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  1. Buffing is no fun! A surgical instrument making company I worked for did a lot of buffing, yuk. Have you considered making hand held lure holding fixtures? They speed up the process and make it at least a bit more tolerable for the worker. Work holding fixtures also allow the worker to wear gloves. Could you post some pictures of the lures you make or plan to make?
  2. Jason, Very interesting! I often wanted a small punch press for my basement business (not fishing tackle related) but worried about safety and making dies but hadn't considered the noise I ended up sticking to spin casting aka centrifugal rubber mold casting which is a lot quieter. Are your dies progressive multi operation or single operation per die? Do you plan on making any silver plated spoons?
  3. Nessmuk

    Canadice Canadice

    Guess either no one is fishing Canadice or just not saying. I was there on June 4th w/o success and didn't see much on the fish finder except for the southernmost end. Water temp was about 63degF at surface and 50degF at 20' down. May try Hemlock next time on a week day.
  4. Nessmuk

    Canadice Canadice

    Anyone been fishing Canadice with any luck?
  5. Being new to lake fishing for trout I am wondering how all this rain effects water temp and fishing in general? Does it speed up or retard thermocline?
  6. I'm planning to go to Canadice if I can get my trailer/boat to the lake safely. I was wondering the same thing about the high water effecting water temp and thermocline(if there is one). Might be a good topic on it's own. I heard that they are going to institute a permanent 5mph speed limit on all finger lakes
  7. Seems a bit ridiculous to me as lake level has little to do with safety. Safety is more of an operator thing. Maybe get out the oars?
  8. Not good to hear. Have you looked at the Canadice launch ramp?
  9. Genny and especially Oatka are great places but a PFD is derigure for children. I used to fish Mendon Ponds on occasion since I was a kid but it seems to have gone down hill fast. I was there two years ago and fish were far and few between, algae was suffocating the plant life, and it smelled like a sewer. When I got home I had to wash my anchor line because the stench was so bad. In the old days there were sizable pike and bass there along with a zillion sunnies, bullhead and perch. I asked DEC about it and they said that a lot of ponds are suffering because of Canada Geese. Another place to checkout is the DEC pond in Avon. It has a lot of hungry fish and is easy access. Yet another place is Powder Mill Park.
  10. I'm setting up a trolling motor and am concerned about interference with fish finder. Instructions say use separate batteries but I have also read that an rf choke will stop the interference. Has anyone had experience with using an rf choke? Thoughts?
  11. With out seeing it, one can only guess. A close up picture showing the grain would help. Is the wood stained red? Typical wood boat construction in the NE US was white cedar planking over white oak frames/ribs with white oak or mahogany transom. Who built the boat? 1981 seems late for a mass produced boat. My guess is mahogany which, though reddish color, is more brown. There are various species of mahogany with slight color variations. Western red cedar (I've worked with it) is possible but not desirable for a transom. Another contender is redwood, not desirable for a transom.
  12. Rusty Rod building and repair isn't that tough unless it is a rod with a break or loose ferrules. Replacing a real seat is probably easier than trying to find parts. Check out Jans Netcraft for reel seats. There are a lot of on line resources.
  13. I did find a manual for this motor at the library. I have most of the tools to do a tune up but there is a lot more to a tune up than I realized.
  14. Looks like they don't service Yamaha?
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