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  1. Does anyone think that what makes crickets and grasshoppers jump into water and kill themselves would make great bait? if you don’t know what I’m referring to please save yourself the trauma and don’t look it up.
  2. Lol if bill a416 passes I’m probably gonna get put in one of those camps for being unvaccinated
  3. What brand makes the best cigar shaped float that you can slide and use a pin to peg that are cheap and you can buy in bulk
  4. Well guess your going to wait 75 years to find out
  5. Guessing the big ones ate the average sized ones
  6. Totally agree though I think slot limits would be something to focus on first as it would help a lot more species of fish
  7. After seeing several big fish people have taken home to eat I think we should start a petition for slot limits as the removal of the big females really hurts the fisheries
  8. I have been to the conesus inlet several times but the only times I saw the pike successfully jumping over the dam I didn’t have my phone so I was wondering if anyone had footage of them successfully jumping over the dam
  9. Treble doesn’t matter pike love daredevles more then bass like senkos and if the hook is good it will get hooked
  10. Have you guys done better for pike with a daredevle or Johnson silver minnow and for the minnow with or without a trailer and with a trailer like a curly tail grub how do you rig them as I have seen several different ways
  11. No luck with the minnow but did catch one on the daredevle reeling it above and through the weeds I forget if that cast i was giving it a slow steady retrieve or a little bit faster so it goes more erotic
  12. Thx though I haven’t gotten any in the spencerport or holly widewaters so this might produce
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