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  1. Mine pushes my 21 ft Trophy walkaround about 5-6 mph with a full load. Great motor.
  2. Cayuga

    Have not been down there during the week this week, but that's what Cayuga looked like near Myers on Sunday afternoon. It was also across from Myers south of Tgk, but got better north of Tgk.
  3. No problem. I went with the other side and used a fixed mount that allows for wireless steering using a key fob. It's awesome to not be tied to the steering wheel all the time. http://remotetroll.com/transom-mount/
  4. I wouldn't. I have the same boat and my swim ladder platform is cracked. Ordered what appeared to be a perfectly good used one to replace it from EBay and it has the exact same crack.
  5. Yep. I was going to fish tonight and figured it would be pretty bad. It rained hard and all the creeks in southern half of the lake were raging...
  6. Cayuga is in bad shape right now. Water clarity is very limited in many spots and storms that just rolled through won't help.
  7. Cayuga

    Nice catch! We caught a big salmon at about 7:30 and then never moved another rod.
  8. Cayuga

    Just returned from a morning trip out there. The debris is everywhere including some giant logs. Fish are scattered and negative...
  9. Cayuga

    Congrats to all the winners and everyone who went out to enjoy the lake. It was definitely a great weekend to be out there. We fished both days and wound up with some nice fish when it was all said and done. We reached deep into the bag of tricks to find something that worked on Saturday and once we were dialed in that pattern Saturday afternoon, that pattern produced well for us that afternoon and early on Sunday. Hit the grand slam both days and Saturday's grand slam of keepers was a first for my boat. Targeted silver fish and picked up probably 10 lakers by accident. None of the lakers were going to go 8lbs plus so we didn't weigh any. We landed probably 40 fish over the two days, with most of them coming on Saturday. We landed a best-ever for our boat 6lb 10oz landlocked that made a brief appearance on the board, plus a 5lb 11 oz brown, and another salmon and brown in the low 5s. We had a couple rookies on Saturday who dropped two big fish at the boat within 10 minutes, so that was frustrating, but I guess that's why it's called fishing and not catching, right? Ran into those crazy currents in the same area both days and the riggers were blowing way back when trolling south -- had trouble keeping the riggers from tripping no matter how much we adjusted things. I don't have down speed, but definitely should have sped up more after hearing your experience, suttontroller... Maybe I need to invest in a probe. See you all out there on the water. Kyle
  10. Sold / Closed

    Looks sharp. Do you have any interior pics that might show seating configuration/condition? Need something that could also serve as a family fun boat on occasion. Thanks.
  11. That's a beauty Pete!
  12. I bought a 9.8 Tohatsu from Shorts marine in Delaware through Ebay a few years back and I've been very happy with it, plus the deal was clean and easy. Here is something like what you might be looking at -- I am a believer in the extra long shaft to keep the prop in the water even in the biggest waves. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2017-Tohatsu-9-8Hp-Electric-Start-4-S-Outboard-Motor-Tiller-25-Shaft-Power-Trim-/311748159125?hash=item4895a36695:g:QrsAAOSw-0xYOFA~&vxp=mtr
  13. pictures added
  14. bump - new price
  15. Yep. Had bait and fish that wouldn't bite on the East side and then a whole lot of nothing over on the west side. Only managed 3 fish in 4.5 hours, got rained on a couple times, and had some big waves to deal with sometimes, too. Worst outing of the year so far.