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  1. Is this a question or a comment? I don't see any places mentioned, breakfast spots near where?
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  3. Its gonna be EARLY this year. SOON as ice is out get out there. Selkirk Shores DEC campground has cabins or Port Lodge right in Port Ontario, you will have your choice of 3 launch sites. Depending on when DEC puts the docks in. Thanks for that. Had no idea. Was just trying to help someone out. I live not toofar from Selkirk. Port Lodge is right near Salmon River on Route 3, cheap and not too bad for the money. $70 rooms. A little drive to Oswego or Fair Haven however.
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    Any information who the speakers are? Topics? When speakers are giving presentations?
  5. Its gonna be EARLY this year. SOON as ice is out get out there. Selkirk Shores DEC campground has cabins or Port Lodge right in Port Ontario, you will have your choice of 3 launch sites. Depending on when DEC puts the docks in.
  6. Admin, not sure where to post this but I love this site, rather here and stay away from Facebook sites. Anyway, I'm looking to get on a boat in whatever you may need from Oswego to Henderson Harbor mainly. I'd travel a couple days a week further but this is where I have fished and live near Pulaski. I have 10 yrs experience fishing Ontario as hobby but have been with 3 captains to help out and learn as well as a buddy's boat in 2014 out of Sodus and past 5 years on a smaller boat for fun maybe twice a week, early browns all the way through November this year on all Salmonids. But just looking for a bit more professional mentorship and more time on the water. I am very familiar with all equipment and methods for fishing Salmonids, not so much Walley experience. I do have my own business and 100 acres and such that is run in Winter mostly and I am retired and 56 yrs. young. So I do need time at end of day most days to care for animals, mow the lawn, family, etc, and such. Of course I understand the nature of fishing and can stay out longer, etc, but even as a fill-in I'd be willing. Please message me if you are in need or know of someone possibly. I can message or call you with what I've done. Admin if you don't allow this type of thread by all means take it down or place it in correct thread, I couldn't really find any . IDK if people post this sort of thing.
  7. Interesting. Never really took that course in college. LOL Although I do have Limnology and all the aquatic biology, the whole wave thing I never got. LOL Thanks for the info.
  8. Its not Minus a foot EVER is it? LOL
  9. Yes, but its steady in the Mid 50's all the way down to 60+ or more I see too. On the Eastern Basin anyway.
  10. Lake Ontario - Mexico Bay to the Saint Lawrence River Marine Forecast :: MarineWeather.net Its all been accurate about 50% of the time this year. lol
  11. Have not been out in a few weeks. ANyone know where the thermocline is setting up out of Stoney area? Or even SR?
  12. Another quick observation on my divers. On setting 2 they were only going out maybe 10 ft. max from the boat. Is that normal? Seems they should have been a bit further from the boat. Wire rods, 1.8 Knots, 120 ft of line out. ANd yes it was set on the correct side/setting. Oh, I had two Deeper divers size 5. 124mm. Only two divers and two riggers we were using. Seemed a bit like they were getting a little too close to our riggers which we like at a slight angle off the corner of boat. Maybe next time run riggers straight out the back, IDK. But, I'd never get two divers off the same side of boat at this rate. WOuldn't happen. Should be able to set two divers off same side and the riggers off the back. I didn't want to use the size 4 divers, But if I used the #4s would I run them inside and the #5 outside? OR even a size 3 inside? Would that help get it further out? ( from boat that is ) And of course would have inside or closest diver maybe upright or good angle or do I want BOTH almost flat to the water?
  13. Not a big Lake Trout guy but we want to find Lakers off this area I call 'the bowl". We tried out to 80 FOW yesterday did not even mark a fish. Temps were 50F on bottom in 10 FOW. IDK if that is carrying out to 100? We do not have a probe, just 'poor mans pool therm on end of a rod ". LOL Don't laugh it works just to get you in the ballpark. We just decided to put the riggers on bottom with cowbells and two divers mid way up the column. We marked ZERO fish. In this area do we need to get out further and mark fish first? WIth no real way to know the temps down there other than sending the pool therm. down. Is the thermocline right now possibly non existent til we get out to over 100 fow? I thought for sure we'd see fish in 80. But that particular area of the lake? I am wondering where would you go from there? Twards the trench? OR towards the stack? That is a LONG way for us in a small 19' aluminum. Thanks.
  14. When you say get in the way, what setting would you run them on IF you were? I was thinking a 3 to get them further away as long as we are in relatively shallow water this time of year. 100-120fow. Our riggers are off to the corners and at an angle. I mean we could put them straight back. Still contemplating even bothering with the FF but with water so cold right now..
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