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  1. If you have one that you would like to part with please pm me. Thanks!
  2. Best Bet March 10-11

    The Niagara might be a good bet.
  3. Fishing eggs in our streams and rivers

    Eatsleeptrout, I have to agree with you. Last year a friend asked me to keep a few brown trout for his grandfather, I kept females, used their eggs and gave the fish away. His grandfather enjoyed the fish!
  4. Lost my son, friend, and fishing buddie

    Sorry to hear about your son. It sounds like you made some wonderful memories. If you decide to do a derby in the future please let all of us know!
  5. 2015 LOTSA Salmon School and Expo/Marketplace

    Has there been any discussion about having the marketplace both Saturday and Sunday?
  6. warrior spoons

    Flutter spoons. I think it's black pickle, psycho perch, silver backs. Golden goby,and chicken wing copper backs. Might be a little off on the names.
  7. warrior spoons

    Warrior spoons have been great on Lake Erie for walleye.
  8. New Wilson tackle shop.

    Great selection of spoons. There is a big vinyl sign on the north side of the building, facing the lake.
  9. New Wilson tackle shop.

    I believe Dan Colville is opening a shop in Wilson. I think it is located right in the harbor. His shop in Hamburg is called Colville Outfitters, 716-572-9268, I'm not sure of the name of the shop in the harbor or when it will be opening. I've been down to his shop (Hamburg) a few times and have been extremely happy. Great shop and a nice guy.
  10. Bilge Pumps

    Not a bad idea to rig a spare with 10 - 15' wires and stash it somewhere.
  11. Wilson to St Catherines

    If you are not touching land I don't think you need a passport or enhanced license. When we fish the Niagara River we just call in, give the registration number and the names and ages of all on board. In return they give you a number that you need to keep. I have never been boarded after calling.
  12. Anyone up for a drink after the show? There is a bar called Legends right around the corner.
  13. Big Jon Otter Boat

    129 each or for the pair?
  14. BOATS BOATS BOATS! need help
  15. Got off the lake around 7. Lake was building and still blowing strong. Marked very few fish this evening and after a few hours called it quits. I'd probably stay home if I were you. Doesn't look much better for tomorrow either. Don't know what you are fishing out of but will probably be a pretty bumpy ride.