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  1. May not be the audience for these, but thought I would give it a shot. Do not know how I ended up with this overabundance, but there are way too many! First up, the Berkley Flicker Shads, these are size 5 and the discontinued "Pro Series". Have some of these up on an auction site but willing to sell them here for less. $4.50 each + shipping, buy 3 or more and I will cover the shipping. Have the following colors (see photos as well - All are model FFSH5M): Flashy Sunset Flashy Silver Flashy Ghost Flashy Pink Flashy Red Flashy Purple Candy Based on my quick notes, I have over 100 of these total, with at least 10 of all but the Purple Candy. Make an offer if you want to buy in bulk and re-paint or use or re-sell. Do not really care what you do with them, I want to move them on. Same goes for the Salmos. Have lots of the discontinued Sting size 6 Floating, believe also have some of the size 9 floating. These would be $4.25 each + shipping, buy 4 or more and shipping is free. Have the following colors: Gold Metallic Orange Hot Perch Green Tiger Grey Silver Clown Metallic Dace Silver Metallic Bleak Probably 100 or more of these total, at least 10 of each color. Make an offer if you want to buy in bulk and re-paint or use or re-sell. Do not really care what you do with them, I want to move them on. If you need photos, I can get some later tonight. Thanks for looking!
  2. I am cheap, lets get that out of the way. Have looked at a few low priced boats (aluminum 14-17 foot) for use on the Finger Lakes and Oneida. A few of them are very interesting to me from a value standpoint but the current owner does not have the transferable registration. Trailer paperwork is a hassle but can be obtained, but the sellers bought the boats, did not register them, and now cannot find the paperwork. In New York, how would I go about obtaining ownership papers to get it in my name? Do I need to got to the last owner DMV has record of? Will a bill of sale be enough? Could not find info on the DMV site and thought others here may have already gone through this. Thanks in advance.
  3. Let me know if you have interest in the 9" otherwise will move it to auction over the weekend. Thank you.
  4. SOLD! Thanks Prof T, very nice meeting you!
  5. Not planning to, I consider them a throw in with the motor as I have not used them and cannot guarantee their function.
  6. Believe so, yes. Has the anchor on the remote.
  7. Something else I purchased and will not use. $950/BO with electronics, foot pedal, and remote.
  8. The Eagle Ultra II is an older unit, black and white and looks as if it has never been used. The open baggie is there with 4 mounting screws! It works, Got the distance from my hand to the ground right! Comes with the case but I cannot seem to get it to fit properly and one 'latch' is missing. $75
  9. Bought these used from a board member who used them for a year. My intention was to mount them both on my tritoon. Well, sold the tritoon and put the units in a plastic storage container in my basement for about a year. Work as they should, all necessary accessories are there. Please see the photos, the first numbers of the name are the size of the unit in the picture. Let me know if there are other photos you would like to see. Helix 12 - $1400 12" is sold Helix 9 - $750 Will ship and payment can be discussed. If you want both, we can work something out. Don't like the price, feel free to PM an offer or? Thanks for looking.
  10. Make an offer on anything if you need it. The engine will just be scrapped otherwise. Trade for walleye planer boards, many things fishing related, try me. Thanks.
  11. Have a few parts off an Evinrude 115 VRO that I was told had a dead cylinder. Boat ran fine on muffs. Rebuildable, clean V4 block. One piece broke in the tear down, it is pictured. $100 picked up in Marcellus or potential delivery in the immediate area. VRO tank with associated hoses, top plate and at least one tie down - $40 picked up. Let me know if there are other parts you are looking for, I am saving most for the V4 I still have but try me. Also, a set of controls without power tilt for a late 80s V4 - $250 All prices are OBO. Also have an old fiberglass boat, 16' CC for sale <$1000. Message if you have any interest. Thanks for looking.
  12. Okay, so found a good deal on a center console boat but have no idea what it is or where to look for help on it. The registration MIC is BMH which is Bay Motors Ltd. and the year is listed as 1983. No luck with GoogleFu finding anything. The owner thought it was from the 70's and the local marina called it a McKee Craft. Any help or direction to look would be appreciated. I've attached a couple of photos and the "Lightning" is in the second photo. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks.
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