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  1. signalman


    The crows use to migrate thru geneva and i have had day,s like you did,but they haven,t been around in about three years,to bad i know it,s a lot of fun.
  2. signalman

    Penn yan

    Waiting to hear from you you posted a couple of week,s ago,mike 315-789-3482
  3. You have a way with word,s,my exact sediment,s

  4. Is the special mate 5 or 8 in  deep?

    1. reeldilemma33


      5" the maxi mate is deeper though. That's what I used for my mags.

  5. signalman

    89 penn yam

    Give me a call 315-789-3482 mike.
  6. signalman

    Anybody ever use a Boyds custom stock?

    I have one on a ruger 10-22 no problem at all with it.
  7. I would say someone got a great deal i hope it is a good runner.
  8. signalman

    Good read

    Did the guy who made the original pirate spoon also make the pine valley spoon? I know his name but it didn,t want to put it out there unless he did.
  9. signalman

    Sampson State Park photo update

    I also tried to talk to the city engineer ,my councilman right up to the manager,but it went on deaf ears,so now we are stuck with a ramp this good for about 14ft boat.
  10. signalman

    Sampson State Park photo update

    Mr lineman i think you are wrong on the worst ramp in nys,in my humble opinion it is the ramp at the welcome center in Geneva it was great until they redone it now it really suck,s.
  11. signalman

    Hunting Africa w/ pics

    Congratulation,s i would love to do that but the plane ride would be a little hard to handle.
  12. Hey Les see what you started,
  13. signalman

    Iowa buck

    What a nice buck he really look,s heavy.
  14. signalman

    Tagged out early

    Nice buck Kevin i would be happy with him
  15. Where can you buy a scent crusher bag?