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  1. How far out of Fairhaven do you have to motor to hit decent depths? I assume 4-5 miles?
  2. Any update on where you are finding good water temp for Kings out of Oswego? Seems as though some reports in other locations are saying that 100' or so since the lake has been relatively stable lately. Any insight would be appreciated.
  3. Black mouth = king. white is coho
  4. Looking to move west this July from Oswego to Sodus or even further. Would like a place where I could launch boat and not have to relaunch each day. Probably 3 nights. Thanks in advance.
  5. Heading that direction myself rather than Oswego this year
  6. yeah I saw a small pack of boats out there. I didnt know if they were fishing for kings, or steelhead. Never guessed Lakers. We were in a green 18' Lowe with green top
  7. Ended going out of Mexico last Saturday. Didnt move a rod after 4 hours of trolling, lost 4 lures and packed up and left just in time to beat the rain that came in at 2. Pretty dissappointed.
  8. Adk1

    Sold / Closed 2017 Starcraft Fishmaster 196

    Thats a nice boat and its just crazy what they cost.
  9. Are there any browns inside of Oswego Harbour to stay out of the wind and waves this time of the year?
  10. thanks for the report. i am hoping to get there this weekend. been trying to fish spring browns for years and havent made it
  11. I guess I should preface my fishing occuring from July 1 to August 15
  12. Have fished enough on Lake O and have never landed a coho.
  13. Its out of control what they cost. Dont miss!
  14. Looking for some feedback. Thanks in advance. Not much going on in regards to spring browns yet?
  15. I wonder who is heading out this weekend out of Mexico?
  16. Go onto Fish307.com. They have parts for older riggers. I replaced my old Mag 10's with brand new cords a few years back
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