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  1. I,am wanting to buy a printed circuit board for a mag 5hs cannon downrigger.Thanks Mike
  2. Tractor supply has it also i just went thru this with my boat i pumped out one tank it was half full about half of that was bad i should be good to go now.
  3. Congratulation,s Justin on one hell of a fish.
  4. Good going Dan i know it can be a lot of fun with the hog,s,i went on a night hunt with a outfitter a few yrs ago,and he supplied me with a ar10 with gen 3 night scope and suppressed,we got the bacon.
  5. I would hope they do some of the trib,s on the north end also.
  6. Les there is no message in my box.ll

  7. Where did you fish out of?
  8. I guess there wont be much ontario fishing this year from the sound,s of thing,s.
  9. Yeah Mike you are do for a new one:lol:

    1. Frogger


      I just saw this lol

  10. I was by dean,s cove this morning and i noticed they have built a new dock all pressure treated lumber and it is nearly complete.Should make for easier access this spring.
  11. Broke off i put two new battery,s in the spring and ran all year with no problem with the rigger,s cooking board,s.I run 4 rigger,s also i think that may be the key to keeping them going.
  12. I,am looking for a 12ga or 20ga 1100 barrel with a cutts spreader choke on it.
  13. Good going longspurs i have been hunting them this winter and have not had that kind of luck.
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