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  1. calling all dogs

    I'm hoping when I drill through it and stake it I can shoot them out the back window. I'll have my red spotlight and car battery all setup ready to rock. I have some big ones running around and would love a whack at them.
  2. calling all dogs

    Nice I'm making my first Coyotecicle from leftover deer parts. I have another bag of fat scraps I plan to make another if this gets hammered hard.
  3. Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    I haven't posted in a while but been following the thread. I feel your pain, I had the same one buck I wanted. I could have had a chance at him if I didn't play adult and went to work on the last day of bow season. The blue rope is my haul line to my tree stand in the background. I almost got sick when I saw these pictures.
  4. LakeO EYES

    No eyes its like winning the in the ground catching any eye in Ontario. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Food plot time

    I just planted myself a small plot on Monday already sprouting. Mowed it down then dragged it twice planted then dragged again. I don't think I needed to drag it the last time. I got the mix from tractor supply, has mostly wheat and oats but has some other good stuff. Attached is the tag. What do you gigs think worth the $15 I paid for half acre worth? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  6. Your boat would be a prime candidate for those gimbal mount downrigger brackets having those rod holders on the corners. if you are just starting down I would invest into 2 used riggers mount them on each corner. You can add a long boom down the middle later once you get the hang of it. My boat is setup with manual riggers with 200' of cable. I have only once fished lower than 150' and that was far below the thermocline and normal temps for kings. I love the simplicity of the manuals although I don't like cranking them up 100' when a rod pops fish or not. If going manual look for some older cannons they are dime a dozen and simple to use. Parts are cheap if you need them. If you can get the telescopic boom to get the rigger lines away from the boat as much as possible. I run 3 riggers fixed 4' booms on an 8' beam with no issues I just run the rear rigger high and never had an issue with tangles. Be sure to offset depths on riggers to keep from tangling on turns.
  7. Transom Kicker Install

    This ^^ make sure your boat can handle the extra weight of the kicker on the transom not structurally but safety wise. Some boats it wouldn't make much if any difference others it lowers the transom a couple inches in the water. That can make for an interesting situation in a following sea.
  8. No problem was just curious.
  9. Awesome!! Would you consider this the henderson/chaumont bay area too? Basically at the mouth of the St. Lawrence?
  10. Just for clarification what is included in the $11k vs the $9k price?
  11. Cowanesque lake

    Yeah that sounds right. It is a tough lake to fish there really isn't any structure other than stumps/trees. It is a flooded river basin with very steep sides. I really wanted to catch some walleye in there but never had any success. There were only a handful of a few guys that ice fished that lake just from tracks and holes in the ice. There are a couple areas with some current so you had to be careful on early ice.
  12. Cowanesque lake

    Yeah I'm not sure I thought they stopped in 2000 so It hasn't been stocked in 17 years and if there isn't any natural reproduction going on then it's no wonder it went to crap. The fishing in that lake isn't very good compared to others that are within spitting distance. Really not worth fishing unless it's a leisure stay at the campgrounds. The facilities on that lake are top notch North and south shore. The launches on the South side are a little long but are a nice angle.
  13. Cowanesque lake

    They used to have walleye in that lake until they stocked muskies unfortunately. It's really too bad, I talked to a bunch of older guys that grew up fishing that lake and they could limit on nice eyes in just a few hours jigging the stumps but since they stocked the muskies the fishing went to crap in the lake. That lake was only 5 minutes from my house I used to ice fish there and caught a few perch and 1 bass. I wouldn't waste my time there anymore. It's more of a pleasure lake than a fishing lake you're better off going south another 20 minutes to tioga-hammond and hills creek.
  14. If you're just looking to change out your release then use this video and style knot for re-terminating your rigger cable to your release. I use this knot with my rigger line and never had a break off on wire that is 7 years old. Key is to not kink the wire. Here is a link to all the videos in case that doesn't work. Take a look at the "Rigging a Cheater" video. There are 2 types a sliding and fixed cheater. I think this will also do the job for you.
  15. Those style you can not. No way to wind those up into the rigger spool. I would recommend the roemers I posted or run cheaters. You really can't go wrong with cheaters, less likely to tangle and just as productive. You can't run as long of leads with cheaters as stacked rods but no need when fishing deep and using flouro. In order to stack you need something that is removable on the rigger line. The roemer or chamberlain releases would allow you to do that.