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  1. We did an addition on our house in 2017 we couldn't get a break with the rain. At one point the crawl space looked like a swimming pool. This year I don't think we have gotten as much rain but still a lot more than usual our backyard is a hill and last week was the driest it has been so I mowed the 1' tall yard. It still had standing water with almost 5 days no rain.
  2. Looks like your cottage is still high and dry along with the land around it which can't be said for a lot of places on the lake. I am out on the Peninsula and have one of the higher spots and she is creeping every so slightly closer to going over the bank. Good luck with your sale, beautiful place. Hopefully some day mine will be finished and all I will need to do is go fishing.
  3. Does this elite secret society have pins? OHhh maybe a cool sticker that I can add to my boat so it attracts fish to my lures like those stickers that add HP to racecars. I would like a pin though for my sailor hat, then I'll catch lots of fish no matter what boat I'm on and have access to all the other Captians info and catch rates with special colors. Sorry for the sarcasm but seriously you've been a member for 1 year and cussing guys out that have been fishing probably longer than you've been alive. I've been a member on here for a few years and you need to have thick skin, your way isn't the only way and if someone gives a recommendation/criticism take it in stride. No need to get butt hurt over someone that is trying to help even if it isn't something positive or you want to hear.
  4. That's pretty impressive. Seems the overcast days and cold rains isn't helping warm up the lake at all.
  5. They already have Biden and Sanders leading in the polls! hahahaha
  6. I would buy used before getting a 3.5" screen. I would highly recommend something a little bigger around 6" unless you are sitting right in front of it you won't be able to see much from 2' or 3' away
  7. Link to the signal. https://www.amazon.com/Weems-Plath-C-1001-Distress-Signal/dp/B0141VOX24/ref=sr_1_2?crid=2Z9N9MCZAPJK8&keywords=uscg+signal+light&qid=1560965460&s=gateway&sprefix=USCG+si%2Caps%2C131&sr=8-2
  8. They do that so you can't change the mixture and mess with the emissions output. Look on youtube they have a few videos that show how to get it off.
  9. Here are some pictures of the traditional sonar using my downvision transducer while trolling for walleye.This is suing the 60* cone angle with traditional sonar setting.
  10. Pretty sure that is the CHIRP freq I am running on my Raymarine. It is a 25*/60* CHIRP/CHIRP FF Sonar. I can switch between downvision and traditional sonar.
  11. Not sure what unit you have but you might be able to add a traditional sonar module for less than a new FF. I am thinking of doing it for my boat. I like a larger viewing angle when looking for perch or bass.
  12. I love this hull it is super stable and can handle the big water. It has a little smaller dead-rise than the newer hulls but you would never know it. You have to really try to get this hull to smack in a big chop, and the 23' in my opinion is the perfect trailering length. Short enough to pull with a small pickup but can handle the big water. Like I mentioned I fish the NE end of the lake and have limited time of nice weather so if it isn't 8'-10' waves I'm fishing.
  13. According to NADA the dry weight is 2300 Lbs. I would guess with the motor and boat you're looking at 3000 Lbs. add gear and fuel you would be be close to 3800-4000 Lbs. I've never taken it across the scales but my 1500 Silverado pulls it no problem.
  14. Chas0218

    No wake

    I also want to point out they started holding water back in the middle of 2018 Nov. my guess is for the energy demand come winter.
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