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  1. i have a 1990 islander 221 and love it but it is like a bobber on the water compared to a heavier glass boat for sure. it will handle some pretty foul weather though.
  2. yes a 90hp is really going to have to work to push a grady.
  3. hey Hactch. i remember corresponding with you in the past. i launched and stayed on my boat overnight in salmon country one time
  4. thank you! i will be sure to check those out.
  5. not sure what brand but bloody tuna was the scent
  6. any suggestions on a fun tournament to enter that is the right amount of competition to simply having a good time? been sporadically fishing lake o for half dozen years using my own boat and equipment. usually launch out of oswego or mexico. looking to support the tournament and local economy. thanks in advance
  7. Sounds like you did really well overall! Nice job!
  8. Best Western right on the river. Can dock boat right out front on the wall or dock in Oswego Marina
  9. Good luck! Was a real tough bite a few weeks back. Managed three kings and a Steelie.
  10. It's getting down to the wire. When does the lake fishing end?
  11. Wow! Fishing in the heavy rain? Wonder how that will change the bite?
  12. Wait, I thought that a 1 setting was the deepest because it will not plane out to the side as much
  13. Open to all options. Have never been to Sodus
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