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  1. Ok. Wont make it most likely till mid april. Thanks for the comments and info
  2. Anyone been out of Mexico this month yet? Planning on making a trip in early april.
  3. Agreed. Sitting here at best western hotel watching the wind and waves
  4. Sitting in the best western hotel Oswego watching the wind and waves😩
  5. Never got on the big lake went up below lock 6 and fished between lot 6 and 5. Too many bass to count. Made the best out of the one long weekend each year we get to come to lady o
  6. Today is a blow off day. We are heading up the three locks to fish the Oswego river I assume for walleye and whatever else. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Nice! We are in Oswego now. Got out today for the afternoon. Went out to the 550 area and trolled back in. Picked up onw juvenile. Did not mark much bait
  8. Thanks for the update! I will be there tomorrow through Sunday!
  9. Thanks for the update. Will be headed there on Thursday - Sunday!
  10. No but last year we were a solid 10 miles out
  11. Any updated reports out of Oswego? Heading out August 17
  12. We will be heading out after em this weekend. Gonna be an awesome one to be on the boat!
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