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  1. Chas0218

    New Salmon net

    I own a beckman that is going on its 8th season. Whatever net you get get the cover I bought mine when I bought the net. Best investment I made never have to worry about the net rotting out from UV light when it's hanging up in the barn or in the cuddy. Also get one of the pinch style downrigger releases and electrical tape it to the handle and pinch the net in it before trying to net the fish. It works wonders keeping the net from dragging in the water and getting tangled up in the fish.
  2. Chas0218

    Predator 2018-2019

    Good to know this is the earliest I've had it out, I was expecting more earlier. I have some yote-cicles I'll be throwing out later in the year. I had a beep last night not sure what it was I didn't get up to check my son was up 7 times last night so any little sleep I could get I was taking.
  3. Chas0218

    Sportsman ? Not so much

    And the question still stands was he ticketed for the same offenses? I haven't seen anything in the news or on facebook so someone must be keeping it hush hush.
  4. Chas0218

    Predator 2018-2019

    I only hunt over my bait pile. I had a couple fox come in but nothing as of lately I am thinking of moving it a little further away from the house. Any insight on how far would be good I have a driveway alarm that works great with a camera setup over it. My only thought is that the scent of my dogs might be driving them off? I have had a fisher cat and lots of coons but no yotes yet. Right now it is 100 yards from the house near a field line. My buddy that runs dogs on state land about 3 miles from my house says the state land is loaded with tracks where I'm only getting a few fox tracks.
  5. Chas0218

    Sportsman ? Not so much

    So Saiff got nailed again baiting for clients? He lost all hunting related guiding privileges until Jan 1st this year so I doubt things will go so well for him. Personally I think he got off easy with $15000 in fines and charges.
  6. Chas0218

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    They missed my sister's deer. No hero shot needed. 2nd biggest taken off our property in 10 years. Green score is 157 with 23" inside spread. Pretty decent for an 8 point. Shot in 8F.
  7. How would a state law from one state be upheld in another? Maybe I'm missing something here....
  8. Chas0218

    Legacy- 2018 Deer Season

    Little ticked right now. NYSEG just came through a spot near me where the deer travel too and from an AG field they leveled all the brush and weeds they walk through. I haven't seen a deer since. Their timing sucked! Hoping things settle down and they start traveling through there. I haven't seen a deer on my 40 acres in a week. Boy I hope they start to turn on or at least start coming through again. I had a few small rubs and scrapes but they seem to been abandoned. Had this guy and a handful of other small bucks on camera a bunch of times but haven't seen him since they came through. Haven't seen him during the day but if I do I'll decide then whether he gets a pass or not. Betting he scores around 130" with the 2nd main beam, if he is the same one I saw last year he was 120" 8 point last year.
  9. Chas0218

    Sealing underside of plywood floor..

    Make sure you use either 4200 or 5200 by 3m. 5200 is permanent and only can be removed physically.
  10. Chas0218

    Sealing underside of plywood floor..

    I wouldn't be sealing anything unless I'm completely encapsulating it. If you don't allow it to breath on the bottom where the water will be getting to then it will rot quicker than anything, pressure treated or not. I would just do as the original was it lasted long enough.
  11. There are a few but one that comes to mind is the Pillar Point derby that is opening weekend. I'm not sure if the NYS Summer Classic is CR or not. I can't remember the name of the other one, I doubt you will get the tournament to change their rules or guidelines as it would require a lot more work. I know Pillar Point is a 1 fish deal so that helps so you can cull a couple fish and isn't based on a 1 man limit. Same for the Summer classic I believe. Same goes for all the Nothern and Walleye tournaments up there.
  12. Not all the tourneys are C&R especially the small tourneys ran by the local shops. As far as I know the only C&R tourney on the St. Law. is the bass masters.
  13. Chas0218

    Here's a good one

    No way to really stop it just deal or change direction of the troll. The slower you go the worse it gets.
  14. Chas0218

    SLR Bass opener

    I just can't bring myself to eat bass when I can get myself some walleye or perch, the perch are on fire right now.
  15. Chas0218

    What boat should I buy

    I think starcraft, starweld, smokercraft, and sun chaser have transferable hull warranty to 2nd owner. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk