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  1. Lowrance Elite 4hdi fish graph. GPS chart plotter and down scan. Perfect condition. Everything is in box and works perfect. Asking $250 obo
  2. Set of cannon planer board reels. good shape. Mast not included $200
  3. 79”. The mast are not for those reels. They are for the ones with the nut that comes off at Handle. These reels do not have them sure you could rig something up for these mast to work. The mast are separate price
  4. 2 wille planer reels. Very good shape. Little use. $200 obo. Thx
  5. Sorry for confusion. The mast are for wille reels. These reels don’t have the nut to loosen to attach to mast. These reels are different for some reason.
  6. Pair of Willie planer board reels and mast. The reels don’t fit the mast. they were for big jon reels I believe.
  7. No not really. They usually don’t go all the way down that far Before and after pics
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