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  1. A set of bags will help a tremendous amount. They will allow for higher rpm and therefore thrust allowing greater control. They also help with stabilizing speed in a downwind/tailing wave troll. Get bags on the larger size for your boat. The added rpm won’t cause a significant increase in fuel consumption but will have the added benefit of allowing your engine to stay cleaner. Tie the bags as close to 1/3 back from the bow if possible with the tails even with the transom. most importantly if you do get bags tie another line on the tail and to your back cleat. When retrieving just lift on the tail line and they come right in.
  2. My advice would be use the heaviest weight your riggers will support. as far as blow back there is no set calculations to account for the angle. If you can’t see your weight on your graph you will need a probe at the weight to get an accurate reading. A fishhawk td is $125 and a cheap way to get accurate depth and temp readings. You can also send it down a dipsey line or copper to get readings on those lines as well.
  3. Sorry this is a day over due but hope it helps someone. Left the harbor at 715am and headed out to 400’ lines in and continued to 550’. With a slight lean to the East we trolled north to south from 350-550 and went 16/22. Monkey puke, carbon 14, black and raspberry, and blue dolphin took most. Only one hit on a FF and nothing on spin doctor. 200&300 copper dipsey on 1 out 175 and 200 and riggers down 65-90 all had activity with the above spoons. Nice mix of matures, juvies and steelies. brought home 8 kings and 3 steelies for the table.
  4. Nice. Glad someone made it out. Haven’t been on the water in over a week myself.
  5. I run snubbers on my dipseys. When we have lost fish after short battles they are spread throughout our setup. Riggers coppers and dipseys. The only thing I can figure is the fish are coming in from the side and get the spoon horizontally in their mouth with the hook on the outside. When they turn away if they go to the hook side it sticks them good, if they turn to the line side the spoon is pulled across and out of their jaw and the hooks never stick well. When we are getting repeated 45 second releases any fish we do land are usually stuck in the outside of the jaw. That’s my theory anyways and I’m sticking to it. the launch fee at olcott is good for the day for the vessel listed on the ticket.
  6. finished the day 8/10. We had 8 in the boat by noon and then had two come unbuttoned within 45 seconds of the hit between noon and 1230 and then never moved a rod and called it at 2. East breeze started to ripple the water at 1130 up until then it was almost slick calm
  7. 6/6 5 kings and one steelie. Biggest 21.54 found better bait in 350-375. Mix of spoons and ff
  8. 8am 348* heading out of harbor dropped lines at 275’ heading 304* 2.8mph two kings in the box in 435’, 5lb and 17.15lb
  9. I use the TD to check the running depth of my dipseys and coppers through the day. I particularly like to send it down on a rod that is having more hits that the others to confirm depth and them check the others to see why they are not firing. It’s eye opening to check a dipsey on the port side and then check the starboard and see that they may be sometimes 15’or more difference in depth due to current or a crabwalking boat due to wind push. It happens even more often with coppers.
  10. No pattern hits on all colors. All 4” or so spoons. Mix of stingers and nk
  11. Headed straight out lines in at 200 down 70 haven’t been able to get more than six rods wet without a hit. Constant action fro 715 on. Mix of Kings and steel. Only running spoons dipseys 300 copper and riggers all working
  12. Fished due north out to 300’ no marks came in to 140’ hit two small coho. Found significant bait on bottom between 70-80’ no takers.
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