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  1. They got a camera as well
  2. I would try https://www.ownerhooks.com/product/single-replacement-hooks-4x-strong-2/ 6/0 for replacing
  3. Nice fish sucks they died it always sucks when a big fish dies
  4. Look at Arizona what a joke but dont blame me I voted for zeldin that being said just keep voting eventually liberals will leave and we will be able to vote them out also congrats to Desantis
  5. I think it was ridiculous that the rainbow decline in hemlock stopped the walleye stocking but they should raise it back to 2
  6. I was wondering if anyone else here was big in buying Made In USA and starting a Made In USA Tackle and Equipment List
  7. You mean when which candidate is leading changes the morning after even though they said they were done counting for the night
  8. Cant go wrong with a daredevle my guess would be weed edges 8-10ft but thats just a guess based on what I know though
  9. A buddy told me that the fall pickerel bite on Hemlock has started right about now though I have nobody to go out there with because of my schedule
  10. True bigger fish have a bigger impact on the spawn and spread genetics
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