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  1. Box of parts is sold. Downrigger Cover and pieces of boom still available...
  2. Pair of Walker electric downriggers in great shape. Both heavy duty, cleaned up, and tested. 1 is a Strike Vision version with underwater camera probe, monitor, 2 rod holders, swivel base, cover, and 4 ft boom. The second is a Tournament Series with auto-stop, single rod holder, fixed base, cover, original box, and 3 ft boom. Send me a pm.
  3. sent you an email earlier when you shared that before switching to phone
  4. Yep. Still available. Where you located? Send me a private message or give me your number and I'll give you a call.
  5. Thanks. Yeah they're definitely tough, simple riggers that reliably get the job done and are pretty easy to maintain and repair. Bert's custom tackle still sells their parts and some riggers. I've run Walker electrics for about 15 years now and would still be running them this year except I'm switching over to manuals that I transport back and forth on our new boat. It seems my wife, daughter, and non-fishing friends didn't like having downriggers and rod holders in their way all the time when we would go pleasure-boating : )
  6. yeah, the auto-stop feature has a silver metal plate with magnets and wires on it mounted right under the cable at the front edge of the rigger body that serves as the sensor and then magnets are clamped onto the cable in the appropriate position where it signals the drive motor to shut off when those magnets reach the sensor. I've never seen the kit for the auto stop sold separately to know if and how hard it would be to add to a rigger without it
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