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  1. 2001 Mercury 125EXLPTO 2 stroke carbeurated oil-injected outboard. Rock solid, strong motor that fires right up and never gives me any trouble. All maintenance done every year and has never seen salt water. 4 cylinder motor that uses the 2+2 system where it runs on 2 cylinders at low rpm so it trolls very well down to 2.0mph I have a 4 stroke kicker, so actually put very few hours on this motor in the 5 years I've owned it. Not sure of overall hours, but had a thorough inspection when I bought it and have treated it right. On the boat so you can see and hear it run. Also have video of it running taken today that I can share if interested. $3,000. Cayuga Lake, Myers Point. You can reach me at Six Zero Seven Seven Nine Three Seven Three One Seven.
  2. EarlyRiser

    Cayuga out of myers. 6/27/18

    Sounds like a fun day! Worth getting wet...
  3. EarlyRiser

    Cayuga Cayuga 6-15

    Bows are making a nice comeback on Cayuga. Hopefully we're putting some back to fight another day so it keeps improving...
  4. EarlyRiser

    2001 Trophy 1803 for sale

    Nice setup! I did a double take because I have the exact same setup right down to the remote troll in the 21' version of the 2001 Trophy. Steering from anywhere in the boat comes in handy! Good luck with the sale.
  5. EarlyRiser

    Cayuga 6/10

    This was our best of the weekend @ 11lbs.
  6. EarlyRiser

    Cayuga 6/10

    Nice fish!
  7. EarlyRiser

    Cayuga 6/10

    Our 8 color did really well this weekend, too.
  8. EarlyRiser

    for sale : usa sold

    You have a PM.
  9. EarlyRiser

    6 hp kicker for 18.5 tracker Targa

    Definitely fine.
  10. EarlyRiser

    6 hp kicker for 18.5 tracker Targa

    bought my Tohatsu kicker from marina in Delaware that sells through Ebay and had a great experience. No sales tax and free shipping: http://stores.ebay.com/Shorts-Marine/_i.html?_fsub=10043981012
  11. Hi Guys. I am already looking forward to spring and summer fishing on Cayuga. Does anybody have dates for this year's tournaments so I can block my calendar? I do see that the Salvation Army indicates their tournament will be July 13-14 (which is actually a Friday/Saturday, so I'm assuming they mean the 14th and 15th). How about the Barney Baldwin Memorial tourney or the Cayuga LOU All? Thanks. Stay safe if you're heading out on the ice! Kyle
  12. EarlyRiser

    2015 Tohatsu 9.8 4-Stroke

    Mine pushes my 21 ft Trophy walkaround about 5-6 mph with a full load. Great motor.
  13. EarlyRiser

    Cayuga HABs

    Have not been down there during the week this week, but that's what Cayuga looked like near Myers on Sunday afternoon. It was also across from Myers south of Tgk, but got better north of Tgk.
  14. EarlyRiser

    Swim Platform

    No problem. I went with the other side and used a fixed mount that allows for wireless steering using a key fob. It's awesome to not be tied to the steering wheel all the time. http://remotetroll.com/transom-mount/
  15. EarlyRiser

    Swim Platform

    I wouldn't. I have the same boat and my swim ladder platform is cracked. Ordered what appeared to be a perfectly good used one to replace it from EBay and it has the exact same crack.