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  1. Sonnys in Port Ontario also carries this
  2. Morgan-E, are you saying the monthly meetings for ELOSTA has been changed? I was wondering if there is a meeting this month.
  3. interested in looking at the a few of these items. Can you call me at three one five five seven five six three 0 foiur
  4. Regarding this subject, any suggestions on a company or person that is located on the east end that replaces flooring. Instead of trying this myself I'd rather a reputable company install it.
  5. This is a true story I thought many would be interested in hearing. My daughter in law's grandfather just passed away at the age of 97. Either in his 20's or 30's he and a friend canoed on summer around Lake Ontario. Not sure how long it took him as I didn't get the chance to ask him about it. I think this is simply amazing.
  6. I have a 19" tracker, needs some work, I can explain best over the phone, 315-575-6304
  7. I meant to say, and I read that the alewife eat bloater when small, not bloater eating alewife. Again all the best with the program, I'm sure with persistence their will be success.
  8. Thanks for making us aware of this, we saw this last week and wondered what was going on. Thought maybe it was part of a sail boat race at the time. Great to see the effort to bring the bloater back. Is the main concern now tremendous pressure they will receive with the large number of salmon preying on them and I read that alewife also prey on them. They live in the depths and temperatures that appear to be about the same as chinook salmon.
  9. Any hints on trolling for suspended fish that seem to be around the 80 foot depth in the middle of the lake. They either appear to be inactive or our presentations are not of interest. "Thanks in advance
  10. good to see so many of the younger generation there. Good for the parents to get them involved.
  11. I heard the algae is still pretty thick there making for tougher fishing
  12. We use Maggie at Fish Wish Taxidermy located east of Pulaski off Route 104. She's one of the best and has been in business many years. 315-298-4588 is her #
  13. you will find many of the browns have lampreys attached, I'd say 50% of the browns caught this year have lampreys. Some have 2 or 3 attahced. It seems the lamprey treatments were cancelled during a few years of covid and we are now seeing the results. They are all in the 6-8 inch length and we'll see what the future will bring as they spread into the system.
  14. Thanks for sharing. I have an oak which is almost twice the size of the one shown above. It's location saved it from logging years ago, being next to the neighbors border and down a very steep hill Often wonder how old the tree is and it won't be cut as long as we own the property.
  15. I will have a trailer available around the end of March first part of April. It is currently on my Lund baron and I'm purchasing a new trailer as soon as the weather allows it to be transported. Its an Eagle and all lights, brakes ete work, Brand new tires were put on it last Spring. Located just south of Manlius, NY.
  16. Looking at purchasing a Load-Rite Trailer. Any reviews pro or con on this type trailer. It's galvanized steel with wood bunks/carpeted, torsion axles. Thanks for any responses.
  17. Looking for someone that could replace the flooring in a Lund Baron around the Syracuse area. If possible would like the person to repair as it sits in storage in my barn. If this isn't possible then at a remote location.
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