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  1. I have two boat,s and they both have kicker,s on them and they have saved me on a few occasion,s.
  2. mike calabrese 97 genesee st geneva ny 14456
  3. Myself and a friend went out today for a short troll and had action in 550.two mature,s one weighing 26 and the other one never took it out of the water but was equally ass big,also had three steelheads none very big but fun.Nothing o n meat everything on spoon,s and doctor fly
  4. Are those contender lures silver back?

    1. PhatCat


      I’ll check and let you know 

    2. PhatCat



  5. Very Nice Picture,s.

  6. I have some thundersticks and deep dive reef runners i,am willing to sell all new 5.00 apiece and shipping.
  7. I,am wanting to buy a printed circuit board for a mag 5hs cannon downrigger.Thanks Mike
  8. Tractor supply has it also i just went thru this with my boat i pumped out one tank it was half full about half of that was bad i should be good to go now.
  9. Congratulation,s Justin on one hell of a fish.
  10. Good going Dan i know it can be a lot of fun with the hog,s,i went on a night hunt with a outfitter a few yrs ago,and he supplied me with a ar10 with gen 3 night scope and suppressed,we got the bacon.
  11. I would hope they do some of the trib,s on the north end also.
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