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  1. Hello Not sure if I had seen a device like this on the forum so i thought i would share the info. It's $60 on the company site but given how much I blow on spoons etc, it may be a good investment to keep the lakers alive. With the clip shown on the product-i am wondering if it could be run on the downrigger wire above the ball with a minimal modification (lengthen the distance with a wire lead from the clip you would add weight to... to the clip you put on the fish's jaw) to make it easier to handle the fish if needed for the guys trolling to be able to release lakers without stopping. It looks like you could then just lower the rigger ball to the desired depth and at the correct depth/ pressure it opens up.... Anybody bought one to report out how well it works? Cheers ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyolIToTEFA https://seaqualizer.com/product/seaqualizer-descending-device/
  2. ROLMOPS- thinking a tiller and try it first with steering with the bigger motor. Probably going to start off without controls- since if it is bumpy out there i may move to the bigger motor any ways. I was looking at the Mercury or Honda's. I read online somewhere there was a Mfg defect on the Mercury, but i would assume new units have this resolved. RE: Cloven- no i haven't...where is it ? Probably going to start off without controls. spoonfed-1- that's 1 of 3 lakes I want to get on, but my 115 hp would be prohibitive without a 9.9hp and prop removed in at least 1 of the bigger lakes..I'm in Woodstock, CT right over the line near Sturbridge... Thanks everyone for the comments. Can't wait to get back out there...
  3. I am thinking a 4 stroke 9.9 Hp. I have some lakes over here in Western MA that it would allow me access to as well. Also welcome any feedback on newer 4 stroke kicker motors purchased out there. Thx
  4. Hey guys I have a 17.5 Tracker Combo. Looking to add a kicker-any recommended brackets used on a similar rig? Thx Troutwhisperer
  5. I’m sorry -I don’t, I didn’t venture north this trip.
  6. Quick report on Cayuga Saturday. Fished out of Myers point. Surface temp was 62-67 degrees depending where you were. Temp break at the ball was 75 feet plus to find 50 degree water. Top to bottom it was 65 degree water until you hit 75 feet…Started the day with my normal mix of 3 1/2” spoons and did nothing on them. Picked up 2 Lakers on white flasher fly combo on the dipsy. Decided to retool my presentation and pushed the spoon sets back 75 feet amd downsized to scorpion sized trout spoons, slowed down the boat speed and it was game on for Lakers. 10 colors of lead core picked at fish as well. Boated a dozen or so and had a few more come unbuttoned. When we found bait and Lakers we got hits…rogue fish not so much. Bites were 100-120 feet down for us just above the bottom. One bonus bow hit us on a turn. Spectacular weather with minimal traffic. Cheers!
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