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  1. No luck with the minnow but did catch one on the daredevle reeling it above and through the weeds I forget if that cast i was giving it a slow steady retrieve or a little bit faster so it goes more erotic
  2. Thx though I haven’t gotten any in the spencerport or holly widewaters so this might produce
  3. Any other esox addicts looking for a buddy
  4. Where in Rochester is a good place to get my auger blades sharpened
  5. There’s this one spot around the dock at the boat launch where there can be 10” of ice and people still go through
  6. Ok sweet I did the same thing and passed my driving test yesterday
  7. Are there places on the canal in the Rochester area or something where people do well for pike because I have only caught one pike in the canal yet the dec says it’s great in the canal or some spot where you can fish from shore because places like black creek and buck pond seem better by boat especially because of the weeds up against the shore(ideally aren’t a big walk either because my tackle box is 22lbs)
  8. I’m in Rochester Ny and was wondering if there were any closer to home places for pickerel as the nearest place I know of is hemlock ands that’s a 40 minute drive plus
  9. I just completed my boating course and have had my lifetime license for a few years now and am wondering once I get my drivers license what I need to bring to the dmv to get the stamps on my license
  10. Do I threat the twister on like a jig or nose hook it
  11. Inline spinners are another story especially dressed I mean the “safety pin” as it’s too weedy for inline spinners
  12. Would a spoon or spinnerbait work better for pickerel
  13. Don’t have any boats or anything though Any closer part of keuka would also work
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