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  1. This came with my downriggers and don't have use for it. Seems to be in good working order and comes with a mounting plate on top. Asking $60obo plus actual shipping, if necessary. I'll be in Mexico this weekend as well.
  2. Yes sir, send me a message we can come up with a meet up or shipping plan.. thanks!
  3. Yeah that's why I don't want to ship them to Jimi. lol Even with my business account discounts
  4. I won't be back to Lake Ontario for a few weeks, but can take payment via PayPal and drop them in the mail any day. Send me a message and we can coordinate
  5. Schenectady NY, or possibly Mexico this weekend.
  6. Yes Jeff, still available. Boxed up and ready to ship!
  7. $350 for anyone other then Jimi, since I don't want to ship them half way across the country!
  8. 7 mag spoons $24 shipped
  9. 20 mag spoons $55 shipped for the lot, or $30 shipped per column All appear to be new, unfished, but two or three do have some scratches from riding in the box.
  10. Shipping them that far would cost a fortune. Really not looking to do that.
  11. Buyer backed out, so still available.
  12. https://www.sportsmans.com/fishing-gear-supplies/downriggers-and-planer-boards/downrigger-accessories/berts-custom-tackle-fixed-mount-base-downrigger-accessory-4in/p/1554420?channel=shopping&gclid=CjwKCAjw7IeUBhBbEiwADhiEMWpTiABognM75zxKzW-UNjdlhPpTHaVECXovo1ogUrJbNMpcdJvfrBoCdgIQAvD_BwE Says the universal mounting plates are "Pre drilled and tapped for all riggers on the market"
  13. That's a little bit out of my usual radius, but not by too much.
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