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  1. Isn't it typical to struggle in May and June on the east end? I never make it to lady O until July and august
  2. hey Rookie you from saratoga huh. i am on the GSL

  3. i started fishing lake O 4 years ago. i only make two trips a year of three days each. the first three years i caught one salmon. last year i bought a fish hawk x4d. i made one three day trip and boated 6 salmon and a steelhead and a brown. it makes a difference and i think more valuable for those of us who do not get out there much.
  4. what lb wire 30 or 45?
  5. afw and bloodrun are the only brands i haveheard of. any others?
  6. any recommendations on brands out there?
  7. is there wire that is brown or is it all shiney stainless?
  8. yup answered all of my questions as well
  9. i bought both of his books before i really got into fishing lake o. it taught me what equip to buy and how to rig and the various techniques. i still read both books a few months before i actually fish as a refresher.
  10. Ok so cruise around till I find marks and setup?
  11. So are the salmon staging up yet or pretty much same tactic as it was early August? Find the temp and you will find them?
  12. P3434 thanks for the report on the coho. I am going to make a trip back Thursday and Friday next week.not sure if I will launch out of Mexico or Oswego again.? Where were u catching the coho depth and tackle?
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