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  1. looking to buy Catalinas in 20 or 30 size, will buy up to a dozen if anyone has some they will part with
  2. damm illegals are overcrowding the streams too ? whoda thunk
  3. I left a mssg for Glenn on a fone number I was given and no response either
  4. Leftover from a project, new in wrapper, some have very slight deformed edge 1/16 " max $70 to your door, Paypal or non rubber check, also open to interesting trades
  5. My 26 came with a bent rail when I bought it, heated with oxy / acetylene torch to straighten, tig welded the kink with SS filler rod and polished with different grit flapper wheels till all sand scratches were gone, buffed with Flitz and the repair was and is invisible, my complete bow rail was welded, not sure if the 21 rail is welded or uses fittings
  6. do you know if this antenna has nmea 0183 output or can you post a part number, thanx
  7. Raymarine A70D chartplotter / fishfinder, includes mount, power/data cable , chart card, transom mount transducer, screen cover, this unit has internal GPS, excellent condition, $225 TYD
  8. Was a real nice one in my marina 313 repowered, guy doesn't dock anymore and I heard it was for sale, only thing I know was his name, Glenn Prady , he was from Pgh, boat name was Debi Duz Too, see he still has FB page up for his charters. but no activity, my boat was used way more as a weekend warrior, very little use since motors done, might be worth trying to track him down, boat was clean as new
  9. Cant forget this classic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6l1GvDWtccI
  10. If more of these lowlifes left with an assfull of buckshot , bet they would think twice before attempting to take another mans belongings, my theory is shoot shovel and shutup and if Im retreating Ill be well shrouded by the lead Im throwing
  11. not mine, but you don't see these used often and thought someone may want it https://www.ebay.com/itm/Raymarine-ST-5000-Stern-Drive-Autopilot/133338107184?hash=item1f0b920d30:g:HZUAAOSw4gVeJyAh
  12. Have a Raymarine A70d Fishfinder with built in GPS with a great lakes card, have a new Airmar p79 in hull transducer or a used p58 transom unit, these are really nice combos, $250 OBO
  13. Looking for a Raymarine R08004 NMEA Data Cable for C-70, C-80, C120, A60, A65, E80, E120, found some on Ebay but thought Id check here first
  14. Buy it now on Ebay $175, will take $150 from anyone on this board shipped TYD https://www.ebay.com/itm/283767156962
  15. As much as I think #3 is a turd of major proportions, also agree with the previous post by garrymny
  16. 26 Penn Yan Hardtop,, straight IB , 454, Raymarine ST 6001 Smart Pilot tapped into hydraulic lines, I drag two 48 inch bags to get to walleye speed, This setup will troll into or abeam of 4 footers at 2.0 mph like its on rails , its an older system but I just bought a backup computer as I hope it lasts longer than me
  17. LTB complete gen 4 [ 2 piece rear main seal ] 454 or bare block, needs to be standard bore, preferably 4 bolt main caps
  18. Tradman

    Sold / Closed 232 AVENGER /PENN YAN

    pics show a pocket not a tunnel
  19. The one I use is from House Autry Mills, Walmart sometimes has it, but Ive been ordering direct, a good bit cheaper, stays on great, and doesn't overpower mild fish https://www.house-autry.com/products/seafood-breader/
  20. https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/bpo/d/clawson-autopilot/6930361944.html
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