a little hairy if the lake is low, depends on your boats draught and if you have tilt/trim. Seveys is at the bottom of a very long, windy, and exceedingly STEEP hill. I can't reccomend. Glenhaven restraunt has expanded their slips and redid the launch. It is $10 according to their website. http://www.theglenhaven.com/?page_id=490 Like most launches on Skan it can fill up fast. Best to get there early and not chance it.
  3. Don Meissner https://www.google.com/search?q=don+meissner+pbs+fishing
  4. $60 is a steal, somebody should jump on this. If I didn't already have two small outboards I would be all over this.
  5. Great shots, thx for sharing. Like the holder rings.
  6. Hmmm... x-men powers ya say..... Good post 13, thx
  7. And your original post was good. I was under the false assumption that trimming belly fat and other parts got rid of most of the mercury. Not true, this method applies to myrex, pcb's, dioxin but not mercury I guess. This came from Lake Ontario reccomendations from long ago (I think?). Maybe someone can chime in on the original lake o reccomendations that remembers or has a copy. As for the article, I am questioning how such results found 3 years ago could not have found their way to DEC/DOH reccomendations as they would represent a serious health threat. We would be no different than the folks eating out of the Onondaga Lake tribs. And the sweeping generalization of Finger Lakes is bad.
  8. SK8, not bashing you at all, in fact thanks for posting it. It should be a concern to all if there was mercury in ALL the finger lakes, as the article apparently misleads one to believe. I am all for not polluting them. However I think advisories are up to the DOH & DEC to make. If they have conclusive evidence they should report it and it would become posted on the DOH site. If they have reported it and it is Not getting posted then there would be a problem. I think the bigger concerns now should be with green algea blooms and fertilizer runoff, but who am I to say.
  9. lol! Ya can barely taste the mercury.
  10. Did a little research: DEC webpage refers to Dept. of Health. for recommendations. DOH webpage with current reccomendations for Finger Lakes region: https://www.health.ny.gov/environmental/outdoors/fish/health_advisories/regional/fingerlakes.htmu Only Finger lake mentioned is Candice. Skaneateles CREEK is mentioned, but it's down stream of the lake. I am having either serious credibility problems with the reporter, or with the scientist involved. Pretty sure DEC/DOH would be on top of this given the study was from 2015, plenty of time to update advisory. I think they would have said sometihing by now. I would suggest calling out the author & or the scientist involved and questioning why the DOH doesn't mention it, as well as contacting the DEC/DOH and see what their take is on the study. Posible reasons for this: Sensationalistic Journalism, Scientist trying to promote funding for w problem that doesn't exist, etc.. etc.. Something is rotten here.
  11. Godfrey launch, in Cleveland, NY.
  12. Nice fish Oats! I had to look it up, St. Lawrence, Clayton area. [Edit: wow, it took the link and "autoembedded" it, nice!]
  13. Thx for the report! Gotta hit it myself pretty soon. Looking forward to shore fishing for sure,
  14. Nice haul.. I went Saturday night. Tried trolling but weeds, weeds, weeds and more weeds. Should have spent more time casting and fishing panfish. Waiting patiently for cooler weather and the weeds / boat traffic to drop.
  15. thx for report bullet... state launch is always full, i gotta get out there on a weekday. been really wanting to go there, only went twice so far, but it was like you said good panfish action. Especially near dark. Bugs were thick at sunset though. South end was slow for us too, bout a month ago.
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