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  1. There are many Canadians who do not agree with the open border immigration that has taken place!
  2. I added a fuse block to my Lund ProSport after the thin accessory wire harness insulation wore off. The harness hadn’t been fastened properly at the factory. The wear caused a short to seek a ground, all the way to the fuel sending unit on top of the tank. The wire was burned all the way from the stern to the middle of the boat. Lots of smoke and I just shut off my engine in time! The next day I disconnected the harness and drove home. So I totally agree with your getting a block!
  3. ok one question : After both birds are connected by ethernet in my boat. If I make an adjustment to the main bird say to sensitivity or to colour palette is this automatically reflected in the second bird,(cho)? Or do I adjust both birds one after the other? I can see advantages either way and that the systems may not be capable. jim
  4. Hi, I am looking at buying two serious Humminbirds (control head and full system) and connecting them by ethernet cable. I know that I will have to include a dedicated battery in the setup. Has anyone used the ethernet cable setup before? Have there been any concerns about electrical interference? Does the system work as advertised with instantaneous readout for both units? Thank you I would appreciate all and any input. jim
  5. Re Canadians , Americans and the Niagara Bar For KevinFarrell and Wargofam I am a Canadian. I like Americans! But I am not a Trudeau fan. I feel that our country was let down by the present government. We were warned that covid was coming and did not do very much until the scourge struck. Another case of management by crisis, too late and too little. We should be selling licences and cooperating any way we can with our (best!) American friends. Please accept my apology for any difficulties encountered. Some day I would like to join you all at the Niagara Bar.
  6. Hi, Some advice please. Have just been given Berkley Gulp Garlic spray. Is there a use for this in Great Lake fishing? In my area there is musky, lake trout, walleye and pike. Or can this be used to attract baitfish? This is not intended to be a stupid question. Thanks jim
  7. Raw chicken meat and sucker meat are also supposed to be very effective due to their scent
  8. This year I am going to use a wee bit of scent. And I will use the Dreamweaver Whirligigs which provide for a scent trail. And of course other tackle does this too. have noticed various “experts” don’t mention it but they do use scent when laker fishing. My research suggests something greasy like hot dog grease which has been used in one particular lake. So what is favourite scent you use when lakers are inactive? I note on the market there is Gulp, Smelly Jelly , Garlic and so on. Do you use any other scents for walleye and other species? ( I used it for musky last year and was pleasantly surprised! Guess a little dab will do yuh) This should make for interesting reading pro or con, looking forward to it. jim
  9. This is an outside comment. I do not fish on the great lakes. However these are some observations when my little fishing club tried to hold a "professional " tournament. 1) The entry fee was outrageous. 2) There was no sharing of information after the tournament. 3) It was not self supporting . Non participating members were expected to support the tournament financially (using club funds raised for fish stocking) and to volunteer all day during the event. 4) It seemed that the most ardent supporters of this event had a problem keeping their feet on the ground,(swelled heads). 5) There was a lot of self promotion. As a result my club split and to this day barely operates any more. I miss the comraderie we once had when we all fished together for fun not profit. And our membership has declined. My apologies for being negative but maybe seeing this you can avoid some of the issues we had to deal with.
  10. Thank you JTRCNC for the offer of assistance.
  11. Thank you Sk8man, this is one of the adaptations I had in mind.
  12. Thank you mr 580 and Sk8man, great advice. I am getting close to making a decision. Though I am surprised that some manufactureres charge extra for end caps. I would have thought that end caps as a locking system would be included. Hopefully if I ever lose one I can substitute a 1/4 inch bolt or something. Covid does not help either with the current shipping restrictions either.
  13. Thank you guffins fisherman and DoubleTrouble1 for taking the time to get back to me. I have been monitoring Amazon and will continue to do so. Part of my problem is not being able to see the track close at hand . Its good to hear that all the rod holders and related equipment will fit into track made by different manufacturers.
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