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  1. Good going Les. Mkie and I went to oneida today got some perch and a couple keeper eye,s,plus if there was a sheep head derby going on we would have won it,lot,s of them great fighter,s though fun to catch.
  2. You should know there are no perch on seneca mike.
  3. i fish with frogger all the time and his ap system works perfect on my 18 py boat i have a kicker and a minn kota on the front and it works well,but there is n comparison between the two as far as i,am concerned.His you set the course and forget about it,and mine you are working the fob quite a bit.
  4. where are you exactly i interested in the rod.
  5. Great post pappy i will be up there trying asap.The last time i was up i got one king at 325 and the lake got to rough so that was it.
  6. Is there anyone in the community that repair,s old victrola motor,s,please get in touch.
  7. what do you jig with i do that on seneca with a white 1oz jig tipped with saw belly tail when bait was cheap.
  8. Iam interested where do you live?
  9. He is a pretty big bear.
  10. beautiful boat i hope you enjoy all your hard work.
  11. congratulations on some good fishing and a nice post.
  12. Good going Les sounds like you had fun,i was there last thursday and went north out of dean,s and caught them on straight copper downrigger,s,and dipsy divers had a great morning,all in about 60ft.
  13. how did you fish for striper,s i,am thing of taking a trip down to the hudson i live in geneva ny it,s about 3hrs.Thank,s Mike
  14. I,am glad i bought a savage i don,t have to deal with all of this.
  15. I think i have some spoon,s that look like that, a friend give e a old tackle box from Dresden with a lot of old flutter spoon,s in it,and a juke box that work,s well.
  16. You had one hell of a year,Congratulation,s on all you have done.
  17. I will be the first one at the poll,s this morning i cant wait.
  18. Seeing them and eating them are two different story.s
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