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  1. After looking over the LOTSA tournament weights for the 3 tournaments, wow what a weekend of big fish! The fishing and class of fish we had for the tournament on the western end of the lake was fantastic! Our tournament once again hit 40 boats which is great! This tournament is possible by all of the great LOTSA members that participate and support the club in the raffle and 50/50. I want to throw a huge shout out to all our sponsors that donated product and supported the club.Thank you! Without the sponsors this tournament would be extremely hard to keep running to the quality or affordability that we currently have. Please support these guys as much as possible!! Dreamweaver, Bootleggers Cove Marina, Chinook Divers, Ito Flies, Greater Niagara Fishing Expo, Traxtech, Instigator Sportfishing, Town of Newfane Marina, Lake Ontario United, Wolverine Tackle, A-Tom-Mik, Nick's Sporting Goods, Muzzelhead Tackle, Torpedo Divers, Anglers Avenue, FishUSA, Bay Rat Lures, Pro Troll, Cisco, Fish Thief, Magnum Metals, Addya Hooks, Finn Tackle, Len Thompson, Old Fort Niagara, Milwaukee, Lazy Larry Beads, The Boat Doctors and N&D Cut Bait
  2. Hello Again LOTSA Members, It is that time of year again for two of the best tournaments on Lake Ontario hosted by LOTSA. We are a little less than two weeks away and wanted to send a reminder to sign up and some other details around the events. Friday July 19th is the free tournament, the 9thannual Curt Meddaugh Memorial. How can you beat a free tournament that pays back 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The tournament format is a 3 fish box. We will also be doing a hot dog roast at the weigh in that will be held at the Olcott Marina On Friday we have the food bank coming to take the fish that are caught and we still need some volunteers helping filet fish, bagging fish and some other tasks that are not much effort. If you are willing to donate a little of your time please contact Matt Dunn by phone so he can add you to the list. # 716- 531-1153. The food bank has been extremely grateful every year and the salmon goes extremely fast. Saturday July 20th will be 16th annual LOTSA tournament and family picnic. Please sign up as soon as possible which will help us get a head count on food. Again One Eyed Jacks BBQ in Lockport will be catering. The tournament is sixty dollars per boat which includes the free picnic after to all fishing and family to attend. The tournament style is your one big fish. You also have the option to enter the 323 tournament which is your best fish 3 fish over 2 days. There is a little strategy involved with this because you have to decide how many fish you want to weigh in the first day and roll the dice for day two. Please see the site for full details. Last year we had over 40 boats enter the tournament which was great to see the growth and participation within the club. It would be great to break the 50 boat mark this year so please consider fishing and spreading the word. This is a great low cost fun tournament with a hot dog roast on Friday and catered BBQ on Saturday for you and your family. We had thousands of dollars in tackle and other prizes donated for our raffle to raise money for the club and our pen project that we will be doing during the picnic as well, please consider buying raffle tickets during the picnic. Please visit www.LOTSA1.org to sign up for Friday and Saturday tournament. Along with the 323 if you would like to enter a chance to win a little more cash and fish a format with a neat strategy behind it. REMINDER: When registering please enter a phone number that can receive text messages, this is how we will communicate any updates or weather delays the days of the event.
  3. I'm selling a case of oil that are in pint containers. (12 pints) I have multiple cases. $20 a case.
  4. LOTSA TOURNAMENT! It's getting to be that time of year to get signed up for the LOTSA Salmon Tournament on July 20th. Also do some pre fishing on Friday for the Curt memorial tournament. I guarantee you won't find a better tournament that gives you the biggest bang for your buck!!! https://lotsa1.org/
  5. LOTSA TOURNAMENT! It's getting to be that time of year to get signed up for the LOTSA Salmon Tournament on July 20th. Also do some pre fishing on Friday for the Curt memorial tournament. I guarantee you won't find a better tournament that gives you the biggest bang for your buck!!! https://lotsa1.org/
  6. Our team in the am division worked the waters in front of Olcott. Day one we worked the 300-400 fow with a great bite. We had a lot of small fish early and then bigger ones came later in the day. Most bites coming deep on meat and spoons. After day one we ended to in 2nd place down 7 pounds. Day 2 went back in the same area where the bigger fish came from on day 1. Day 2, another hot and heavy bite early and then it was a grind. The water moved all day and had to chase a temp that the fish seemed they wanted to be in. The bite changed and it was some deep meat and a lot of high spoon bites. We had a good box with one over 20# but needed that one kicker fish to get rid of the smaller King in our box. That fish came at the end of the day on a deep rig meat. That fish upgraded our box by 3 pounds and secured our first pro/am am division win. Meat can definitely can help on certain days and this weekend proved it for us. We have been running N&D bait from Karen at The Boat Doctors in Olcott for several years and it definitely has helped us out! Thanks Karen for turning us on to this bait which helped us get this win! It was really special since our team consisted of two father/son combo's!
  7. This is a service manual is for Cusader 1980-1992 and is a black and white copy. Some pictures are tough to see but most are clear. A lot of great information in this manual. $30 for the manual.
  8. I'm looking for Dimpled Pirate Mag spoons. PM me if you have some that you would like to sell. Thanks
  9. A lot of 6 divers. Of the 6 divers 5 of them are used dipsey divers and the white diver is a brand new torpedo diver. They are all size 1. Pick up in Newfane/Wilson area or ship at the buyers expense. Whole lot is $40.
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