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  1. Thanx, Ill have to Pass, just had a major unexpected expense this AM
  2. Hartstown PA 40 miles due south of Erie
  3. will u ship ? and if willing, how much to 16131 thanx
  4. Six {6} Okuma dead eye 7"6 8- 17 lb line,1/2-2 oz action,2 piece rods, $240 for all Rods are NEW out of the wrapper, never used not interested in selling 1 at a time , Will be traveling from Erie to Rochester next Wednesday, could meet anywhere close to I 90 corridor. Pics are stock picks robbed from Internet, just to show color and handle
  5. $80 for the reel only shipped to 16131 ?
  6. Saw a cottage for sale on the classifieds on Catfish Creek anybody know about the water depth on this creek as I have 2 straight IBs thanx
  7. Will install at that price plus needed fittings , wire and tubing if you bring boat to me. 40 miles S of Erie PA
  8. Complete system for hydraulic steering, Includes used Type 100 course computer, ST 6002 control head used as a test unit, very few hours, NIB Octopus pump, NIB Raymarine fluxgate compass, and NIB Raymarine rudder reference sender, If installing on a new system, you will need a fitting kit to tie into existing lines. $900 TYD. Purchased computer from Kevin aka Wilson Boat Yard who told me it was a spare and had very light use.
  9. Not mine, but I know guys with cable steered boats are sometimes looking for these SportPilot (autopilot) operational system with copy of manuals | eBay
  10. Raymarine A65 MFD in excellent condition, includes mount, sun cover, DSM 25 sounder module, GPS antenna, and new in box Raymine thru hull transducer and all required cables, no sunburn or weathering on unit as it was always under a hardtop I think I have a great lakes chart card to fit but no promises on that, $275 to your door. transducer and GPS antenna not pictured but are included
  11. Use a multi meter and check voltage in and out
  12. WTB Raymarine ST 6001 or ST 6002 Autopilot control head
  13. Bout 40 miles S of Erie PA, I could come up anytime in May , Ill PM you my fone # and when you can shoot me a text so Ill have yours
  14. A bit far for me now, Ill PM you when Im up for a week and see if still available Thanx for response
  15. WTB Cannon Mag 5HS new, used, or abused
  16. Sold to Steelie1975, Thanx
  17. Wanted to add, I always use a mechanical oil pressure gage to eliminate sending unit and gage to get a reading I trust
  18. Oil pressure at operating temp will tell volumes about the bottom end, , A thing to remember is a boat motor works harder than a car motor and thats plenty of hours, but if good oil pressure, good temp and no noise run it till it wont
  19. Sold/Closed-Depth Rader for Sale - Classifieds - Buy, Sell, Trade or Rent - Lake Ontario United - Lake Ontario's Largest Fishing & Hunting Community - New York and Ontario Canada
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