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  1. Went to the inlet and saw a lots of pike and rud and the very first walleyes starting to swim up but I couldn’t get clear pictures lots of 30”+ gives me hope for a 40” later this year
  2. Size 1 or 2 gamakatsu splitshot /dropshot hook Bigger hook means less swallowing i did also get a 8" perch on a 3/4oz daredevle before
  3. True i dont have a boat so i dont have a fish board Accurate weight is either subtract net and/ or cradle i think besides documenting it does help show how the esox are doing
  4. Alright i guess documenting girth and weight is a personal thing of mine
  5. After reading what botulism is and how it affects birds & fish why is it other fish are able to eat gobies and only suffer morbid obesity
  6. I totally agree though the dec got it right for the kings and cohos weight classification also what about length classification
  7. I was wondering what the benchmark standard is that everyone would agree is trophy for Rainbows/Steelhead 18lbs Browns 15lbs Lakers 25lbs Kings 30lbs Cohos 15lbs Atlantic 15lbs i know for muskie its 50" 30lbs pike 40" 15 lbs and for bass 20" 5lbs
  8. Yes but with an nearly unlimited source of zebra muscles we are never going to get rid of them At least the browns and lakers are eating gobies also i came across a guy on the michigan sportsman forum who caught a coho salmon in huron and he found this in its stomach
  9. Just a thought if they had the place that makes pellets add the remains of gobies and put them in pellets the hatchery feeds them maybe they would eat the gobies along with the alewives and might do better
  10. Do you have recommendations for measuring girth i know to invest in a fish board & weigh the net if you have someone else to take a picture do you guys have any recommendations for calming them down while holding them I tried covering their eyes without touching them but it didn’t work ?
  11. Ok I will personally i was out with a guide and using his lures have you tried owner inline replacement single hooks?
  12. Ok I just thought that a much higher natural spawn then was is accounted for in stocking would result in more fish less bait smaller fish It would be great if they could get them to eat gobies
  13. I personally know very little about the salmon but does this indicate a far lower alewife population also dont they stock with a estimated 20% wild reproduction success and didnt a bunch of them starve and die off one year because the success rate was 80% instead of 20%
  14. Nice and glad to see the even with it flopping around the boat it managed to be released i had a 34" not make it after flopping around but its also great to see they are reaching the 40" range there
  15. I didnt vote for them but what is also happening up in blind bay in the islands shows they really either dont care about the fisheries which is upsetting because its a huge part of our economy
  16. Went with a buddy in the in Lowes Fishing Machine 1675 Boat in the islands last year and it held up fine and and maxed out with everything including the trailer the boat would come up to $37,000 maxed out and new and is also small enough you could get in hemlock though you could only use the trolling motor
  17. So i am going on a trip to Hastings in a couple weeks and was looking for a small spot nearby (within 20 minutes)to fish for pike from shore the area is near the sunoco by the saab parts store 1982 US-11 Hastings, NY 13076 United States
  18. And the rod description says the rod guide sizes are size 6 what does that mean
  19. Alright what about sizing for rods you dont have yet
  20. Ok thx so the ones i run currently are too small and the material the bead is made of doesnt matter and is harmless as long as its too big to even partially fit in rod guide Thank you solves my paranoia with these new rods which material i get would depend on whether I want the fish to see it as an attractant, look like lure is wounded and chasing it, and extra weight bonus
  21. I was worried about just buying regular old beads even when they are large enough still damaging the eye which is why i have been so concerned
  22. I use them on all my rods and usually fish snags occasionally use trout fishing , fish the snags and i am a person that likes to have something and be set on it and not have to worry about running out
  23. Do you know what material those beads are made of so i could buy a 1000 pk from somewhere else
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