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  1. A couple of place,s you might try are seneca gun sports 607-243-7243 and interlaken guns and ammo 607-532-4807 also pete,s 315-657-6959 good luck.
  2. I shot a nice 8pointer with a rage head yesterday morning he dropped in his track,s,close shot though 15yds.I would also say that one is #6 with rage head,s no problem with any of them.
  3. I have gone out west for prairie dog,s and the 204 is the caliber of choice,work,s good on chuck,s also.Not much visual but light,s out.
  4. I,am with you Bill.
  5. Congratulation,s to the both of you,great job.
  6. Thank,s for the great post,s, i always look forward to seeing what you have to say.
  7. I,ve had had trouble with their cable breaking for no reason and their printed circuit board,s 3in two season,s,with their cable i have replaced with scotty,s brand so far so good and with the printed circuit board,s i installed new battery,s to service them and i have not had a problem this season all thought they did not get much use.In as far as their service dept that all i got from them was did you bring it to a service center for a lot of buck,s per hr and better luck with the next one.
  8. Just to add a little info if you launch by the coast guard station one of the slab,s has shifted and your trailer will be uneven and you will have a hard time getting your boat on level,i found this out the hard way last year and nothing has been done about it.Also tried Arney,s and his fee is $20.
  9. That,s a good comeback Bill i like that.

  10. I think he would give admiral byrd a run for his money.
  11. I,am intrested can you tell me a bit about it does it work right,how old,and also where are you located?
  12. I have that spoon i will have to run it next time i,am out
  13. Okay thank,s for the feedback,i have a new kicker on order and i,am waiting for that to get here before i decide.
  14. Rich do you know anything about those garmin unit,s that run the kicker,i try to run my boat with a kicker most of the time.
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