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  1. I've had it out on 130' of cable and it still reads. The numbers will sometimes jump around a bit, not sure exactly why that is, but when they settle I seem get a good reading.
  2. It's a decent unit. Works fine for speed and temp. I slide mine into my tracks (with the Traxtech mount) and then use a zip tie and clip to run the transducer cord along the boom arm. Then the cord only drags from that clip to where the transducer is attached to the rigger cable. It's more of a pain than having it hard mounted but if you really don't have the room it's not too bad to deal with. You'll figure out pretty quickly how to set it up best for you. Once I attach the ducer to the cable and clip the cord, there isn't anything else to do with it the rest of the day except occasionally shake the cord if it doesn't drop far enough down in the water. That's it.
  3. Should be good with Navionics. And you can autochart any areas you fish a lot to get the real detail, including hardness and vegetation. I autochart all the areas I fish a lot and it's great to see the little details that don't show up on any map cards.You will need to buy a ZeroLines card if you want to Autochart a lot though. The unit itself doesn't store a ton of data.
  4. That's awesome. Congrats on a great outing and great pics.
  5. I had this happen with my Solix last year. First it would just get confused a lot, jumping from "---" to 1200ft then to 0, etc., but would still work most of the time when I was out on water deeper than, say, 5ft. Then I was trolling in 300fow one day and looked at the screen and the rigger ball marks and bait were gone. Just a blank screen, although it still showed depth.I tried every setting and couldn't get it to work again. Ended up being a bad shoot thru hull transducer. Luckily I had the side imaging transducer to switch over to and see that the unit itself was still working. Hopefully the software updates are enough to get yours going again. They've all greatly improved the performance on my units.
  6. After getting really frustrated with just grabbing the rod and the fish is gone, I read up on it on here and eliminated the snubbers. I still lose some fish but never have the two rips and gone anymore. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Are you using snubbers? That used to happen to me when I used snubbers on my dipsies. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. I started running the Offshore SST Pro Mag for kings and musky last year. This year I added Sam's Pro Releases so I'm not fighting the board. Liking it so far. I have a TX44 also and it'll pull heavy stuff. I'm just used to the Offshore style clips so don't care for the way the TX44 connects to the line.
  9. Also. In the lower left hand corner there is a little round symbol. Click on that and choose SonarChart and it will give you amazing detail.
  10. You can Google "Navionics web app." That's what I use whenever I go someplace new. As a matter of fact I've been using it this week for an upcoming trip to Henderson.
  11. If you get one in Henderson it'll probably be a big one but they're hard to come by. I'm no expert up there but deep water trolling with big sticks seems to be the way to go, although I know guys that get 'em bass fishing on the drops. Oneida is loaded this year and if you just want to catch a few to eat (15-20") I'd recommend that. Pretty much everything has been working this year. There's fish shallow in the weeds. Deep on structure. And out over the basin. Guys are catching them casting, jigging, drifting and trolling. So depending on how you like to fish you should be able to find some. I assume you want to troll so out over the basin (30-45fow) pulling sticks and spoons thru bait around 20-25' down at 2-2.5mph will catch fish most days. Guys also do well trolling down deeper and slower. Again, mostly preference unless they are really locked into one bite for a period. It's not too far from Henderson to Godfrey Point to launch. Good luck!
  12. These are the ones I’m using. I soak the sponge with ProCure herring oil and run them 4’ behind a 10” spinny most of the time. Definitely work and take some big fish. I may try the sardine pack too now. Thanks https://www.fishusa.com/Brads-Super-Bait-Cut-Plug Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. I started running meat rigs with MC Rockets a few years back and then with real meat last year. I always have one down deep now. Some days its the only thing that fires. It's made my catch rate much more consistent.
  14. Awesome boat. Congrats and enjoy!
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