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  1. Couple of things, Cannon sells an additional bottom tracking system. I have it but haven’t tried it. It has received mixed reviews due to response time when faced with sudden bottom changes. When my Digitroll failed and kept failing, everything failed! Good luck
  2. Cannon Digi Troll I had the first model which looks like this one. Just loved it until one day it failed. It kept turning itself off after the ball was out and down. Imagine pulling in a 10 pd ball attached to wire w/o gloves! Then having a kinked mess in the boat because it couldn’t wind up. I tried to have it repaired professionally many many times but no go, it always failed. If you want a scanned copy of the original Computrol Manual I can send it the next time I am near a scanner . But I can’t say when exactly being on the lake right now. jim
  3. Thank you, I have a circuit block. But this is good to know.
  4. Do any of you use this? And does it make a difference? I never have but do have a Cannon rigger which will allow me to do this. Not trying to be controversial here but want to do a little fresh water research. My boat by the way is aluminum and I wonder if this is a factor?
  5. RE SLOW LEAK Sometimes its something simple like a worn out old bilge plug. The rubber wears out ! Try a new one in its place. Good luck,
  6. A suggestion for the singing. In Florida some charter boats cut av tennis ball in half and then wrap it around the down rigger wire with plastic tape.
  7. Thank you Andre, I like the automatic charge concept. I will be in contact with Blue Sea. Hope they have a dealer in Canada. jim
  8. Hi, I have in my Lund a circuit block connected to my cranking battery. I wish to connect my new sonar to a dedicated RV battery that is also connected in parallel to the cranking battery thru the circuit block. I am trying to have my Hondas first charge my cranking battery and then because I am using a parallel circuit charge the RV battery. Again the circuit block would be where I would connect (start) the parallel circuit. Now the question is where I should locate an isolator in the circuit to the RV battery? Should the inline isolator be close to the RV battery near the bow OR should the isolator originate at the stern after the circuit block at the beginning of the parallel circuit? I hope my request for assistance makes sense. Thanks Jim
  9. I also have a Lund Rebel. Why not mount the mast on the bow deck? I haven’t done this yet. But if there are concerns please tell me now before I drill and bolt my Cannon mounting plate. jim
  10. Kicker Suggestions Have your main motor and your kicker both use the same gas line connections so if you have bad gas in one tank you still can get home. Ask me how I know! Can you hang your kicker on the Stanley transom next to your main power plant? I do this with my 17’ Lund. There are transom mounts made for four stroke kickers. Consider attaching hydro fins to your main power plant to assist you getting out of the hole. The fins help offset your kickers weight. Canadian gas quality can be very poor. An inline gas line water separator mounted before the main engine is used all the time around here. My kicker (Honda 8 hp ) also charges/maintains my main cranking battery. A circuit block is also a good idea - safe, to connect your accessaries with individual fuses. Good Luck
  11. Yet another question With two birds (Solix, cho and regular) linked together by ethernet wire and only one transducer can one unit run auto chart live while the other operates side imaging? I know I can operate gps/mapping with side imaging. Thanks in advance jim
  12. There are many Canadians who do not agree with the open border immigration that has taken place!
  13. I added a fuse block to my Lund ProSport after the thin accessory wire harness insulation wore off. The harness hadn’t been fastened properly at the factory. The wear caused a short to seek a ground, all the way to the fuel sending unit on top of the tank. The wire was burned all the way from the stern to the middle of the boat. Lots of smoke and I just shut off my engine in time! The next day I disconnected the harness and drove home. So I totally agree with your getting a block!
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