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  1. LTB complete gen 4 [ 2 piece rear main seal ] 454 or bare block, needs to be standard bore, preferably 4 bolt main caps
  2. The one I use is from House Autry Mills, Walmart sometimes has it, but Ive been ordering direct, a good bit cheaper, stays on great, and doesn't overpower mild fish https://www.house-autry.com/products/seafood-breader/
  3. https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/bpo/d/clawson-autopilot/6930361944.html
  4. If you still fish outta Conneaut, Ill take all the 9s and 11s, can meet this weekend if that works for you am I correct $120 for all
  5. https://jerseyshore.craigslist.org/boa/d/belford-2008-triple-axel-venture-bunk/6944952457.html
  6. For those with hydraulic steering, just an FYI, you don't have to pay the outrageous price SeaStar charges for their fluid. Any fluid that meets mil-spec 5606 is compatible. Ive been using snow plow fluid both Meyer and off brand for years . My current helm is bout 20 years old, never rebuilt, leak free and works perfect. The last qt I bought was about $6 not the $25 + SeaStar gets
  7. Tradman

    No wake

    FWIW Lake Erie is highest Ive ever seen it ,no electric in marina due to electric lines stretched and under water, Port Authority built 1 foot risers they installed on a lot of the fixed docks and installed 6 inch PVC over a lot of the uprights due to boats rubrails being higher than the standoffs. Also heard the USACE told them they expect Erie to be this high for at least a few years, Doesn't sound too promising as we all know shyt runs downhill or in this case, over the falls and headed to Lake O
  8. looking for a CF format mapping card for the great lakes region needs to be compatible with Raymarine or NorthStar plotters
  9. I know it sounds like Major BS , but on a bible its true, while Halibut fishing in SE Alaska, I hooked what felt like a brute, 30 seconds in its gone. Reeled up and found broken hook, 30 seconds later my buds reel starts singing, 15 minutes later a 163 lb flattie is in the boat. The boys filleting the fish found a broken hook in its throat that perfectly matched the end I still had
  10. If you just want to borrow one and don't mind a roadtrip, you could use mine, Im about an hour south of Erie PA
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