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  1. Let me gather up all the mags I have and ill send you a pm
  2. Any interest in trade for an assortment of mag spoons
  3. Your good if the boat has twins, an acquaintance has the same boat with a single 454 and is definitely underpowered
  4. Thunk it might be worth a shot. I personally know Glenn from years past as he docked where I do. Ill try getting in touch with Glenn or Debi and see if they respond
  5. There was 1 located at Sutherland marine in Ashtabula Ohio. The name of the boat is Debi Duz Too The boat belongs to a man named Glenn Prady from Pittsburgh. Jim Brown is the owner of Sutherland Marine you can try calling him and see what the status of this boat is
  6. I have no dog in this fight.but I bought some of these reels from Emptystringer along with a few other things and can say I would buy anything from him again. Items were as described and shipped quickly with tracking info
  7. Epoxy resin and low density fairing filler, easy to sand and also seals the wound, much better secondary adhesion compared to polyester resin
  8. In my case, with a straight IB, steering, charging, and cooling are all better with the added RPMs I need to maintain speed with 2 48 inch bags. I think that along with the speed control are definitely worth the effort of using them, I also installed 2 D rings about the boats COG so all I have to do is snap them on and put tag line on rear cleat
  9. Do you know if its 2 or 4 bolt main and is it machined for a mechanical fuel pump thanx
  10. These 2 winners made Tucker Carlson, they finally got the recognition they were seeking
  11. https://www.yahoo.com/news/local-law-enforcement-familiar-angler-205100669.html
  12. https://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/34719605/authorities-probing-report-scandal-lake-erie-fishing-tournament
  13. ODNR has taken over the investigation according to the tournament director
  14. Dual Pro Battery Charger. 4 bank charger x 10 amps per bank. Will charge AGM and lead acid batteries. In excellent working condition. Never had a problem with it just changed to a lithium setup so I went with a different charger. Asking $225 shipped.
  15. Im shickled titless with the Fish On arch I installed on my 28 Penn Yan. Took about 3 hours to assemble and install. I bought the captain pack with all the extra holders. Don't waste your money on the side supports they are crap. I used the light mount and cut pieces off the leg extensions not needed and made side mounts solid as a rock and no sideways movement now. Pretty nice welds only 1 my son the union boiled maker critiqued and its hidden after installation. If you buy and want to see the side mounts let me know
  16. what rotation ? if this was for an outdrive boat.it will be LH
  17. Spent the day off Rochester with capt Bruce of Hooked Up charters as our boat isnt easily trailerable. Never met the man before today and he over delivered in everything, great boat and equipment, a metric ****ton of knowledge on the fisherie and able to take and throw BS with hillbillies like us. We rebooked for the fall b4 heading south. A damn fine time with a good captain. Almost forgot had a nice mix of fish, some released and some released in the smoker
  18. make sure you match the engine rotation as the strut and rudder are rotation specific
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