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  1. stay at home ya’all
  2. hopefully most are following the recommendation and staying home
  3. best to just stay home and learn up on salmon on the internet
  4. thats the problem in my mind and why the US has not been able to effectively slow the curve. there needs to be a higher level government order that covers at least the entire state i.e governor. too many questions and not a uniform order. we are getting the same thing here, f people who own summer homes that live for the majority of the year in or around NYC area are here now.
  5. I fished Friday and Saturday. Today ended up being a blow day. Friday was a meat day and sat was a mix of spoons and ff. We caught most coming up out of temp 55-65' down. Saturday fish seemed to hit anything with orange on it
  6. I fished out of Oswego Friday and Saturday. Friday was awesome, Saturday was great then sat afternoon seas started building. I thought Sunday would be tolerable but no dice. I made it to the chute and had to me a hard u turn in between rollers and chop. I have a Starcraft Islander 221. There were other boats larger than me turning around as well. I did see one crazy guy in a 17' aluminum boat solo go out past the break wall, no life jacket on or anything.
  7. We fished out of Oswego Friday and Saturday. Today was too rough to fish. We fished between the twin stacks and the plant. Every fish was on meat. Saturday fished more NW of Oswego then again out in front of the stacks. Was a spoon and ff bite. I only make it out one weekend and have been lucky weather wise for the most part. Rented a slip from Oswego Marina.
  8. I made several trips to lake o with little success. Then I bought a fish hawk x4d and would never fish without it. Wish I had bought it earlier
  9. I say do it once and you will make your own mind up if there is a next time. Nobody can tell you for sure.
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