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  1. I bought a 9.8 Tohatsu from Shorts marine in Delaware through Ebay a few years back and I've been very happy with it, plus the deal was clean and easy. Here is something like what you might be looking at -- I am a believer in the extra long shaft to keep the prop in the water even in the biggest waves. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2017-Tohatsu-9-8Hp-Electric-Start-4-S-Outboard-Motor-Tiller-25-Shaft-Power-Trim-/311748159125?hash=item4895a36695:g:QrsAAOSw-0xYOFA~&vxp=mtr
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  4. Yep. Had bait and fish that wouldn't bite on the East side and then a whole lot of nothing over on the west side. Only managed 3 fish in 4.5 hours, got rained on a couple times, and had some big waves to deal with sometimes, too. Worst outing of the year so far.
  5. Slow day for us on Saturday. Some of our best spots all summer were suddenly completely empty -- very few fish or bait marked. Maybe it was a fluke or maybe things are changing over to the fall patterns even though the surface temps were still 76-77. There was a front coming through and that always makes it a bit unpredictable...
  6. bump. don't need these laying around
  7. Exactly. I am glad I decided to go with the XL shaft instead of the Long.
  8. I have the Trophy 2102 and my 9.8 Tohatsu with the XL shaft has plenty of power to push me at trolling speeds with little effort and could push me about 5mph in an emergency. You would be fine with an 8hp, but may want to purchase the XL shaft because of the deep hull and positioning of where you can mount the motor.
  9. I had to replace my steering system this spring because my cable seized up. Wound up learning a few lessons and having some new and used items left over at the end of the project. No feedback back mount rack helm -- new, but no box -- $75 (I wanted to use this type of helm, but just didn't have enough room behind the dash (it is a little bit bigger than the standard helm) and had purchased it as a kit with the cables.) http://www.wholesalemarine.com/teleflex-sh5230p-back-mount-rack-no-feedback-helm.html?gclid=CjwKEAjwz4u9BRCbioK3stnBznESJADA75xbw7r2uGdi8_0xLDeGbUF1tbEgkhM1GyD5vqlJlPsOCBoCpiPw_wcB Back mount rack helm -- used, but still works perfectly $20 (only the cable was broken, but I purchased the full kit anyway) http://www.wholesalemarine.com/teleflex-sh5210p-back-mount-rack-helm.html?gclid=CjwKEAjwz4u9BRCbioK3stnBznESJADA75xbt3FZbq0ZA5UShyMOCcHKk1TvsGzTJTY8wy2yG33QNhoCAPfw_wcB Located in Lansing/Ithaca area. Will ship at buyer's cost if needed. Thanks. Kyle
  10. The wife does the Cayuga Triathlon every year and believe me you don't want to go anywhere near Tgk on Sunday between 6am and Noon. The swim typically happens off the south edge of the point, so you also can't fish that bay south of the point until probably 11am. I don't know of any reason why Myers would be bad on Sunday except for the forecast calling for stiff winds out of the NW. Kyle
  11. Lansing/Myers Point.
  12. Have a Cabela's Advanced Angler 38 inch drift sock for sale. Only used it a couple times and it's like new in the original box. $25 cash. Pickup near Ithaca or ship at actual cost based on location -- probably around $7. Send me a PM
  13. Cayuga

    Looks like a great day! We had some pretty solid action on Sunday, too. Stayed strictly north of Myers and fished both sides. Fleas starting to become an issue -- switching my rigger rods over to heavy line before the next trip. Water temps at the surface were 67-70 degrees.
  14. Blue too Blue pearl