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  1. I was also out there and when we saw it coming we picked up as fast as we could but it was to late I had to drive into it to braddocks marina. Let’s just say I have never been so scared in my life. We got caught in at least 7-9 ft swells in a 21 ft boat and got hit with a water spout in the mix. Said my peice with god for a moment cause I honestly thought I wasn’t going to see my wife and kids again it was that bad. Thankfully my son wasn’t with us because he probably would never go on a boat again after that. Glad everyone out there made it in safe. Here’s a video IMG_3511.mov
  2. 4 Craig rod holders all in great condition. $200. +$25 shipping out of NY state. Located in Rochester
  3. Are the cannon rod holders still available.
  4. 4 Craig rig holders for sale. Bought different ones. $200 plus $20 for shipping.
  5. Where r u located. I would like the 500 copper if still available
  6. 5ft vinyl crestliner boat decals $100 team is in white and crestliner is in red
  7. $25 to ship to you. Do you still want them
  8. I will check on that. Where is that PA
  9. I have 4 Craig rod holders excellent condition. Fully adjustable. $200
  10. Ok I’m in the Hilton - north Greece area. Would you take $150 for both
  11. How much for number 1 and number 5
  12. How much are you looking to get for it
  13. Would you separate some of it
  14. Lowrance 510c for sale. Includes all wiring and transducer. Works as it should. I upgraded to a hook 9. $275.
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