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  1. 6/6 5 kings and one steelie. Biggest 21.54 found better bait in 350-375. Mix of spoons and ff
  2. 8am 348* heading out of harbor dropped lines at 275’ heading 304* 2.8mph two kings in the box in 435’, 5lb and 17.15lb
  3. I use the TD to check the running depth of my dipseys and coppers through the day. I particularly like to send it down on a rod that is having more hits that the others to confirm depth and them check the others to see why they are not firing. It’s eye opening to check a dipsey on the port side and then check the starboard and see that they may be sometimes 15’or more difference in depth due to current or a crabwalking boat due to wind push. It happens even more often with coppers.
  4. No pattern hits on all colors. All 4” or so spoons. Mix of stingers and nk
  5. Headed straight out lines in at 200 down 70 haven’t been able to get more than six rods wet without a hit. Constant action fro 715 on. Mix of Kings and steel. Only running spoons dipseys 300 copper and riggers all working
  6. Fished due north out to 300’ no marks came in to 140’ hit two small coho. Found significant bait on bottom between 70-80’ no takers.
  7. I don't see the idea behind the small shot. Sure you may get a lot of small holes in paper at 50 yards but you aren't going to penetrate the bones of a turkey head and neck with 9 shot at that distance or further. Besides isn't the point of hunting turkey to try and outsmart the bird with the brain the size of a peanut and call them in close. Shooting turkeys at extreme distance is the equivalent of sky busting waterfowl. Learn to be even a moderately competent caller and get the birds inside 50yd.
  8. March will most likely be iffy for tarpon. Backcountry should be on fire. Check out Florida sportsman on line keys section for good info. AOK and piner wahoo are both well thought of on that board but book quickly. If you can rent a kayak put in around duck key or Anne’s beach. Channel 2 is a good very productive area. Wind will be your biggest issue, March is super windy. Best of luck, Andiamo Outdoors 716-998-3358
  9. The area got hit hard with red tide this past fall. Inshore fishing has been tough on the best days this spring. Offshore grouper/ snapper fishing was not overly affected.fishing for migratory species was also very lightly affected. snook redfish and trout have been hit hard. Florida sportsman forums southwest section has some good discussion of this topic. Tight lines Andiamo Outdoors
  10. East winds are rarely good for fishing or water conditions the further west you get. East winds yesterday had waves build to 4-6’ by 1pm off Olcott rolling along the shoreline. The oak should have been under the same conditions. Even staying close to shore was not allowing for any reduction in wave activity. At this time of the season kings will be off the shoreline 100fow or less any wind not blowing a little out of the south gets things pretty stirred up inside. Hope for winds that are at least a little out of the south.
  11. Fished 250-350 4 for 18 couldn’t keep them buttoned up today
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