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  1. Hi Guys, Can anyone here offer insight as to why some manufactures put split rings on their spoons and others don't? I imagine those with split rings give a different/great action. Does anyone have guidelines on when to use a split ring or when to consider not to? Thanks!
  2. I run a ton of leadcore on Erie for walleyes off of inline Church boards. It's a killer presentation. I run 30' or so foot of backer after the leadcore before attaching the board. It's been my experience that this produces more consistent target depths and helps allow the 'natural' action of leadcore. Running no backer from the board seems to keep the leadcore line a little tighter, causing it to run slightly higher with less action. But, results will probably vary.
  3. How much for the penn 320?
  4. Id recommend booking a charter. They're not too much, compared to Great Lakes charters. Mike Sperry at Chautauqua Reel Outdoors or Todd Young from Muddy Creek Guides are two of the more popular guides. This time of year can be fast and furious, but you need to know the lake to have much of a chance at success. Like many natural lakes, there's a lot of features and relatively small areas that hold most of the fish. A guide is money well spent, especially so for your first trip.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I'm going to hold off at that price. Thanks!
  6. Does this drop into a pedestal base? Willing to ship? Price?
  7. Got the same unit. Really like it, except for there not being a screen that shows map, speed and sonar at the same time.
  8. FWIW A few weeks ago, I shipped 1 of the exact same ones across 1/2 way across NY state....wasn't cheap at $35.00 for one down rigger!
  9. https://www.jannsnetcraft.com/ probably has a butt end that'd work.
  10. Hi Magnum,


    4 is more than I really need, since I already have 2 installed.  Would you sell just two?  Plates?  Shipping would be to 14141 (just south of Buffalo, NY).



      Hello, I can split them up. I would need $175.00 and that covers shipping and P.P. fees. I will include the mounting plates. If you want to move forward send payment to [email protected] then send back your shipping info. Thanks Keith

  11. Thanks for responding so quickly, but I'm looking for aluminum ones.
  12. I might be interested in those cannons. Aluminum or plastic?
  13. Have you looked at Brocraft? I have a pair on my targa. They do gouge up the paint a little and don't sit perfectly level, but once cranked down, they're pretty secure. Cisco makes some nice ones too.
  14. How much for the Scottys or Big Jon Riggers?
  15. Works fine. $20, local pick up in Springville, NY or anywhere in the Lake Chautauqua area. Shipping available at buyers expense.
  16. A little dirty, but will clean up fine. Gaskets and fuel stem replaced last year. No rust in bottom. Was stored with w/ a small amount of 2 stroke mixed gas to prevent rust from forming while in storage. Local pick up in Springville, NY or anywhere in the Lake Chautauqua area
  17. Solid built 13" Pedestal with a swivel base. Little surface rust on the base, but sprayed it down with WD-40 and it mostly came off. $35, $25 pick up in Springville or anywhere in the Lake Chautauqua area.
  18. These should be compatible with most track systems. Base on one holder is bent a little, but welds are all still solid...could be straightened out with a big vise. $40 $30 for the pair, shipping included.
  19. Replacement aluminum skeg, fits many application, $20. Pick up in Springville or in the Chautauqua Lake area. Shipping available at buyers cost.
  20. Good working condition, with several new parts installed, fresh 250 lb test braided line (one trip ran on it) too. Includes Penn Swivel base and it's already wired for a quick connect. New Price - $125. $100. Available for pick up in Springville, NY but I'm also in the Chautauqua Lake area nearly every day. Shipping available at buyers cost.
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