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  1. Morning bite was crazy. Hoping the rest of July is like the last 3-4 days.
  2. Yea my 230 wire diver fired twice with good fish. I'm assuming it was down in that 70-80 range. Let my fishing partner set the rod after second fish and he let it out too fast. Reeled it up a few hours later and the dipsy and flasher fly were all twisted, so I think we definitely missed some opportunities there. Should have stuck to my policy of not letting guests set rods.
  3. Went 3/4. One teenage king. one smaller king, and one coho. Missed another teenage king. 250-275 fow. Wire diver with hammer fly (230 lead), UV green dolphin on rigger down 45, and salmon slapper on braid dipsy (150 lead) produced fish. Similar to last report in that I couldn't get a pattern going. Changed colors and spoon sizes all day. Sounds like some fish were being caught deeper. Typical June day I guess. Thought we would find some steelhead but none wanted to cooperate. Weather was great though.
  4. Fished from sunrise to noon. 200-325 fow. Landed 2 big steelhead and three cohos. Had 4 or 5 short bites as well. No real pattern developed. Caught fish on wire dipsy out 230, 45 rigger, 65 rigger, braid dipsys 135 and 150 back. Both spoons and flies took fish. Mostly green colors.
  5. Yup I’ve had both riggers set at 80 and divers out 240 feet the last couple trips. Hopefully it picks up soon.
  6. Right on. I fish out of Wilson so I’m sure I’ll see you out there. Tight lines.
  7. The last section of your blog post is a direct pitch for booking a charter. That's probably what the other posters are referring to. If you read most reports on there, they give information on port, location (line #), depth, baits used, color, trolling speed, down temp, etc. Compared to other reports posted on the board, yours lacks in terms of actionable info, other than you caught a king and some lakers likely in the bar area. Yankee Troller puts out some of the best reports on the board. Maybe check out his reports and compare them to yours. I'm not criticizing you. Overall, I'm indifferent. I'm just explaining what others might be taking away from your post compared to the posts of other members.
  8. Do you still want the net or should I offer it to someone else?
  9. Are you still planning on picking up the net today?
  10. Kenmore right outside north buffalo
  11. I’m in Kenmore it’s a first ring suburb of Buffalo.
  12. Yes, still for sale. I'm in the Buffalo area. It's probably not worth paying any shipping fees.
  13. Hey Everyone, I have a brand new, tags still attached, Beckman rubber coated landing net for sale. I accidentally purchased the wrong size net. The hoop is 32 x 44 x 40. The handle telescopes from 6-9 feet. Price - $120 Location - Buffalo, NY and surrounding area
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