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  1. How long are these, Interested, could you call me at 315-575-6304
  2. could you call me at 315-575-6304, thanks
  3. Thanks to all. Sounds like Hank is the one. Will call him shortly to get this started. Won't be long and we'll be out there.
  4. Thanks, would you have an address and phone# for Hank?
  5. Looking to put an auto pilot on my Lund Baron with Yamaha outboard. In doing some research there are many options and I prefer to use the advice of an expert to insure the system is done correctly. Any suggestions on who to contact to review options and also to install the unit.
  6. have used Fish Wish Taxidermy located outside of Pulaski. Maggie does a great job and has been in business for many years
  7. Would t you be interested in renting for a Friday through Sunday?
  8. looks to be a tooth of a squirrel, either red or gray.
  9. Enjoy his music but if you look at the life style of many of these stars, they don't exactly meet a high standard. Glad he wasn't my father. Eddie struggled with alcoholism and drug abuse. He began smoking and drinking at the age of 12, and he stated that he eventually needed alcohol to function.[69] Eddie entered rehabilitation in 2007,[70] and later shared in an interview that he had been sober since 2008.[69] Suffering from lingering injuries from past, high-risk, acrobatic stage performances and crashes, Eddie underwent hip replacement surgery in November 1999, after his chronic avascular necrosis, with which he was diagnosed in 1995, became unbearable.[71] Eddie began receiving treatment for tongue cancer in 2000. The subsequent surgery removed roughly a third of his tongue. He was declared cancer-free in 2002.[72] He blamed the tongue cancer on his habit of holding guitar picks in his mouth, stating in 2015: "I used metal picks – they're brass and copper – which I always held in my mouth, in the exact place where I got the tongue cancer. ... I mean, I was smoking and doing a lot of drugs and a lot of everything. But at the same time, my lungs are totally clear. This is just my own theory, but the doctors say it's possible."[73] In 2012, Eddie underwent an emergency surgery for a severe bout of diverticulitis.[74] Recovery time required due to the surgery led to postponement of Van Halen tour dates scheduled in Japan.[75] Eddie was later hospitalized in 2019 after battling throat cancer over the previous five years.[76] He died from the illness on October 6, 2020, at the age of 65.[77][78][79]
  10. we have found if you place a wet towel and wrap it around the antennae ( looks like a spring) on the boom it provides better continuity for the reading. Ussually needed when fishing deeper. Hope this works for you.
  11. The bird with the orange throat is a blackburnian warbler, not sure why it was trying to cross LO
  12. Regarding Owasco being clean, you should look at the DEC fishing guide and you'll see Owasco has high concentration of mercury and it has advisories to limit the amount of fish eaten for certain species. I've been told by a DEC official the mercury came from the fallout of the coal burning plants in the west.
  13. did anyone notice the lack of bait fish this year. Either we missed it or is it way down, Years past we'd see plenty but not much this year
  14. Looking for a secure place to leave my boat in the Oswego area from May to August. I trailer now and would like to store in the Oswego area to save on wear. With the equipment in the boat this would need to be secure and preferable in a locked area.
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