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  1. 2 never used Big Jon rod holders $50 to your door, don't have Paypal, Postal MO or non rubber personal check
  2. Gunwale painting or covering up?

    you will want to use a self etching zinc chromate primer on the bare aluminum, DuPont variprime is a good choice
  3. would you sell the unit without transducer, just installed a tilted element thru hull that's compatible with the c 95
  4. 100 VMC size 2 Round Bend Treble Hooks, item # 9650 BZ, 4 boxes of 25, $15 TYD
  5. Folding deck chairs

    Ive had 2 Garelick chairs for over 10 years, look like the day I unpacked them, only thing Ive done is replaced the rubber feet, but, I think I paid close to 2 bills a piece
  6. Marine vinyl floor

    I coated the floor on my 26 Penn Yan with Kiwi Grip, couldn't be happier, no peeling, scrubs up decent and you can recoat it easily, initial cost was about $200 , looks like about half that amount to freshen it up with another lite coat. I didn't use the roller that came with it, used Dry lock waterproofing paint blue foam rollers which produced a lighter texture
  7. 17 R 17 1.250 shaft Michigan Wheel Dyna Jet reconditioned and ran last year, no dings $250 17 r 17 1.50 shaft Dymex MR Minus reconditioned and never used, some shelf rash $200 both are 3 blade also have a PSS dripless shaft seal for 1.25 inch shaft with a 2 1/4-2 3/8 shaft log tube, NIB never installed $125 TYD ---SOLD
  8. Big Jon Swivel Bases 2 Big Jon swivel bases, probably from the 90s I'm guessing, work correctly and are in good cosmetic condition, $100 to your door, will post pics later 2nite
  9. Crusader Long Blocks

    If its your motor is automotive rotation you could always use a new GM block from GM performance parts, use your original cam if its good, you could change to brass freeze plugs and marine head gaskets, but you said it has heat exchangers, with antifreeze in the block those 2 items would be fine Ive also installed a few motors from these guys with zero issues
  10. Crusader Long Blocks

    I had about 2 grand with all new parts including the crank, rods and camshaft including machining ,did the assembly myself,pretty hard to find a rebuilt long block for 2 grand, plus you know what you have, I used 1 Jasper rebuild in my life , never again had 5 standard pistons and 3 .030 over, that is what I call a half assed reman