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  1. Porcupine problem

    Agree with some of the others, one of the two animals we had a kill on site order since I was a kid (the other was coyotes). Yes, you can kill them with a stick - have done it - a nice 2 inch stick and a sharp whack by the nose. Supposedly you can also eat them without cooking - saw one skinned, the meat was literally crawling with worms - would not consider that. We did reduce them with the loose salt far away from the camp ~ 50 yards, piled in an upside down hubcap in case it rained. Only true way is to hunt or trap them. Had a friend that wouldn't let us shoot them around the camp as he claimed they were good for the environment. One year they started on his camp and he went after them, trapped 22 within 100 yards of camp within a year. We just take our 22s for a walk a couple of times a year, does pretty well but will still get a couple in the middle of the night when they are chewing on the pressure treated steps. Relatives have had wiring harnesses on cars and tractors chewed up and one brake line. We now check all cars every morning prior to heading out for a drive and its a pain. Now is a good time to take the walk, before the leaves are full out, you can identify den areas for future walks. Good luck!
  2. Last time, make an offer or I'll just put them away until I can use them.
  3. Ocean City MD Charter wanted

    I've used Mark Sampson previously, once on the bay, once for sharks with the family. Not a high end fancy marlin type boat but class act and had lots of fun. He does trips to the wrecks and is the local shark guy (probably not the guy if you want marlin but a good guy to ask).
  4. Cabelas aquired by Bass Pro!

    Cabelas is calling it a merger. Here is the link to the Cabelas 'open letter':
  5. Thanks, I'll give it a shot. Situation has changed alot since last year, so I actually have two of these to go. Thanks.
  6. Okay, now we'll try it for the guys in the fall. Give it a day or two here then try another method. Thanks.
  7. Thanks Justin. It was a blast. That daughter is unreal, she shamed all the guys again on Wednesday, landing a 24 lb salmon. Thursday was lake trout after lake trout after lake trout. Lots of fun! Thank you.
  8. Well, what can I say, it was a disaster. One boat conked out at lunch on day 1 and the group decided to fish for walleye primarily. Not very successfully I might add. My fishing time was almost nil due to family issues so I didn't even get a chance. Thanks to Justtracytrolling and Andy Bliss for rescuing the week with 2 days on Otisco and 2 days on the Big O'.
  9. Wow, this is getting expensive quick! Any thoughts they might be feeding on the Gobys as well? We've caught goby off the dock when dunking worms, was wondering of some brown/craw colored would work as well. Thanks again for all the suggestions. Now trying to hide all the boxes of new gear from my wife!
  10. Thanks for the response. You are the second person that has mentioned them to me. Go figure I put in a big order for shallow runners, had to rush to get a bunch of Terminators in as well! Anyone need lots of shallow running cranks?
  11. Have a few guys coming up for our annual outing that due to me was moved south from Canada. We'll be spending a couple of days on the pond and I would like to target Pike for at least one of those days. (Week of July 10th) We are catch and release so won't be fishing it out. Figure targeting pike should allow for other species to be caught as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have access to a dealer for Rapalas and Smithwicks, so lots of F-9, F-11, J-9, J-11, BX minnows, HJ's, Cranking Raps, XRaps and Rogues. Will take Johnson's minnows and daredevls plus a couple of spinnerbaits and jigs with plastics. Should we include large minnows, worms, and/or leeches in the arsenal? Anything I'm missing? Figuring pulling over the weeds, along the edges, and other fishy looking spots near the 'deep' parts of the pond, outside of the boat traffic. Other suggestions? Any info would be appreciated. I've found lots of info on ice fishing the pond, not much on open water season. If you prefer to PM info, no problem. Thanks in advance.
  12. All - due to a variety of reasons (the biggest is a health issue in my family), we were forced to cancel our annual trip to the Gouin Reservoir and everyone will trek to CNY the second full week in July. We will be using my camp in Sandy Pond for a base, but may stay at our house in Marcellus if its close to the fishing. So I'm looking for ideas. We will be going out on Ontario for two days of charter fishing but need to fill up the rest of the week. Walleye is usually what we fish for so any ideas? Oneida I'm assuming they will be deep and mostly nocturnal or jigging by the buoys? Anything on Ontario that time of year? Otisco? We'd be happy to hire a guide or could use a pontoon boat and old Sea Nymph to try to get on fish. Any ideas appreciated, don't want to bust anyone's spots, so feel free to PM me. This would be a couple of days fishing with 4 to 6 of us and I'm the only one that lives in CNY so we won't be fishing out any spots either. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you. Edit - we are fishing 'sluts' and will fish for whatever is biting. Panfish, perch, trout (stream or lake), pretty much anything, so anything would be fun. I'll be ordering food for us, so we won't be keeping much if anything other than Salmon to eat. We like to leave places like we find them. Thanks again. Believe it or not, we are a group that would have no problem targeting Northerns for a day or two as well. Love the way they fight!
  13. All - One last time up, I'll drop the price to the floor that I will go Cleaned out the old gas from the tank, put in new, charged the battery, primed, one shot of starting fluid, fired right up. Love the old 2 cycles. Need this out of the driveway, have other things I need to do.