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  1. Congrats and thank you for your service!
  2. I’ve never done this but I’m going to try it this year, put the trailer up on Jack stands and cover the posts in two sided tape or glue traps! My fear is they might just climb over their stuck friends.
  3. https://ijc.org/en/loslrb/international-lake-ontario-st-lawrence-river-board-plans-assist-boat-haul-out-lake-st-0 I just saw this, no impact on the rest of the lake
  4. Are you keeping the boat on that lake or primarily fishing someplace else?
  5. Leaving the unit on and driving it on the trailer? I know where we launch, we load the boat on and then drive 1/4 mile to unload everything and secure the boat. Numerous times I left electronics on for that ride. It would probably be right around those speeds too.
  6. I just saw this and know that a few guys have been looking. I know nothing about it. https://buffalo.craigslist.org/boa/d/alden-boat-fisherman-starcraft/7507854309.html
  7. Does he have stream gear?
  8. If you lift the out drive up you should be able to see if it is properly aligned might need a mirror.
  9. Did you put it in forward to remove it?
  10. Ball ache.com Who will be brave enough to click that???
  11. I drive past a bean field daily on the way to work. Over the last ten years I would see deer almost daily during the fall. Let’s say three days a week. This year I only saw a dozen deer in the field all year. Oddly, I saw more deer in my backyard this year then I have since we moved in. Lots of oak and hickory behind the house.
  12. Did you get the rods and reels already? I have 2 wire roller rods and two rigger rods that I might be selling soon
  13. That second one looks like it should be on the cover of a magazine
  14. I’m not sure but you might want to check. I thought I was told they the blade can’t go past the tip of the arrow. I know that the regs say barbed. I just wouldn’t want to get fined on it
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