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  1. The area got hit hard with red tide this past fall. Inshore fishing has been tough on the best days this spring. Offshore grouper/ snapper fishing was not overly affected.fishing for migratory species was also very lightly affected. snook redfish and trout have been hit hard. Florida sportsman forums southwest section has some good discussion of this topic. Tight lines Andiamo Outdoors
  2. East winds are rarely good for fishing or water conditions the further west you get. East winds yesterday had waves build to 4-6’ by 1pm off Olcott rolling along the shoreline. The oak should have been under the same conditions. Even staying close to shore was not allowing for any reduction in wave activity. At this time of the season kings will be off the shoreline 100fow or less any wind not blowing a little out of the south gets things pretty stirred up inside. Hope for winds that are at least a little out of the south.
  3. Fished 250-350 4 for 18 couldn’t keep them buttoned up today
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