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  1. Sounds like you did really well overall! Nice job!
  2. Best Western right on the river. Can dock boat right out front on the wall or dock in Oswego Marina
  3. Good luck! Was a real tough bite a few weeks back. Managed three kings and a Steelie.
  4. It's getting down to the wire. When does the lake fishing end?
  5. Wow! Fishing in the heavy rain? Wonder how that will change the bite?
  6. Wait, I thought that a 1 setting was the deepest because it will not plane out to the side as much
  7. Open to all options. Have never been to Sodus
  8. Been fishing out of Oswego past few years. Also Mexico before that. May change it up next year and try Sodus. Not changing because of the fishing but more trying some place different. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  9. Friday afternoon to sunset went straight out to 350 fow and trolled back. Picked up a 17lb King 85 down on a dipsey spin dr meat rig. Saturday morning back out NW of chute to 200fow near the pack trolling west. Found some marks down 70-100. Best temp 80 down over 200. Picked up another King (22lbs) on a dipsey with ff. Picked up a third King (27lbs) on clean spoon off rigger down 80 over 350 NE of chute Saturday afternoon followed by another skipper that was released in same area on a dipsey with ff. Pulled the boat and got it ready for the trip home due to weather forecast for Sunday. Should not have listened as I woke up at 9am to a half decent day. Could have fished till noon at least.
  10. Fished Thursday and this morning. All depths. NW our of the chute. Nothing on Thursday and one 27.5” steelie this morning. Found same bait over 650fow went through it several times nothing. Anyone finding kings?
  11. Not with Kings. Got one 27.5” steelhead this morning out of Oz.
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