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  1. Are they there year round like during ice season or just summer
  2. Hemlock and Canadice are a bust right now from shore any shore spots on honeoye
  3. I use steel leaders but my problem isnt hooking them but the right location is my problem and was wondering if anyone had any shore spots on canadice that i could get a pickerel with ideally on a wacky worm which is what i got my one and only pickerel on
  4. The weedbeds are not against the shore but somewhat out also was wondering if there was a specific area for pickerel going to lodge in a few days and went their friday with a friend in his boat and got 6 lmb and 1 rock bass 1st had giant pickerel bite-mark on him though
  5. Also fishing mid hemlock weed lines are the pickerel there year round
  6. Anyone got any shore spots for Canadice for pickerel Size doesn’t matter
  7. I haven’t had luck at the pier but thank you for info on hemlock
  8. I have a question about two different senko colors which are perch and goby and I know with a goby senko i will get a lot of smallmouth but was wondering which color you guys think would work better for pike also if anyone wonders get cheap steel leaders prevent bite offs and bass dont care about the swivel i saw bass go for it in crystal clear water
  9. I got my one and only out of canadice but people say hemlock is known for big pickerel 4lbs plus and was wondering if they’re any that size in canadice or honeoye
  10. Does anyone know what part of hemlock to go for the big pickerel its said to have? Also some tips on big ones in canadice and honeoye would also be appreciated
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