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  1. Chowdaire

    Oneida 5/1

    Well done! Congrats
  2. Awesome! Solid fish too. Congrats.
  3. https://fishhawkelectronics.com/pages/information/fre.html Third question down. Looks like you need the Optimums.
  4. Thanks for this. I actually saw this the day my motor totally died but got jammed up with work and just had a chance to replace the plug. Spot on diagnosis.
  5. I start every year trolling shallow, well inside 20fow, with the water temps under 40deg and do fine. Just looking for the warmest water. Could be 37deg where most of it is 35.
  6. You can run on either graph. The only problem is that the Autochart will only show on the unit with the chip. Even when the map is on global settings and the map chip in one unit is available on all graphs, the autochart stays local. Transducers are available on all units. At least that's the way it works on my setup (3 networked Solix units with 3 transducers - thru hull, mega side and trolling motor, Navionics map chip and 2 Autochart chips).
  7. I musky fish all around there in December. Even more last year with Canadian waters off limits. You should see perch fisherman right from his cottage around that time.
  8. That's awesome, whaler1! Great looking fish. I got out with my Dad and Justin a few weeks back and we had the same kind of day. Can't remember exact numbers but well into double digits on the walleyes. He's got it dialed in.
  9. Wow! Those fish are gorgeous. Congrats! And, Enjoy the boat. I have a 621 also. They're pretty comfortable to fish out of.
  10. Wow. Great story and congrats on the fish!
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