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  1. Yeah, I was looking into canvas for my current boat but I'm trying to get away from my boat. She needs quite a bit of work and will likely be cut into pieces for easy disposal, the motor and parts sold or also disposed of. I love my current boat but for what she needs it isn't worth the investment. Stringers are shot, hull has longitudinal cracks because of the bad stringers. The repairs would be expensive and on a 1981 boat I won't ever get the money back out of her. Not to mention the stuff that I want to do will be a very nice down payment on a new boat. There are a lot of upgrades to my current boat but that is about all she is worth the used price of the parts. Main reason for going aluminum is the longevity factor. If I'm spending a lot of money $20k+ on a boat it is going to need to last 20 years or more (at least the hull). I bought her in 2011 and has served me well for the past years surprised she has lasted this long.
  2. Haha no that is a shore well for freshwater drinking, so I hope there isn't any brown trout in there or he has some problems.
  3. They are, the Ocean Pro was/is another contender for me. I want something in the 22'-26' range. We currently have a 23' cuddy and it is nice to have that area to get out of the weather but is a lot of wasted fishing space. Those west coast alum. boats make good use of the space they have. The rigid frame with canvas in my eyes is the only way to go, the hardtops are nice but the ones I have been in are hot during the summer months and that is primarily when I fish. The removable canvas is nice so you can basically have full sun or stay out of it where with a hardtop you have 1 option.
  4. Depending on the boat you can save up to 10k. The 222 Offshore is about the same price as the 202 they sell on the east coast. That is about $6k-$7k less so in reality you would be saving around 4k after shipping. I have saw the 222 cheaper than $40k as leftovers but you looking at an average of $2k for shipping it to the east coast. I'm not sure the $500 is worth my time driving 40 hrs. one way to pick it up. If you do the math it's about $6.25/hr. I could be a lot more productive home at my house but it could also be a family trip make some stops at cool land marks spend a few days in between just checking out the rest of the US. I guess I'll have to run it by the wife to see what she would rather do. This is still a few years out but it's worth the effort to watch the market and see what is out there in the mean time.
  5. Gave them a call, man they are still a pricey boat, 40k for the 202 Offshore and 46k-47k for the 222 Offshore. Anyone interested in buying a kidney? A place over on the west coast has them not sure if it is worth the $1500 to drive over to the west coast to pick one up. On the west coast shipping would run me about $2k so for that $500 might be worth having it shipped.
  6. Come on Mike you don't like that combat trolling? I'm hoping we can get on a few good ones for the guys, might have my little guy out there this year depends on if Mom will let him come. He is usually my good luck charm haven't been skunked when he has been on board.
  7. Yeah I know I was just joking I don't think anyone would go out there and start grabbing fish especially before the season even opens. Shhhh don't be giving away those good spots. haha I won't be over there but it gets hammered by noon.
  8. I'm betting sodus point Margretta street state launch is usable maybe the coast guard station closer to the channel would be a better bet. Not sure if you can get down through there right now.
  9. Easter weekend in Chaumont bay the water was 42* it was instant pain sticking your hands in the water for any length of time.
  10. Just go out and tie up that tourney winner!
  11. Yeah I'll have to give them a call, there are only a few on the whole east coast that sell them.
  12. That they are, it will be interesting to see where they end up come opening weekend. Might have to make a run towards the lake.
  13. Lake Ontario! Or better yet, where I think the fish are. Somewhere around the largest freshwater bay in the world.
  14. The gunnels seem to be thick and geared towards big water fishing like with riggers and masts they offer berts tackle packages but I think I would go a different route for myself. Seems like the old islander with a twist, I like having a cuddy on my current boat but with the bench seats they offer there will be plenty of room for gear and my kids to sleep on the bench.
  15. I'm jumping ship! So I have been a long time fiberglass boat guy but I have got hooked on those plate aluminum boats. I love the look of the Hewescraft, Kingfisher, and North river but holy price tag, the middle class working man wouldn't be able to afford that with school loan payments 2 kids a mortgage and yada yada yada. Well I have been researching and I think I have found my next boat. I believe they are brand new to the Smoker Craft lineup called the North angler Phantom series. They are a similar to those west coast boats but with a little more manageable price tag. Granted they aren't 100% welded aluminum but they will definitely fill the niche. They offer 3 lengths 2 of which are their "Offshore" model. I am seriously considering the 222 Offshore model in 24'11" the smaller offshore model is the 202 at 22'6" either way both those boats would be solid Lake O boats. The only thing I can find that isn't welded on the boats is the floor and possibly the gunnel area. It looks like it has 2 different canvas options with a bimini or rigid structure wrapped with canvas. All around good looking boat, just waiting to see what the price tag is. I have saw out west they are selling for around 30K if that is the case I could definitely justify that to the wife vs the before mentioned.