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  1. Sid It doesn't look like they make one for your motor. There was not one for my motor either. What I did was buy the closest one to my motor that was listed. Once I received the bracket I made sure the mounting holes lined up with the bolts on my motor. The next thing I did was buy the hyd cylinder to make sure I could mount it so that there would be no interference with the cylinder operating. This involved making an aluminum block to shim the bracket out far enough so the cylinder did not hit the motor in either the full open or close positions. Once I did all this I bought the rest of the gold kit. I figured if the bracket and or cylinder did not work I was not out a whole lot of money. I installed it last weekend and it works great. Have not had the boat in the water yet but have been testing it out while I wait for my prop to be repaired. Here's a link to Garmin's list of brackets. https://support.garmin.com/en-US/?faq=iWIKkJsON5AUtL3TUMduC7 Hope this helps.
  2. Does anyone have their kicker fuel tank mounted below deck? I'm considering mounting a larger tank below deck and running the fuel line through the transom and to the kicker. I'm just wondering if there is a limit to the fuel lift I'll get from the tank to the kicker. Thanks Matt
  3. It is my understanding that the steering function will work without the throttle control. I am ordering the TR-1 in the next few days. I had to machine a piece of aluminum in order to make the cylinder bracket work with my kicker. I'll probably forgo the throttle control this year and just set it at the motor for now.
  4. Thanks guys, I went with Michigan motors.
  5. Hello Anybody have first hand experience where I can buy a new base 5.7 350? I have been searching and searching and coming up with a lot of places. However when you start reading reviews you see about an even split of satisfied responses vs. unsatisfied ones. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Matt
  6. Where did you buy the engine? I'm looking for a new base 5.7 Thanks Matt
  7. Has anyone successfully used a TR-1 Gold bracket and actuator that wasn't specifically "called out" for their kicker? I have a 1996 Yamaha 15 hp that I bought new. I'm looking at using the TR-1 on it and the closest bracket/actuator setup sold is for a 1998 and up Yamaha. I found mounting instructions for the 1998 and up kit and it looks like I may be able to make it work. Thanks Matt
  8. Boat is looking good. Invest in a kicker motor and save some money on gas.
  9. I have not had luck recently. I was told around 2 weeks ago they were a little deeper than what you were in. North and north west of the marina. Unfortunately I think I lost one of the head gaskets so looks like my season is done. Going to pull the boat this weekend or next.
  10. Not sure why you are getting your panties all in a bunch. I don’t recall anywhere I specifically mentioned you as being a problem. Lighten up Francis!
  11. 2 people I was referencing had joined the forum then private messaged me. These are examples of bad keyboard English I’m referring to. I hear what you are saying though.
  12. I'm awaiting my first death trap and gambler rig to arrive in the mail. I'm going to use it to fish for lakers out of North East in Lake Erie. How far back from the rigger weight are you running the death trap? how far off the trap should I run the rig? thanks Matt
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