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    Please PM your payment details. I'll buy the lot.
  2. Interested if still available. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Rez license is $50, but I wouldn't waste my time. It's only good from Dec 31 to Dec 31 and the water is way way way too low to fish the Rez water or NY state water. Actually, you'll probably have to launch outta Wolf Run, which is deep into the PA side. Do not take your boat into NY water or Rez water...the water's so low and there's so many relics from the past, you're almost certain to hit something.
  4. I fished Kinzua a ton this year. Its the closest boat-body of water to me. Smallies were great early on to mid summer...walleye never seemed to turn on (for me). I've gotten a fair amount of smaller ones, along with a few legal ones. There's a ton of small Northerns in there...and I've seen a monster a time or two, but in the reservoir I've only seen one Musky this year. Id go to Chautauqua. They've had a banner year for walleye and the musky fishing there is much better.