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  2. What type of lure are those green/white and orange lures?
  3. Justtracytrolling , I've sent you a PM.
  4. Glow MAX!!!
  5. Thanks for the advice HB2. Is this Rustoleum Glow a spray?
  6. GLOW paint for spoons and J-plugs I'm looking to put some new paint on some tired old spoons and J-plugs. Any advice on what paints are the most durable and/or have the most GLOW! I'm willing to use spray, paint, or dip. Whatever works best!
  7. I've never been disappointed with a Daiwa
  8. I've heard nothing but great things about Justin. I'm sure he will take care of you!
  9. Haha thanks HB2! I'm assuming you could just replace those washers, but sounds like your solution is working just fine.
  10. Cannon Easi-Troll with 10lb Have any of you ever used the Cannon Easi-troll with a weight above 8lbs? I'd like to get a pair of 10lbs sharks to run on them but the specs say they're only rated for 8lbs. As an engineer, I've gotta assume there's a safety factor in there, but hoping someone else has tried heavier and can give their opinion. Thanks!
  11. Are lots #4 and #6 the only ones left?
  12. Thanks for the advice!
  13. Very interested in them! Why are you selling?