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  1. FishinIsLife

    Hunter Safety System Rope Style Tree Staps

    Interested. What length are they?
  2. FishinIsLife

    2018 Targa V-18

    Through-bolt them for sure! Will let you run bigger weights with no issues and no chance of damaging your track/boat!
  3. FishinIsLife

    Shipping lanes

    Pap, what species are you targeting there?
  4. FishinIsLife

    Cayuga Cayuga Myers 8/7

    Great post. Sounds like you may be addicted already... Welcome to the club!
  5. Definitely a terrible AM rule, since it's unenforceable (no observer) and clearly hurts the honest guys.
  6. Most guys haven't been pressuring them with the water temps so high lately and the stress that it puts on the fish. Hopefully they dropped a bit this week.
  7. FishinIsLife

    Price of cut bait

    Any special advice for brine?
  8. I have a like new pair of collapseable Aurora Lites planer boards for sale. Regular size. Still have the sticky square where the price tag was on them! http://www.auroralitestackle.com/planerboards.html Asking $250; obo. Will have them in Oswego this weekend if interested.
  9. FishinIsLife

    Traxstech Contact

    "Strung along and lied to" seems like the standard procedure at Traxstech. Scary that there's so many horror stories in this small sample size of replies, and a huge shame since they make such a great product!
  10. Looking to buy a 400 and 500 copper reel, loaded. Very good to new condition preferred. PM me what you've got!
  11. FishinIsLife

    All out fishing recap

    Awesome tuna Keep'n! Were you trolling or chunking?
  12. FishinIsLife

    Stackers on riggers

    Is there a reason why your run a larger spoon above a smaller one?