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  1. Sold another rod, found the price of shipping via USPS, so... Any 1 piece rod listed is $112.50 shipped in the contiguous states. Second rod is $95. If you want a few contact me and we can discuss lower prices. Thanks for looking.
  2. BTT - Risers sold to NymphO Feel free to make an offer on the riggers.
  3. Several questions and off line communications, will put it on here for all: $60 shipped for the risers alone. $200 for both riggers without risers picked up or + actual shipping $120 for one rigger without riser picked up or + actual shipping First confirmed "I'll take it" on any item(s).
  4. Thought these went with a donation pile a year or two ago but found them when looking for bases for someone. Bought used, stored in my garage since. 1 - 48" mast, 1-54" mast, told they were Captain's Pack. Will verify they still work. Also come with two extension bases ~7"?, no standard bases and no rod holder.. Just need them out, $275 or BO for both. Will ship on your dime or pick up in Marcellus area. If you want photos, let me know. Thanks for looking. Edit - Old photos attached - The riggers are on the left. Maybe one is 42" and the other 54"? Can measure.
  5. One time reduction to $95 each picked up. Will start posting on other sites this weekend. Thanks.
  6. Sorry, these are the only rods to go. I am in Marcellus, not far from Otisco.
  7. Long story short, family health issues have kept me from hunting and fishing as I would like so I have turned to 'internet hunting and fishing'; buying way too much stuff. I am not a St. Croix dealer, just like their stuff and went way overboard. All are brand new in the packaging, all are one piece, only have one of each unless noted. $105 each picked up, will have to look into shipping (have the tubes, need to check on price) Mojo Inshore Spinning - 7' medium heavy, fast, MIS70MHF (have 5) Mojo Bass Casting - 6'8" medium heavy, fast - MJC68MHF Mojo Bass Casting - 6'8" medium, extra fast - MJC68MXF Will combine, discount, etc., any offers please keep to PM. Not looking for trades, this is the tip of the iceberg. Thank you.
  8. Wow, thanks for posting this. Great deal on the line, even got some alive crawlers for 'eyes. Thank you!
  9. Agree with some of the others, one of the two animals we had a kill on site order since I was a kid (the other was coyotes). Yes, you can kill them with a stick - have done it - a nice 2 inch stick and a sharp whack by the nose. Supposedly you can also eat them without cooking - saw one skinned, the meat was literally crawling with worms - would not consider that. We did reduce them with the loose salt far away from the camp ~ 50 yards, piled in an upside down hubcap in case it rained. Only true way is to hunt or trap them. Had a friend that wouldn't let us shoot them around the camp as he claimed they were good for the environment. One year they started on his camp and he went after them, trapped 22 within 100 yards of camp within a year. We just take our 22s for a walk a couple of times a year, does pretty well but will still get a couple in the middle of the night when they are chewing on the pressure treated steps. Relatives have had wiring harnesses on cars and tractors chewed up and one brake line. We now check all cars every morning prior to heading out for a drive and its a pain. Now is a good time to take the walk, before the leaves are full out, you can identify den areas for future walks. Good luck!
  10. I've used Mark Sampson previously, once on the bay, once for sharks with the family. Not a high end fancy marlin type boat but class act and had lots of fun. He does trips to the wrecks and is the local shark guy (probably not the guy if you want marlin but a good guy to ask). http://bigsharks.com/
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