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  1. Does anyone have a # for harvey o hara?
  2. signalman

    Sold / Closed Slide divers

    How much do you want for them?
  3. signalman

    Cayuga CAYUGA 1st OUT

    That, good Gator.
  4. I will take the action flys top row and 4 of the fuzzy bear spoons bottom row 4 5 6 7th from right.
  5. signalman

    Sammy pac spoons

    I have a friend who use,s them and he has good luck with them on the finger lakes.
  6. I love my Penn Yan,s if the price is right i would definitely go for it.
  7. signalman


    The crows use to migrate thru geneva and i have had day,s like you did,but they haven,t been around in about three years,to bad i know it,s a lot of fun.
  8. signalman

    Penn yan

    Waiting to hear from you you posted a couple of week,s ago,mike 315-789-3482
  9. You have a way with word,s,my exact sediment,s

  10. Is the special mate 5 or 8 in  deep?

    1. reeldilemma33


      5" the maxi mate is deeper though. That's what I used for my mags.

  11. signalman

    89 penn yam

    Give me a call 315-789-3482 mike.
  12. signalman

    Anybody ever use a Boyds custom stock?

    I have one on a ruger 10-22 no problem at all with it.
  13. I would say someone got a great deal i hope it is a good runner.