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  1. Launch at fort niagara is good for lake up to Stella niagara. Launch at lewiston for Stella or devils hole. There are some good drifts on Canadian side which is prob outa bounds right now. Devils hole is fun.. run up Canadian side, cut to middle at power out takes .. ya got flat water above the us power plant. There’ll be plenty of boats this time of year..follow their lead.
  2. Lots of eyes in the lower river. Drift by the coast guard, Stella niagara...also in devils hole this time of year.
  3. Hey all, a friend and I are thinking of fishing bay of quinte for walleye in later may/ early June this year. Can anyone tell me how it’s been in recent years in that time period? Are there any camps with cabins you’d recommend? Thanks in advance!
  4. Was this from the blow on 11/1 or was there another bad one? I have a place just past Mud bay in front of grenadier. About 50’ of dock got blown away...big willows snapped.
  5. I’m right around the corner from MB in front on grenadier. There’s a point on grenadier pointing towards the river..off that and along that shoreline holds walleye in the spring and fall. Don’t know if they’re in the yet. I’ve never hit em consistently in there. I spend a lot more time up in the river.
  6. From what I’ve heard they’ve been going out 5 to 9 Miles to really get into em.
  7. I grew up on it. On American side Stella niagara drift and the coast guard station drift at the mouth were consistent. A couple of my favorites are on the Canadian side. There’s a back drift ( curls and flows backwards) over by the Canadian sand docks opposite Lewiston. Not a long drift but a big favorite. Further down river there’s one we called the Jackson drift. It’s opposite Stella niagara and down river a little bit. Most of your time in all except the back drift is in 30...35’ with a good current. It’s tough holding bottom but ya gotta do it to be successful. I drift dived most of those I mentioned about 10 years ago. There were groups of 3 or 4 walleye all over...never more that a few inches off botttom and always pointed into the current. Some true slobs. Saw sturgeon too. The end of July was always when we started fishing the walleye...it only gets better through August and later. We used to get a few off the mouth and I hear it’s gotten better out there than before.
  8. Alan is the one who invited me. Great guy!
  9. I sensed that few of the fish were considered salvageable as the nets were in place about 24 hours and the water temp was about 75. The fish came from surprisingly shallow water....10 to 15’ weedbeds
  10. Gill nets...everything dead. One guy mentioned they did netting up near grasse point last week and they got quite a few northerns. Strangely enough that was one thing missing from the chaumont bay nets. Not one northern..just one pickerel. It seems a shame that all the fish are dead but I guess in the whole scheme of things it’s prob a statistical zero impact on numbers really helpful knowledge wise. There were lots a game fish but there were also a lot of things like white perch, sheephead and a lot of gizzard shad...big ones .
  11. Recently retired I’ve had time to nose around the dec fisheries station in Cape Vincent. Yesterday I was given heads up about them setting nets out in chaumont bay with them bringing the nets in this am. I just got back from hanging out while they sorted the catch. Very cool stuff! There were lots of sheephead, perch up to 13”, and smallmouth(some slobs). What surprised me was the number of walleye. LOTS of em ranging from about 10” to about 10lbs. I guess my perception was that the walleye tend to spawn and leave in the spring...which many prob do...but sure as S a lot of em stay. It was pointed out to me that these fish were extremely well fed on gobies and shiners. They sort all the fish, weigh and measure, fun loving and check diet if possible. I’m looking forward to next week as i finagled my way on ot the “Seth Green” netting trawler when they run nets out by Galloo. They run em deep out there which should bring in a diff mix. I mentioned the tracking that’s being done by the Canadians and was shown that we are doing that too...we have hundreds of submerged receivers all around the lake tracking walleye, lake trout and others. Again...very cool stuff.
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