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  1. I never have fished for walleyes before but was wondering where you get them my location is by the bridge someone told me nightcrawlers on the bottom but it seems like perch and gobies would be a problem
  2. Don’t use those if you want to remove it you have to retie whole rig
  3. Either i was doing something wrong today or never noticed the clip on floats nick your line which one is it
  4. Ive learned the 3 best types of lures on the ice are jigging spoon jighead and plastic jigging rap i was wondering what the best were especially jighead and plastic for all species example being northland jighead and bobby garland crappie bait electric shad
  5. Also what size float i perfer the clip on or the ones with the pin
  6. Will those work for the average sized ones in sandy, irondequoit ect or just the trophy
  7. Do you use a bobber as well or fish it the same way for bass
  8. What worm is the best to wacky rig for steelhead and should i fish it under a float or like a traditional wacky rig or on a jig
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