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  1. Complete Autohelm ST4000 (Black) Wheelpilot system. Everything you need to get it hooked up is included (wheel drive, ST4000 controller, compass, wiring). Fully functional prior to removal and was only removed due to owner upgrade. I recommend replacing the rollers and belt inside the wheel drive unit to freshen it up. Best offer. $
  2. With your autopilot on the lake boat did the boat keep steering back and forth fish tailing continuously? That is what I have been dealing with and Butch At Rieters Marine says I will burn out an auto pilot in a matter of months. Thats why I'm going for the tiller pilot idea. I have an old one and they are much less money to replace.
  3. I found a couple. Kinda different then what I want to do. I want to figure a way to mount it on the motor so it will go up and down with the kicker motor while it is on the kicker bracket. My kicker is on a 25 ft cuddy with mercruiser out drive. i have an easy steer between them.
  4. Nice. Thanks You don't happen to have that Youtube link?
  5. I have an old Ray Marine tiller pilot. Has any one ever tried to make a bracket so you could mount the drive to your 9.9 kicker. I just trying to keep the boat going straight when needed if I am fishing alone. Not trying to follow a charted course.
  6. Yes. Plus whatever shipping is. I will be in Pulaski NY after 22 Sep. If your anywhere near there.
  7. I am in SC. I will be in Pulaski NY end of September and October.
  8. I'm not sure. The manual for it is in the picture on the post.
  9. Make an offer. I have seen these things listed on this site for $600.00 Figured I would just see what would happen. I don't expect to get $600.
  10. I have an old Sportpilot auto pilot. Control handle is broke due to rotten rubber. It works on the bench as it should. I have not had it on a boat. Best reasonable offer. PayPal Works.
  11. Found it, Compression check 3 And 5 are dead. I pulled the head and there is a channel burned between the cylinders. Started as blown head gasket and eventually ruined the head. Replacing head today. Thanks LOU. For the input.
  12. I have a 1988 4 Winns 245 vista with a Jasper rebuild. Motor will run great with no load. Under load starts to knock at about 1800 RPM. Motor does not jump or shake with Knock. It will run for hours trolling with no issues. (at about 1000 RPM} When boat is in neutral you can bring it up to higher RPM's and there is no knock. Only knocks under load. Any ideas????
  13. I have mine working again for the time being. What would you take for yours?
  14. I am trying to find a gear for an old Raymarine Sport pilot auto pilot. The worm gear wore mine out.
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