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  1. Bigger Boat, retire from day job, fish more, work less
  2. Thanx, saw that one, but I can buy new for about $1600 less, was hoping to find one around Erie or Ontario, but looks like im roadtripping to Va next week
  3. are you looking for automotive rotation for an outdrive application or reverse rotation
  4. King Marine Electronics and Repair. Service on electronics and autopilot repair
  5. Need a tri axle trailer large enough for a twin IB 10,000 lb 30 foot boat will consider new used or abused
  6. got this response about arch was wondering if anyone knows this poster as it was 1st post and tries to redirect, Im 99.999999999% sure its BS but thought Id see if anyone knows williemobrown568 williemobrown568 0 Started conversation: 12 hours ago Hey I saw your post on the market section My buddy has arch for sale if you are interested Email him [email protected] Cheers Sent from my TECNO KC8 using Tapatalk
  7. Looking for a tube style arch approximately 100 inches wide, new, used or abused
  8. That would be perfect ,Ill give them a call thank you
  9. Being I just acquired another Penn Yan that Ill dock on Lake Erie, my plans are to find a secure place to leave my 26 on Lake Ontario, trying to stay Rochester and west. Was hoping some of yous might know where I can find summer season inside storage or rack storage , either would work for me thanx
  10. We go to Island Point Lodge on the Wrangell narrows outside Petersburg, you fish on you own, after a day or 2 learning curve youll do fine on my last trip we brought home 300 pounds of Halibut and Kings, SE Alaska was about the only spot nonresidents could keep kings a few years ago, also the bottom fishing was fantastic for Yellow eye and rockfish, our 2 biggest Halibut that week were 109 and 163lbs,. food was good and accommodations nice, nobody waits on you all the time,. this is fishing on your own, but the owners grandsons normally know where the bite is good, 2018 pics forgot to mention all the Halibut were taken in about 100 feet of water, way easier than pulling one from 300 feet
  11. I bought boat yesterday. meeting this weekend to finalize
  12. I have a Raymarine A65 with GPS antenna, ,depth sounder module, chart card, New in box Airmar thru hull transducer, all cables, suncover and mount, will be coming off this weekend, $250 TYD, pics are stock pics from web, unit is in like new condition
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