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  1. I,am glad i bought a savage i don,t have to deal with all of this.
  2. I think i have some spoon,s that look like that, a friend give e a old tackle box from Dresden with a lot of old flutter spoon,s in it,and a juke box that work,s well.
  3. You had one hell of a year,Congratulation,s on all you have done.
  4. I will be the first one at the poll,s this morning i cant wait.
  5. Seeing them and eating them are two different story.s
  6. Offering my condolence,s to the family,very sorry for your lose.
  7. I have 6 3 31,s 3 44,s and 1 11 mainly copper some silver
  8. Try putting 40lb on the flea.s don,t stick to that and of course a flour leader.
  9. Nice going congrat,s to you and your daughter,that all we did was fight flea,s all morning worst i ever saw them.
  10. I was on cayuga today and it was hard fishing for me i did get one double on laker,s and another single all around 100ft.Hammerhead,s and spinglo,s.I did not know temp just fishing mark,s
  11. Where are the result,s of the perch derby yu just had?
  12. I sent you a personal message yesterday morning,did you see it?
  13. I will take them if there are not sold

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    2. John nastasi

      John nastasi

      What are u looking for?

    3. signalman


      weight,s if we can meet in say weedsport.

    4. John nastasi

      John nastasi

      What are u looking for? They have been sold.

  14. The big question is does anybody repair printed circuit board,s for cannon downrigger,s.Cannon quite making for some of there older rigger,s and now you are screwed if you get a bad board
  15. A number of yrs ago i caught a seeforellen brown female 20lb.s and change on seneca lake just down from samson,It took second place in the genesee contest that yr.
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