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  1. Wow, I have been out of the loop this year, I knew that the Lake was high, as many are but that is crazy
  2. Say what, Mexico is just opening????
  3. Wow I guess it was
  4. damn u have like what, $700 worth of coolers in that pic?
  5. Hard to believe summer is coming to an end. Never made it to lady o this year which bums me out. Time to break out the hunting implements and head to the woods. Finish getting the firewood stacked,the snowblower serviced and all the happy pre winter things completed.....
  6. I am no expert by any means but did take a charter once and the captain explained what do do if we hooked into a steelhead. Light drag, keep rod tip high and do not pull back on the rod
  7. so is this thread the Ibay sodus ruff rider report?
  8. Why is the guy even responding if he is in Florida? Could care less about being in Florida myself
  9. Yes they are only 45 minutes from me I ordered all of my legacy canon mag 10a parts from them
  10. Well Rich S at least you are fishing Lady O, I wont make it this year.