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  1. Tradman

    Easiest technique for keeping cimeter sharp?

    I use a Worksharp belt sharpener, you can take a butter knife and make a fillet knife, a few passes on each side keeps knives brutally sharp. That said I also keep a good steel on my cleaning table for touch ups while cleaning. Its a bit of an investment but you will never go back to any other method and youll end up doing all your friends knives too
  2. ill take it, if you take Paypal PM your info thank you
  3. Probably does if you don't clean them first
  4. just be a bit cautious if this boat has Volvo IB transmissions, very pricey to repair and parts availability is always a concern, BW Velvet Drives are a dime a dozen and parts are a lot cheaper than Volvo parts
  5. Tradman

    Penn yan boat wanted

    The one in Montour Falls is my old boat, 454 Crusader, 1.5-1 72 series velvet drive, flat pad hull, boat had new stringers and transom a few years before sold,
  6. Tradman

    Switching to all copper bullets

    Heres a Barnes solid copper my son found in the mud behind a buck I shot last year, perfect chest shot and the deer dropped like hed been hit by lightning. 120 gr Pyrodex for a charge out of a TC impact and you get one big hole at 100 yards in the target for 3 shots, Ill never use any other bullet
  7. Is tranny a 10-17 or 10-18 also may be marked 71 or 72 series
  8. Tradman

    Mostly lurked- Now I have a big boat!

    My son just turned 26, been fishing with me on Erie and Ontario since he was five, but he now has a serious girlfriend and a relationship with Bud light, still fishes with me occasionally, but miss his pain in the ass on the boat and really appreciate the times he does go, BTW nice boat
  9. Im thinking the powerboat captain was thinking of Hannibals line from the A Team " I love it when a plan comes together "
  10. just found one in Florida, just not sure I wanna trailer that wide of a beam without permits
  11. Looking to find a 28 PY soft top, condition is not important, rotten stringers and transom don't bother me at all as Ill strip it to the bare hull and rebuild from the hull up, looking for prop pockets not tunnel
  12. Tradman

    Trolling Boats and Your Dance Platforms

    Heres mine
  13. Tradman

    Who makes these rod holders?

    Found them, they were on Craigslist https://cleveland.craigslist.org/boa/d/lake-land-rod-holders-and/6561442997.html