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    Almost anything that doesn't involve work, Retired in a few months
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  1. Tradman

    Hooking up a moor sub troll

    Just checked mine in the kitchen sink, worked like a charm
  2. 13 Spin Doctors, 11 large and 2 small , 25 paddles. 15 eleven inch and 10 eight inch, 18 flies almost all but a few unused $300 to your door
  3. Tradman

    Fishing Charter Marco Island FL

    a friend of mine lives on Marco and summers on lake Erie, Ill ask him if he has any suggestions
  4. Bought a new power cord for my subtroll 900 decided to flush mount and hardwire, uncut/unused cord from Kell Labs $15 to your door
  5. Excellent condition Raymarine C 70 and Radome, no screen burn, no corrosion, all cables needed for installation, transmitter cable uncut, includes installation and operation manuals, no map cards, or GPS antenna pics were taken 03/24/19, radome is 2kw 18 inch diameter, $550 including shipping, to lower 48 or $500 picked up in NW Pennsylvania
  6. Ill take the probe if youll ship, PM me contact and payment info, thanks
  7. Tradman

    What to use for flotation foam

  8. Tradman

    Easiest technique for keeping cimeter sharp?

    I use a Worksharp belt sharpener, you can take a butter knife and make a fillet knife, a few passes on each side keeps knives brutally sharp. That said I also keep a good steel on my cleaning table for touch ups while cleaning. Its a bit of an investment but you will never go back to any other method and youll end up doing all your friends knives too
  9. ill take it, if you take Paypal PM your info thank you