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  3. I am brand new to this site and have never fished for salmon. I have fished walleye on lake Erie for years and have wanted to come up to lake Ontario but just haven't made the time. I'm not getting any younger so this year is it. Planning on coming up and going out of Wilson harbor this spring. I know everyone has there own preferences on bait types. Spoons, flies, meat rigs... My question is this, what baits do you just not leave the dock without? I'm trying to stock up on my salmon supplies and am starting from scratch. Ideas on spoon manufacturer and color, flasher colors and such could save me from spending money on things I don't need. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Hi everyone, I've been looking for a forum about lake Ontario fishing with friendly users who aren't stingy about sharing helpful information and I think I found it here. I live in New Castle PA and have been fishing lake Erie for quite awhile for walleye. I have wanted to fish lake Ontario for years but have never done it. I'm not getting any younger so I've decided now is the time. I have a Pro-Line 251 walk around and have been stocking up on Salmon fishing supplies all winter. Flashers, dodgers, flies, hoochies, meat rigs and spoons. Lol... Like a kid in a candy store... Really looking forward to getting out on the water and experiencing this great lake. Any tips or advice will always be greatly appreciated. Thanks...