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  1. True in my experience things like this can make the difference between having a 10 or 20 fish day when they arent as active
  2. Thank you so goby colors wont be as effective as perch and bluegill colors unless they are holding in rocks or areas near hard bottom
  3. I know that gobies now consist of 75% of the smallmouth bass diet but I was wondering if gobies are a higher percentage of the diet pike now too or if the majority is perch,bluegills,bass other pike ect or if its 50/50
  4. I doubt its the same person that would mean his body would have to drift from Somerset to Wolcott
  5. a body was recovered never say for sure until the identity is confirmed
  6. How about the pond in Gates First Responders Park any pike
  7. East winds wouldnt that mean he would end up towards buffalo Also i doubt he would have gotten to blind sodus bay so quickly
  8. That’s what I read too still found it odd it opened on a Sunday
  9. Went out yesterday for pike brutal northeast wind got one bass on the devle
  10. Also advice in terms of what part of the canal ponds to fish for pike would be great as well
  11. My fly rod is pretty much K.I.A anything with a spinning reel
  12. What part of the pond and would a hook with bread work(no bobber or weight)
  13. And do you still get grass carp at unity has i have fished there since 2014 and never seen one
  14. Never even knew they were in there thought there were only regular carp unless they stopped putting them in
  15. Never seen a grass carp in there also the back ground doesn’t look anything like either ponds besides the island still a nice fish
  16. Thx and advice in terms of what part of the pond. Im at a loss in terms of what part until they clear out a bunch of the weeds in front of the gazebo creating 2 weedbeds
  17. That sounds more like the 2 ponds by unity hospital
  18. Largemouth Bass, very few smallmouth caught one myself pike, carp, crappies, bluegills,perch and have been told catfish
  19. Does anyone have any advice for the pike in the Greece Canal Ponds. I have seen lots of them including a 30+” swim up right by the gazebo and had one attack a carp I hooked but I only have caught 2 within the past two years and was wondering if anyone had advice in terms of what part to fish and lures besides a daredevle or a way to fish them weedless especially for the big ones
  20. I was hoping to get in there at some point by boat
  21. I tried there once and got snagged first cast
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