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  1. Interesting. Never really took that course in college. LOL Although I do have Limnology and all the aquatic biology, the whole wave thing I never got. LOL Thanks for the info.
  2. Its not Minus a foot EVER is it? LOL
  3. Yes, but its steady in the Mid 50's all the way down to 60+ or more I see too. On the Eastern Basin anyway.
  4. Lake Ontario - Mexico Bay to the Saint Lawrence River Marine Forecast :: MarineWeather.net Its all been accurate about 50% of the time this year. lol
  5. Have not been out in a few weeks. ANyone know where the thermocline is setting up out of Stoney area? Or even SR?
  6. Another quick observation on my divers. On setting 2 they were only going out maybe 10 ft. max from the boat. Is that normal? Seems they should have been a bit further from the boat. Wire rods, 1.8 Knots, 120 ft of line out. ANd yes it was set on the correct side/setting. Oh, I had two Deeper divers size 5. 124mm. Only two divers and two riggers we were using. Seemed a bit like they were getting a little too close to our riggers which we like at a slight angle off the corner of boat. Maybe next time run riggers straight out the back, IDK. But, I'd never get two divers off the same side of boat at this rate. WOuldn't happen. Should be able to set two divers off same side and the riggers off the back. I didn't want to use the size 4 divers, But if I used the #4s would I run them inside and the #5 outside? OR even a size 3 inside? Would that help get it further out? ( from boat that is ) And of course would have inside or closest diver maybe upright or good angle or do I want BOTH almost flat to the water?
  7. Not a big Lake Trout guy but we want to find Lakers off this area I call 'the bowl". We tried out to 80 FOW yesterday did not even mark a fish. Temps were 50F on bottom in 10 FOW. IDK if that is carrying out to 100? We do not have a probe, just 'poor mans pool therm on end of a rod ". LOL Don't laugh it works just to get you in the ballpark. We just decided to put the riggers on bottom with cowbells and two divers mid way up the column. We marked ZERO fish. In this area do we need to get out further and mark fish first? WIth no real way to know the temps down there other than sending the pool therm. down. Is the thermocline right now possibly non existent til we get out to over 100 fow? I thought for sure we'd see fish in 80. But that particular area of the lake? I am wondering where would you go from there? Twards the trench? OR towards the stack? That is a LONG way for us in a small 19' aluminum. Thanks.
  8. When you say get in the way, what setting would you run them on IF you were? I was thinking a 3 to get them further away as long as we are in relatively shallow water this time of year. 100-120fow. Our riggers are off to the corners and at an angle. I mean we could put them straight back. Still contemplating even bothering with the FF but with water so cold right now..
  9. Thanks for the info. I did get the point of higher mast height but just more concerned about the lines crossing or touching unless that front rod is high or even all of them for that matter. As short of a distance from the boat as we can get away with ( board ) is going to be highest angle so I guess we experiment. And yes indeed the inlines we can get a real nice spread with 3 per side.
  10. New or don't really do much Laker fishing. So we are gonna target them this week with the riggers. Question. With two riggers down, not sure yet if we will run two cowbwells with spinners or one might have just a spoon. Can I run two dipsys maybe out on setting 2, try to bounce bottom then pull a little line in? or very close to bottom and run a spoon or even a flasher/fly combo? ANyone ever have any success with that? Just trying to get a couple more rods out there near close to bottom. Or will the divers be sort of up and down too much not steady? I would think that might trigger a strike, IDK.
  11. I am a relative newbie to the Lake O. Ten years now trolling, but also make my own I sort of make some with my touch of the classic ATomik flys. The basic theme to me are almost always varius shades of green with some glow maybe, Bill Saiff has a great video on HIS own personal choices. You can basically pick up on that and go from there. I throw some black and purple in some of mine too. I think if you just search or see what everyone is using, you will get a good feel for some of the store bought and proven flys then go from there, offshoot your own, 'copy', and anythng in between. Hulk Fly, Mooneye, Glow/Chartreuse, Black/Chartreuse/Purple are some of Saiffs I have seen the colors. Casey P. ( Dirty goose SF ) will have good videos of what he used that day too. UV 190 41 Fly Stud Fly Mirage fly. BUt I've seen many flys with the marage color mixed in different patterns. SOme of the ones off top of my head. there are dozens and dozens.
  12. First, I am sorry this topic is probably beat to death, maybe someone steer me to a thread on this here I couldn't find it. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, I could be but it just does not make sense what my fishing buddy was doing. So, we have a small 19' aluminum and decided to try/install a mast with larger boards, since we have been using inline boards with good success for early season Browns ( three per side with minimal issues ). He wanted to try the mast system for various reasons not getting into right here. It was all set up and I could not go so by buddy took his wife to drive and sort of get the feel for seting things up more smoothly for next time. He sent me a pic and he had REVERSED pretty much the rod holders angles; so now the 'front' rod ( closest to Bow) was at a pretty severe angle and he said he had that rod going to the furthest out or closest to the board. Next rod back was higher angle, then last rod back was almost flat. This makes no sense whatsoever to me, I think he was just experimenting, getting the hang of it but I am surprised he did not have a tangled Cluster #@$ or shafed lines. TO ME, it should have been left exactly the same way we always have had it..... Closest rod towards the bow is almost straight up or close or whatever and this is your furthest rod out, the next back towards stern more of an angle and is middle , then 3rd rod almost flat is closest to boat, and a 4th is flat for flat line or dipsy closest to stern. This way, every rod can go "up and over" the next rod and allow to get your fish to the 'fighting zone' out back. Or I've even seen all rods fairly straight up or whatever. The other way makes no sense to me physically. IDK how it can be done really. And we should separate the rods a little more with the mast system? RIght now for inlines we have more a cluster maybe 8" apart. And I've read articles that higher is better for the mast, I get it. Dont' know if we will have any problems in that regard yet until we really get going on it, I think its 6 ft.
  13. I have a large dogsled touring business and use Ian Foster, he is in MI and says he does a lot of Charters. He saved me tons after my local ins. went up. Give him a shout, never know. Ian Foster - Mourer Foster Inc.
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