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  1. Right on. I fish out of Wilson so I’m sure I’ll see you out there. Tight lines.
  2. The last section of your blog post is a direct pitch for booking a charter. That's probably what the other posters are referring to. If you read most reports on there, they give information on port, location (line #), depth, baits used, color, trolling speed, down temp, etc. Compared to other reports posted on the board, yours lacks in terms of actionable info, other than you caught a king and some lakers likely in the bar area. Yankee Troller puts out some of the best reports on the board. Maybe check out his reports and compare them to yours. I'm not criticizing you. Overall, I'm indifferent. I'm just explaining what others might be taking away from your post compared to the posts of other members.
  3. Do you still want the net or should I offer it to someone else?
  4. Are you still planning on picking up the net today?
  5. Kenmore right outside north buffalo
  6. I’m in Kenmore it’s a first ring suburb of Buffalo.
  7. Yes, still for sale. I'm in the Buffalo area. It's probably not worth paying any shipping fees.
  8. Hey Everyone, I have a brand new, tags still attached, Beckman rubber coated landing net for sale. I accidentally purchased the wrong size net. The hoop is 32 x 44 x 40. The handle telescopes from 6-9 feet. Price - $120 Location - Buffalo, NY and surrounding area
  9. Where did you get that net? In the market for a big rubber net for Kings and haven't been able to find one yet.
  10. I tried the uni knot and the knot was too big to pass through the levelwind. Tried the blood knot and it worked like a charm.
  11. Agreed it was a good day. It's just been weird. The first light bite has been almost non existent with the bite starting around 7 for me each day. The evening bite has been outperforming mornings. We aren't marking much at all. Weird year. Not the first and won't be the last.
  12. The fishing is definitely much slower than last year so far. We went out at first light not sure what the water temps were going to look like. We started shallow and aimed straight north to find where the best water was. Found the fish in 300 fow. Steady pick for about two hours then it just died. 6/7. 5 Kings and a Steelhead. Good size. No real pattern as every rod fired. Green spoons and green flies. Wire divers have been good early lately then the riggers and braid divers seem to pick up mid morning. Hopefully the fishing gets better soon. Not sure what’s going on?
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