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  1. could you send pics to 315-575-6304. Thanks
  2. Dances with Fish


    Thanks guys
  3. Dances with Fish


    Looking for a qualified surveyor for a boat I'm looking at, The boat is in the Utica area, I'm in Syracuse area, so someone close to this location would be best. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. would like to learn more, could you text me your phone # to 315-575-6304
  5. I tried calling the phone # listed and get a recording from a lady from a clinic. Is the number posted correct/
  6. Dances with Fish

    Owasco Lake: Marina gas question

    you'll find Jack at the SS Marina a stand up guy, he has non ethanol gas. He can also help you with locating a cabin if you give him a call. Just leave a few fish for the rest of us.
  7. Dances with Fish

    Looking ofr Savage 410/22 Over under

    Looking for one of these, any thoughts on where to get one
  8. Very interested, let me know the best way to take a look
  9. Dances with Fish

    Mexico king

    Dave, you crack me up
  10. Please thank your son for his service to our country.
  11. Dances with Fish

    Salmon trolling

    Thanks for the video Dave, how do they get away with going back and forth on the boat holding the rod with slack and the fish stays hooked? Seems like I don't have the same luck;
  12. Dances with Fish

    Sold / Closed Tough situation

    Ron, tried to send a PM, can you confirm you received it?
  13. Dances with Fish

    Sold / Closed Tough situation

    Ron, could you send me pictures, may have a win/win situation for you. I have a 19' aluminum tracker with 120HP Johnson, center console, ete ( we can review details) that I'd be willing to trade with you and still give you most of what your asking. This will provide you the funds and allow you to keep fishing. Any interest in this or would you prefer to sell outright?
  14. Dances with Fish

    18 Mile Advice

    Thank you for the insight. I guess there are two 18 mile creeks. The one we would thinking of going is an Erie Trib, near Hamburg. I have had enough elbow to elbow fishing being on the SR this Sept-Oct. The trib looks nice and long with a catch and release zone. Have steelhead and browns made it up to the catch and release zone yet? Either way we will have new scenery.
  15. Morning Everyone, Thank you in advance for those that post. This website has been a huge asset for my father and I on Lady O for the past few years. During Fall and Winter I fish the Salmon river every weekend sometimes twice if I am allowed My buddy and I are going to stray off the SR this weekend and try 18 mile. Have never fished it before so we are going in blind. I was wondering if you had some advice on access points, parts of the river to try this time of year, it would be much appreciated. We fly fish and I am bringing the pin. Any different patterns that work better in the west would help not not asking anyone to share secret holes or fly patterns. Just a general sense of where to go. We aren't fans of crowds, well who is? So we do not mind walking. Thanks again for the advice!