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  1. That,s a good comeback Bill i like that.

  2. I think he would give admiral byrd a run for his money.
  3. I,am intrested can you tell me a bit about it does it work right,how old,and also where are you located?
  4. I have that spoon i will have to run it next time i,am out
  5. Okay thank,s for the feedback,i have a new kicker on order and i,am waiting for that to get here before i decide.
  6. Rich do you know anything about those garmin unit,s that run the kicker,i try to run my boat with a kicker most of the time.
  7. I,am looking into buying a reactor 40 kicker autopilot by garmin,this may be the current version of what u have would you recommend it?I have a 23.6 boat and i will be using a 15hp motor to push it.
  8. Yeah Les it can be a lot of fun,but we know that there is a possibility of scratching that motor.
  9. Ok thank,s fisherdude i think i can make one for sure.
  10. Does anyone have a picture of a Gary D Rig i,am curious to see what they look like.
  11. Last year while fishing the fall derby at the oak i had my probe side downrigger cable break,i was lucky and caught it by hand,i went to narby,s and got another.THE CABLE WAS CANNON original not that old.My new take is to change the probe side out every two yrs, a lot cheaper than replaceing a probe,i also put a scotty cable on it i hope it hold,s up better than the cannon
  12. That must be the one i caught pulling flasher,s,it said return to sender on it
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