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  1. Water still too cold for fleas. Yesterday we fished about a 10 mile stretch of Cayuga and surface temps were always 55-57 degrees.
  2. That's a great insert for bait and tackle over the motor-well. Did you build that or buy it somewhere? I own the same boat and that could be pretty handy to have... Also, good luck with the sale, of course!
  3. Not much action inside of 100ft in that stretch this weekend. Stay 100-150 and check lines often for dink salmon.
  4. $50 for both -- I know it's fall, but these are two great batteries that you would pay $160 for if you wait until spring... Send me a pm
  5. Installed a bigger motor this summer and needed more cranking apps, so selling my nearly new Die Hard 550CCA group 24 starting batteries. Great batteries freshly charged, stored inside for their only winter, $35 each or $65 for the pair. Send me a PM if interested. Located in Lansing near Myers Pt.
  6. I have no idea what leases go for in that area because we've owned our hunting land in Rushford forever, but that's a great area for hunting. Quality and quantity of bucks with plenty of farmland around to help them fatten up.
  7. A couple questions -- What type of take-off and speed do you get out of it with that V8? Does it get up and go quickly from a standing start? I would need it to be a fishing and family fun boat that could be used for occasional water sports like tubing or wake-boarding... Any pictures of the seating in the cockpit? Thanks.
  8. Trying to clean up the garage a bit and have a few fishing/boating items that I'm happy to provide to a fellow LOU member at no cost if you can get some use out of them. May post a couple pictures soon, but here is what I have: - Heavy Duty Boat Trailer Winch - Some rust, but still works quite well if you put a new strap or cable on it. The cable snapped and I just decided to put a whole new winch/strap combo on my trailer. - Trailer Hitch with 2" Ball. Again, has some rust, but works perfectly fine and even has a locking pin that I think I have a key for someplace. - Cheap plastic bait bucket. Not broken or anything, it's just that I have a better one I use like once a year and don't need more than one taking up space. - Aluminum(?) grab rails for a boat swim ladder/platform. - white boat bumper/fender Won't ship these, but can meet somebody at a spot in Lansing to provide any/all of these items to a good home. Kyle
  9. 2001 Mercury 125EXLPTO 2 stroke carbeurated oil-injected outboard. Rock solid, strong motor that fires right up and never gives me any trouble. All maintenance done every year and has never seen salt water. 4 cylinder motor that uses the 2+2 system where it runs on 2 cylinders at low rpm so it trolls very well down to 2.0mph I have a 4 stroke kicker, so actually put very few hours on this motor in the 5 years I've owned it. Not sure of overall hours, but had a thorough inspection when I bought it and have treated it right. On the boat so you can see and hear it run. Also have video of it running taken today that I can share if interested. $3,000. Cayuga Lake, Myers Point. You can reach me at Six Zero Seven Seven Nine Three Seven Three One Seven.
  10. Sounds like a fun day! Worth getting wet...
  11. Bows are making a nice comeback on Cayuga. Hopefully we're putting some back to fight another day so it keeps improving...
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