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  1. Thank you! The maps and suggestions are perfect! And yes, we definitely prep with the Deep Woods Off. We're from PA, where ticks are everywhere and already had one kid with a bullseye rash (luckily, caught it in time). My dad was a huge fisherman and bought our cabin at Sandy Pond. Up until a few years ago, I only drove up to go to the beaches. Now that my son is fishing, I'm needing to rediscover the area again.
  2. Heading up to our cabin near North Sandy Pond this weekend for two weeks. We don't have a boat, so looking for some places to do shore fishing (or wading, although I know water is high right now on lake; not sure how it is in streams). My son loves fishing for bass, but last year he was thrilled to catch a bowfin at Selkirk Shores and basically, he'll fish for anything. Some of our usual places are the public access at Port Ontario bridge, South Sandy Creek at Rt. 3 and at the bridge in Ellisburg. I'll be fishing with him, but he's a typical boy, and he pushes the limits of safety at times, so no waters that are too deep/fast so I'm not grousing at him the whole time (I'm a typical mom). Any other public access points we should consider? I'm OK with driving a bit to get there. Thanks!
  3. I'm a fishing mom, but I know it's my fishing dad, grandfathers and uncles who are inspiring my son to fish -- they are all smiling from above and having a good laugh, as well. Here's something I wrote last year for a local magazine on getting back to fishing, with my son leading the way. https://www.centralpennparent.com/2017/adventures-in-fishing-with-my-10-year-old-son-suburban-resistance/
  4. I knew we were in deep when he asked for gift cards to a local tackle shop for his birthday instead of video games (which I am NOT complaining about. ) His other hobby is ice hockey, so this kid is going to need a few part time jobs to support his habits. He already has the truck and boat that he's going to drive picked out. Kid's obsessed, lol.
  5. 51 yo mom to three kids. We live near Harrisburg, PA, but we have an old (very old) cabin near North Pond, Sandy Creek. My dad used to fish all the time, until he passed away in 1999. My youngest kid is 11yo, and last year, he took to fishing with a vengeance. My husband does not fish and has no interest, so by default, I'm now an angler, as well. We've been learning slowly, mostly hauling bass out of the lakes and rivers in the Central PA area. Last week, my son took part in his first bass tournament, and at the tournament, he learned about all the new rods and reels he needs. If anything, this hobby is encouraging him to find ways to make money to pay for more gear. We head up to the lake once a year, usually, but now that we're back into fishing (with my dad watching over), we'll be up more often. No boat (yet...and not for a while), but we're trying out the creeks and rivers in the area. My son desperately wants to get on the big water and catch trout and salmon. We're working on it. Hope to learn from everyone on the forum and looking forward to getting up to the lake in a week or so.
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