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  1. Tin Pan Galley! Now I'm really jealous. I need to get up there soon. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. Boga grip on a 6' rope tied to a cleat is the best I've found. Drag them for a few minutes until they get feisty. My boat is low to the water so you may need a longer rope for a proper lake o boat. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Wow. Gorgeous fish. Congrats Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. I use 30# fireline on diver rods. The fleas don't seem to like it like other braids.
  5. There was a Bassmaster event a few years ago and the winner made the run all the way down from Waddington (?) to fish the deep structure on Henderson. You might want to look that up. Drop shotting, I believe.
  6. Bearcat, are you running micro lead or the Suffix 832 instead of standard lead? Those are the ones that I use and the fleas absolutely covered them the one time I used them in summer. Like you said, almost had to junk the whole core. I think the standard may be thick enough not to be a problem. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Many thanks! I'm always picturing what could go wrong and with running only divers and copper so far I've been unpleasantly surprised a couple of times at how bad it can get. Not nearly as much as I should have been though, thanks to all the knowledge shared on this site.
  8. So if you're running a fluoro leader with spoons do you do that if you're, say, running a Mup rig? If so, how do you connect the leader so that when the Mag gets hit you don't have a mess when the snap slides down the mainline? I'll be running riggers for the first time this year and love the concept of a Mup rig but it'd be nice to avoid as many early messes as I can. Thanks,
  9. 30# Fireline works great. Fleas hate it for some reason. I ran inside divers on wire and outside on fireline all last year. Fireline got less fleas but wire cleaned up easier.
  10. The only thing they love more is log perch Logperch = walleye candy And back to the initial subject. The lake really does seem in great shape. This is the third year of lots of shorts around but now I'm running into last years shorts and they're 16-18" and around in large numbers. I personally wouldn't change any regs on Oneida. The fishing is great and if you want bigger fish there are enough other places around for that.
  11. Perch are filled with gobies, walleyes are filled with perch. At least for myself and all the guys I talk to this spring.
  12. It's official. I'm going to start musky fishing as soon as I get my new boat. You're killing me with these pics! Looking at the cost of the gear I better get a second job too.
  13. Those fish are gorgeous. I'm not a musky fisherman (yet) but can't help but appreciate those beauties. Thanks for posting and congrats!
  14. The first dock is still open to launch. The water has risen to about 6" over part of the original bridge they put in so now there's a 2x6 to get you over that water without boots. I launched there alone yesterday without issue. The fishing was not good for me but the lunching was fine.
  15. I'm using the 8'6" taloras for inline boards and downriggers this year. I just bought two sets of reels. One set with 10# line for walleyes/browns and one with 30# for summer salmon. It's not the cheapest solution but it did save me on buying twice as many rods. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United