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  1. Okay cool that’s what i figured in that high 60 degree range. Appreciate it ! happy fishing 🤘🏼
  2. Okay thanks for the insight. I usually launch in from the Cayuga State Park a little more north from Union Springs. I never tried fishing the South side by Ithaca for bass. Might give it a try ! - dan
  3. Do you happen to know the water temp on the northern end of Cayuga lake ? Looking to make a four hour trip up north ! thank you. - Dan
  4. Hey Guys and Gals, Im planing to take a trip to Cayuga Lake but before i do so does anybody know the water temperature in the Northern End ? I’m targeting mainly largemouth and possibly smallmouth if the Opportunity presents itself. I went in the middle of September and it was still fluctuating around 70-72 degrees. Doesn’t seem like the night temperatures been as low as they should be. Hopefully the aggressive Fall Feed is in motion already ! Im happy to be a new member on this site. Seems like we have a lot of knowledgable and passionate people here ! thank you. ps- i hope i posted this in the right section. -Dan
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