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  1. I wouldn't know about modifying but when I was looking to repower a couple years ago and needed an XL shaft (25") I felt like I kept seeing motors geared toward bass boats that were 20" shafts. I say keep looking. I went with a remanufactured motor from Blackbird Industries in Western PA and it's working out well for me. Good luck with it.
  2. While not exactly an autopilot, my kicker is mounted on a Remotetroll mount that allows me to steer the boat with a little key fob attached to my wrist: http://remotetroll.com/ I've used it for like 7 years now and it's very handy so you don't have to be at the helm.
  3. Got word from a friend who works for an environmental group in the Finger Lakes. It's positively Cargill doing mapping and other exploration of the bottom in preparation for their new tunnels expanding northward under the lake It will apparently be happening through the end of August between Ithaca and Long Point. Group is trying to fight it with DEC out of concern for the loud noises in the water and possible impacts on the fish/wildlife.
  4. It was docked at Finger Lakes Marine Service at Myers Pt. this weekend. Saw it out working middle of the lake south to north both Saturday and Sunday.
  5. EarlyRiser

    for sale : usa Trophy pro 2002 wa

    2002 is the model number for the outboard version of this boat and 2052 is the model number for the I/O version of this boat. Looks like a model 2002 built in 2006.
  6. I'll take 8 of each in the 15lb fluoro please. Sending a pm.
  7. Yes, I know, just figured I would ask in case the option ever opens up and there is enough interest to explore the possibility of Dean's or Taughannock. We do have the "home court" advantage at Myers most of the time. Good luck to everyone this weekend.
  8. Any possibility of having a weigh-in option at or near a marina in the future? I planned to enter, but took a look at location of the club for weigh-in and changed my mind. I live in Lansing and keep my boat docked at Myers Pt. We would have to quit fishing by around 1:00 to get docked, packed up, and drive 45 minutes to the weigh in to make it there before 3. The option to boat up to weigh-in would be awesome. Either way, good luck to all who've entered and I hope lots of money is raised for this good cause.
  9. I've fished or at least boated on the southern half of Cayuga nearly every summer weekend of the last 10 years. Yesterday (Sunday) and two weeks ago were the craziest "glowing green slime" color that I've ever seen out there. Bright sun, strong winds out of the north or south, and temps of 79-80 degrees at the surface were the common traits of the two occasions I witnessed it. I was at Taughannock yesterday and the water color was fine in the morning, then it took on that bright green color once sun got high in the sky and the north wind really got rolling in the late morning/early afternoon. Water clarity didn't seem to be as low as I've seen it some days, but wow, that glowing green color makes it look like toxic waste. It's related to the bright sun and the algae and it hasn't been concentrated enough to close the beaches either day, but still pretty freaky looking.
  10. Water still too cold for fleas. Yesterday we fished about a 10 mile stretch of Cayuga and surface temps were always 55-57 degrees.
  11. That's a great insert for bait and tackle over the motor-well. Did you build that or buy it somewhere? I own the same boat and that could be pretty handy to have... Also, good luck with the sale, of course!
  12. Not much action inside of 100ft in that stretch this weekend. Stay 100-150 and check lines often for dink salmon.
  13. $50 for both -- I know it's fall, but these are two great batteries that you would pay $160 for if you wait until spring... Send me a pm
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