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Chris sidoti

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  1. Chris sidoti

    for sale : usa 1989 Trophy 2160

    How are the stringers and trandsom
  2. Chris sidoti

    Sold / Closed Fish hawk

    You still have fish hawk
  3. Chris sidoti

    Starcraft Chieftain

    Ok thx if you change your mind let me know. I’m looking for one
  4. Chris sidoti

    Starcraft Chieftain

    Would you sell just the fish hawk
  5. Do you have power cord with it
  6. Thx. I will be in buffalo the weekend of the 15th. I will message u then and see if you still have it. Thx
  7. Where are you located. Thx
  8. How much do you want for depth raider and where r u located
  9. Does it come with everything needed to use and does it work as it should with out issues.
  10. Interested in fish hawk please call 5857460831 thx
  11. Chris sidoti

    for sale : usa 13 lb Torpedo Shaped Weights

    Hi I would like a pair of weights also. Please call 5857460831. Thx