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  1. Slow morning marked bait and very few fish. Abit rolls and rough fished for 3 hours then back in. Heading back out around 5 for a bite bite. Hope the seas calm tomorrow
  2. What are the popular vhf channels beaides the calling channels? Just looking for some tips. Pretty slow thus far thanks.
  3. So when I leave out of the chute of Oswego the farther West I go the better
  4. Anyone targeting the mud chicken with the slow king bite? I promised my mates that if it was slow we would at least try to move a rod or two with lakers. From my understanding, low and slow, bounding off the bottom, big cowbells and peanuts, yellows and orange color? Dragging what behind the cowbell? Worm or cut bait?
  5. Tough for us who have to travel so far to get there and not be productive. We had a tough year last year when we went too, only landed a few kings. I am hoping for better bite this year. Have a week before I arrive so maybe the bit will turn back on.
  6. Thanks for the posts. Due to arrive August 14
  7. I usually target the end of July through second week of August with success as well
  8. Thanks for the comments. Line has been ordered.
  9. I run Berkley Big Game 30lb test on my rigger rods. I have had the same line on these reels for 4 years now. I only use them 1 or 2x a season. Thoughts on changing it out? Curious to know how often others change out their mono. Thanks in advance.
  10. Fish307.com has a great selection of parts if you or anyone who repairs older riggers
  11. Is there a place nearby where two (2) boats can be docked while there?
  12. Looking for an updated list of places in the above areas. Kind of late notice here, looking for something for 6, can be multiple rooms etc. Have tried All Seasons, K&G and Salmon Country. No availability
  13. i have a 1990 islander 221 and love it but it is like a bobber on the water compared to a heavier glass boat for sure. it will handle some pretty foul weather though.
  14. yes a 90hp is really going to have to work to push a grady.
  15. hey Hactch. i remember corresponding with you in the past. i launched and stayed on my boat overnight in salmon country one time
  16. thank you! i will be sure to check those out.
  17. not sure what brand but bloody tuna was the scent
  18. any suggestions on a fun tournament to enter that is the right amount of competition to simply having a good time? been sporadically fishing lake o for half dozen years using my own boat and equipment. usually launch out of oswego or mexico. looking to support the tournament and local economy. thanks in advance
  19. Sounds like you did really well overall! Nice job!
  20. Best Western right on the river. Can dock boat right out front on the wall or dock in Oswego Marina
  21. Good luck! Was a real tough bite a few weeks back. Managed three kings and a Steelie.
  22. It's getting down to the wire. When does the lake fishing end?
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