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  1. I've got a like new set of Aurora Lites I'd consider selling. PM if you're interested.
  2. FishinIsLife

    Wanted WTB. OR-30 Heavy Release Clips

    My bad guys, it turns out that the Heavy OR clips that I'm looking for are actually OR-30, not OR-19. I'll look into the other options though to see if they have a heavy duty release clip that meets my needs.
  3. FishinIsLife

    Wanted Painting of Walleye Stickbaits

    Link to fb page?
  4. FishinIsLife

    Wanted Painting of Walleye Stickbaits

    Thanks guys, I'll try to track him down.
  5. Anyone who paints lures for fun, I'd like to have some stickbaits painted at a decent price. Send me a PM if interested.
  6. Looking to pick up some Offshore Release Clips, OR-30. I believe they are red, as seen uploaded image. What do you have? PM me with photos and asking price.
  7. FishinIsLife

    Setting up Otter boards

    Thanks for the info Gill-T, would also love to see some photos of the reinforcements you'd recommend!
  8. FishinIsLife

    Setting up Otter boards

    For you guys that are running them, can you please share the dimensions of where to put the knot in the tow rope? Want to get the distance/ratio right!
  9. FishinIsLife

    for sale : usa Fishing gear for sale

    Links to posts from a decade ago?!
  10. FishinIsLife

    Northeast, PA Lake Trout

    Thanks for the info Char-Master!
  11. Thanks for responding FishnChef, but those trolling spoons are regular and MAG sizes, I'm looking for the small scorpions.