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  1. Same here!
  2. Hi Paul, I'm unable to attend this tournament (brother's bachelor party) but looking to observe with someone this summer! Please let me know if you're looking for another event! Experienced fisherman just excited to be a part of the tournament scene and learn the ropes on Ontario!
  3. What's the condition of the HotSpots maps?
  4. Pro-Am or Invitational Observer Interested in being an observer for a Pro-Am or Invitational tournament this July or August. Please let me know if there are any opportunities!! Looking to learn from the best!
  5. for sale : usa

  6. Thanks for posting.
  7. Sold / Closed

    Where are you located?
  8. How much to ship with box? Or without box?
  9. We did the same thing on 4/8, but didn't even get the one laker!
  10. I'm guessing aboit 98-100ft down! Lol
  11. What's the length of that orange back/chartreuse bellied Wiley in the photo? How much do you want for it? Would love to see more pics of other available lures
  12. Shinin, do you still have it?
  13. Thanks !