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  1. Myself and a friend of mine have had a spot for the last 5 or 6 week,s and have been doing a number on them, we call it sporting crow,s.
  2. I saw them also very impressive.
  3. I will have to try that one les,good idea.
  4. As long as you don,t sink the boat your fishing on with tackle i would say fine
  5. Happy new year to all the good fisherman you meet on LOU.
  6. I was fishing out of Oak Orchard several derby,s ago with my friend Pete on the Paula 3 and caught a RC Powerboat that had got away from someone,I still have it today.And by the way Les the least you could do is by me a cheeseburger.
  7. I paid $300 for a sweet sixteen rifle barrel and it took me years of looking to find one, the barrel was new and not a original.The a5 is not in demand like it use to be.I would ask Joe at Hessney,s Auction he could tell you.
  8. I would guess you spent close to 3000 on that one, nice outfit good luck hunting.
  9. The temp was deep around 100ft and i would guess the diver,s were between 60 and 70 ft i could not catch anything deep.
  10. Myself and a friend went out of sodus this morning we had a pretty good day we caught 4 steel head and two kings all came off of chinook divers set on 4 260ft out,every fish hit the silver bullet jay plug,nothing else seemed to get there attention.One king was in the 12lb range and the other was a little smaller all in all it was a bonus day with no tackle being lost unlike some people.Tight lines and we will try again,PS i heard the perch are on the bite in canandaigua lake.
  11. Fished the shelf out in front of the marina down to the officer,s club in around 90ft of water,Had a total of 7 with some nice laker,s in the lot most came off of blades with spin glo and a few with straight copper and a great lakes #4 fluger copy,All the fish went back with the exception of two.Nice to see the lake coming back.
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