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  1. Ok thank,s fisherdude i think i can make one for sure.
  2. Does anyone have a picture of a Gary D Rig i,am curious to see what they look like.
  3. Last year while fishing the fall derby at the oak i had my probe side downrigger cable break,i was lucky and caught it by hand,i went to narby,s and got another.THE CABLE WAS CANNON original not that old.My new take is to change the probe side out every two yrs, a lot cheaper than replaceing a probe,i also put a scotty cable on it i hope it hold,s up better than the cannon
  4. That must be the one i caught pulling flasher,s,it said return to sender on it
  5. i use the same one on varmint,s work,s good
  6. I have had a lot of trouble with cannon stx i dont think i would buy them again.
  7. Thank,s for the head.s up i will check them for voltage and load to determine which way i should go with them,I am also going to install a heavier gauge wire from battery to the buss and a new fuseblock,i hope that takes care of it.
  8. Broke off i have had the same problem i have had three board,s go ,one last fall and two when i put the boat in this spring if i,am not mistaken they seemed to go bad over the winter they were in my warm basement,but i will check the voltage,s on my battery,s they were charged when i put them in the boat.The board,,s were on three different rigger,s.
  9. I think you need to take a good look at chinook 35 post it speak,s for itself.
  10. In the last month i have had 2printed circuit boards on two different downrigger,s and last fall i had the same problem on another rigger has anyone else been having problem,s like this.Thant,s 3 circuit board,s in 6 month,s all on different rigger,s.
  11. In my opinion i wouln,t be going very far offshore with a little boat,like the size you have i think you are asking for trouble remember you only have one live so don,t be careless with it.Get a bigger boat.
  12. Try arney,s in sodus they wheel and deal.
  13. Hey Les i hate to inform you but you can,t put the maloch on us you are not italian
  14. I have a tonneau cover thats fits a 2012 or 2013 ford truck with 6ft box it is in excellent shape.free for anyone who needs it.Locaed in geneva ny.
  15. I love fishing out of oak orchard,i have had so much fun out of there it,s unreel.
  16. I think it,s a rainbow also.
  17. To the person making the statement not to serious virus,how can you make that statement when people have died all over the world from it.
  18. Free to good home a rebuilt 283 or 307 short block located in geneva ny.Motor was done at Gordon,s they did quality work
  19. Hey Les someone just gifted me a double springer with wire on it,deadly when the fish are on the flat,s.
  20. I like offshore iv idea one person in a boat no out of state people,good for now anyway,sorry pa etc.
  21. Happy Easter To You Mike and Everyone.
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