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  1. Bite was slow again today for us. We had 8 rods in by 715 between the launch and the stacks in 300 headed NE and hit a 24# on dipsey flasher/Brad’s at 380’. marked decent bait but only one other shaker out to 500 turned and went past the mark again and then back out hit a 10# coho and a few steelies ended the day 7/7 released three under 20” kept 4. Temps were above 60* down to 75 then dropped to low 40s by 90’ current was ripping. On a west troll the gps speed was 2.5 the surface fish hawk was at times 4.5 and the 90’ down speed was 2.7-3.2
  2. Can’t speak of the station u are asking about but the Tops station on rt 78 in Newfane has noneth and is an easy in and out with a large lot and was open at 6am 8/13
  3. What are u using for the setup? Weighted line, dipseys, riggers? How heavy/ long of a leader? What color spoons and flys? One unproductive troll may just be bad luck but repeated days of unproductive 8hr trolls and there is something flawed in your spread that goes beyond speed.
  4. It varied from 60-80’, we had temps range from low 40s to low 60s over a 5minute straight line N/S troll at just under 3mph gps speed
  5. We did well Sunday straight out on a 5* heading. My SOP is to run out to 300’ and drop lines. Then troll north until we get a class of fish we like then turn east or west depending on the wave conditions. Under 2’ and 15mph wind I like to troll into the wind. My boat and autopilot set up just like that scenario. More waves or wind I’ll put it at my stern. Don’t get too caught up with leaving any particular port. On line you are seeing reports from less than 1% of the boats on the water. Sunday there were some very good captains with some very happy clients that fished due north of Olcott out to 500’ish of water that are not posting. Personally I put location east to west behind depth/north south. And terminal tackle. FF, meat, and spoon color are a close second. Along with temp and speed. Good luck, tight lines.
  6. Similar conditions straight out of Olcott 7/31. We had a nice steady pick 8- 11am when the bite shut off for us. Current and temps were all over down 80’ over 275-485.
  7. Started out at 7am ran out to 300’ put two 250’copper in and as we were putting in the third line we pop a 10lb steelie. Finish our set on a north troll out to 450 and never move a rod until 815 get a rip on a dipsey out 225’ and get unbuttoned quick on a throbber. Head back in to 275 and pop another steelie. As we get that one in we get three more 10-17lb kings. Turned around at 115’ to reset lines and the lake went from 1-2’ to 3-6’ with the occasional bigger thrown in and we decided we had had enough by 1030. Got one hit on everything we had out and none took two hits. Be alert when leaving the harbor. They are putting in a new break wall perpendicular to the piers it’s marked by buoys but it might be tough to see in low light.
  8. Not meant as a minimization of the women who were affected
  9. Whatever side of the isle you’re on these are funny as hell
  10. So that’s where all the fish went. Nice job. Olcott didn’t treat us well today. Very few fish at the cleaning station.
  11. Thanks. It’s nice to get the old man on a few fish. We started fishing the lake out of Wilson back in ‘83. At 75 he still can put it to ‘em, although that big one whooped him a bit. But he was back on it when his turn came back around.
  12. Headed straight out again today. Stopped at 350’ on the first bait ball we ran over down 50’-65’ started to set lines and got four in when a 300’ copper hits. After that stayed in the 350-425’ range and had a steady pic from 730-2pm. Boated 14 dropped another 7. Mix of steelies, coho and kings one topped out at 27lbs. Mix of spoons, all the usual suspects taking hits. Another great day on the water. From the cleaning station it looked like quite a few had a similar day. Lots of nice fish seen on the hooks at the sign. Dad got the big one. The other two jokers in the pic are friends.
  13. I wish. Have to go back to the real world on Monday. Might have a company “picknik” Wednesday. If the boys want to work late for the rest of the week.
  14. Very few. Bite died at 1030 for us. Beautiful day on the lake.
  15. Picked up a 6lb coho at 400’. So far monkey puke, wonderbread, carbon 14 have taken the four hits
  16. Put three in the boat so far. Added another small steelie that I unbuttoned at the side of the boat. Finally got all 8 lines in and heading back from 450’ to the 250’ start point.
  17. Straight out started 250’ got four lines in and 250 and 300 copper with Spoons both fire first in nice 12lb king second is still refusing to come in.
  18. where is your GPS receiver unit mounted on the vessel. I have a the same garmin unit on my 26’cc. It has a hydraulic steer out board but I’ve had zero issue with the system holding course in 8’+waves and 25+mph winds. When I called Garmin they warned me about mounting the GPS receiver too far forward.( I was going to mount it almost in the bow under the anchor locker) when I did have it installed at MidRiver marina Jeff Bogner actually mounted it in the center console. I’ve had it hold course at 2mph with bags and 45mph in open seas.
  19. I would expect the heat and steam to loosen every stick on item and maybe even warp the plastic flasher. Good luck, I hope it’s a successful experiment.
  20. You will most likely be dragging bottom on the straight away run and you will have inside lines laying on the bottom on even the widest turn.
  21. A set of bags will help a tremendous amount. They will allow for higher rpm and therefore thrust allowing greater control. They also help with stabilizing speed in a downwind/tailing wave troll. Get bags on the larger size for your boat. The added rpm won’t cause a significant increase in fuel consumption but will have the added benefit of allowing your engine to stay cleaner. Tie the bags as close to 1/3 back from the bow if possible with the tails even with the transom. most importantly if you do get bags tie another line on the tail and to your back cleat. When retrieving just lift on the tail line and they come right in.
  22. My advice would be use the heaviest weight your riggers will support. as far as blow back there is no set calculations to account for the angle. If you can’t see your weight on your graph you will need a probe at the weight to get an accurate reading. A fishhawk td is $125 and a cheap way to get accurate depth and temp readings. You can also send it down a dipsey line or copper to get readings on those lines as well.
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