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  1. Happy new year to all the good fisherman you meet on LOU.
  2. I was fishing out of Oak Orchard several derby,s ago with my friend Pete on the Paula 3 and caught a RC Powerboat that had got away from someone,I still have it today.And by the way Les the least you could do is by me a cheeseburger.
  3. I paid $300 for a sweet sixteen rifle barrel and it took me years of looking to find one, the barrel was new and not a original.The a5 is not in demand like it use to be.I would ask Joe at Hessney,s Auction he could tell you.
  4. I would guess you spent close to 3000 on that one, nice outfit good luck hunting.
  5. The temp was deep around 100ft and i would guess the diver,s were between 60 and 70 ft i could not catch anything deep.
  6. Myself and a friend went out of sodus this morning we had a pretty good day we caught 4 steel head and two kings all came off of chinook divers set on 4 260ft out,every fish hit the silver bullet jay plug,nothing else seemed to get there attention.One king was in the 12lb range and the other was a little smaller all in all it was a bonus day with no tackle being lost unlike some people.Tight lines and we will try again,PS i heard the perch are on the bite in canandaigua lake.
  7. Fished the shelf out in front of the marina down to the officer,s club in around 90ft of water,Had a total of 7 with some nice laker,s in the lot most came off of blades with spin glo and a few with straight copper and a great lakes #4 fluger copy,All the fish went back with the exception of two.Nice to see the lake coming back.
  8. Can anyone tell me how the lake ontario parkway is from Rochester to Pt Breeze?
  9. Nice Boat, I Have The Same Boat In A Hardtop.
  10. Very good pappy i will try soon,by the way how were the flea,s?
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