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  1. Sorry, had to use the funds for something else. Can't swing it now. Sorry
  2. I wish one existed in PA or NY somewhere. I'd love to explore for some treasures.
  3. Where are you located? Depending where you are I'm interested in the mag 10s and laker bells w/ spin glows
  4. You need to take a smaller cooler that way you will catch more fish than will fit in it. Thats how it seems to work for me.
  5. Keep at it. You’ll get it where you want it. Park it far away from a tree this winter.
  6. Did you ever find a seat? I have a Baha and was thinking about a "double" like you posted above. Have no idea where to begin to look.
  7. Cool video! What kind of camera were you using mounted to the roof?
  8. Nice work so far. A lot of people would have thrown in the towel.
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