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  1. Thanks, just ordered 4 of those releases and will give them a try this spring. I use tru trips behind my boards for depth instead of leadcore or copper. I like them because you don't have to put out (and then have to reel back in) 400ft of line to get your bait down to where you want it.
  2. Has anyone ever run Church's walleye inline boards for Kings? Was wondering if a big king would pull the board under water and create a mess?
  3. Wow, nice fish!! I'm jealous too. Can't wait until I get up there in May.
  4. Thanks Legacy, I'll look you up in May. Cant get here soon enough. My boat name is Gravy, if you see me stop over for a cold one.
  5. Thanks, I will be renting a slip from May 17th thru June 9th. Fishing Friday evenings thru Sunday afternoons each of those weekends. Hope to see you there.
  6. Hi Gill, you may not remember me but we docked beside one another last May in newfane. I have the Pro-Line 251. I appreciate how helpful you guys were. Can you tell me besides color, do you find a certain brand ie, Moonshine, Dreamweaver, Stinger, etc. Is more effective for you than others? I used mostly Dreamweaver magnums last year but the tape and paint seem to come off them easy. Curious if there is a better brand... thanks.
  7. 2018 was my first time on Lake Ontario. I had never caught a King before. Fished 2 weekends the end of May and 2 weekends the end of August out of Olcott. What a blast!! I am now hooked. We caught most of our fish on spoons so I am wanting to add to my arsenal this off season. What brand and colors do you salmon veterans prefer during early season and then, do you change to different spoons and colors later in the season? I know this conversation has been had many times before but every year thinks can change, new brands and colors hit the market, etc. Any information you would be willing to share is greatly appreciated!
  8. Heading up to Olcott to fish this evening and Saturday. I have been fishing for walleye all summer on lake Erie so haven't been out since early June. If anyone else is going out of Olcott and wants to team up, let me know. We could fish different depths to try and find fish and then radio the other boat if we find them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  9. Awesome looking fish! Hope the bite continues for a few more weeks. Renting a dock slip in Newfane marina for the weekend of the 24th.
  10. Went out for my first time ever last week. Launched out of olcott. Most of the people there are very helpful. Ask around about what depth the fish are in. Depending on wind direction and water temps we caught fish anywhere from 220 to 420fow all on spoons. Had success on downriggers and dipsys. Just have fun and stay patient. You'll eventually find them and then its game on.
  11. Lol. Thanks, definitely not what I'm used to but quite an adrenaline rush when that rod starts bending. This will definitely be an annual event for me from now on.
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