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  1. for sale : usa

    It records the conversations up on the boat and translates them into fish language and replays it down below. Once the salmon hear enough good jokes and pleading from the fisherman for them to bite, they then do as they're told. Despite what you may have heard, they're actually quite good listeners!
  2. Sorry nlong, didn't realize you were a businessman. I will take two packs (100 of them) then, round faceted as you mentioned. How much is shipping?
  3. Where are you getting those glow beads?
  4. Skipper, what's wrong with the Fort Niagara launch? I've never been, but would like to make the trip someday.
  5. Thanks guys!
  6. Tons of great guys on here that will help you out!
  7. 2wd ATV on ice? Do any of you guys run a 2WD ATV on the ice? That's what I've got, and considering getting a set of chains for my rear wheels. Before I did, I was hoping to hear your opinions on whether it's a good idea, or a waste of time/money without 4wd. Obviously not looking to go through crazy snow, just in reasonable conditions of a few inches max of snow and pull a sled of gear.
  8. Wondering the same!
  9. Did you have these mounted on the Cisco Lund SportTrak mounts you're also selling? If so, what model Lund are they off of? Curious about how much weight you were running off SportTrak mounted riggers.
  10. I'm interested, but way east of you, near Albany. Would prefer to have it shipped if the cost is reasonable. Don't know the weight/dimensions.
  11. Sold / Closed

    Very interested! Hooks included? Take PayPal?
  12. You could also just post some photos and answer any specific questions if/when they come up. I'm looking for all sorts of trolling equipment.