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  1. yeah I saw a small pack of boats out there. I didnt know if they were fishing for kings, or steelhead. Never guessed Lakers. We were in a green 18' Lowe with green top
  2. Ended going out of Mexico last Saturday. Didnt move a rod after 4 hours of trolling, lost 4 lures and packed up and left just in time to beat the rain that came in at 2. Pretty dissappointed.
  3. Adk1

    Sold / Closed 2017 Starcraft Fishmaster 196

    Thats a nice boat and its just crazy what they cost.
  4. Are there any browns inside of Oswego Harbour to stay out of the wind and waves this time of the year?
  5. thanks for the report. i am hoping to get there this weekend. been trying to fish spring browns for years and havent made it
  6. I guess I should preface my fishing occuring from July 1 to August 15
  7. Have fished enough on Lake O and have never landed a coho.
  8. Its out of control what they cost. Dont miss!
  9. Looking for some feedback. Thanks in advance. Not much going on in regards to spring browns yet?
  10. I wonder who is heading out this weekend out of Mexico?
  11. Go onto Fish307.com. They have parts for older riggers. I replaced my old Mag 10's with brand new cords a few years back
  12. Cool! I wonder if anyone checks on launches regularly. I recall last year with the super high water many were posting updates
  13. I do not have much to compare really, I only make it out one long weekend each year usually end of July or early august. This was my 6th year fishing for salmon. First three years I was learning and no fish hawk. Fourth year got a fish hawk and did awesome. Was also summer of 2019 which I believe was an exceptional catch rate for everyone, and here I thought it was all the fish hawk… last summer managed a few and this summer never moved a rod on a salmon.
  14. Yes, bait all over which is probably part of the issue maybe?
  15. Yeah it was around there. Started at 120 and found the right temp near the bottom and trolled toward shore. The ol monkey puke did the trick
  16. So leading up to the trip I had been hearing reports of the slow catch to the extent of some picking up and moving west to another port. I was hoping to catch a good day or two if the kings showed up. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. Made the 3 hour haul to Oswego launching out of wrights. Arrived sat around 7, launched and headed NW out of the chute and started in 300fow. Lady O was abit confused with rollers and a chop. My 221 islander handles it well but we got bounced around some. Never bent a rod other than loading the riggers. Headed to Oswego marina and picked up our slip. Stayed at the Clarion. made the decision to not fo back out doe the evening trill due to the small craft advisory. Back up and headed out of the chute NW again Sunday morning setup in 250FOW. Lady O had settled down some. Fished till 1:00 targeting kings. Picked up one steelie then headed in to setup for browns. Ended up picking up one decent brown as we were picking up as it hadent tripped the blacks release. Headed back in to port around 2:30, topped of the tank and got more ice and turned and burned. Fished NE out of chute starting in 300fow. Marked alot of bait and not much else. beautiful sunset. Back at it again this morning headed NE out of chute setup in 200fow. Had a few releases but no takers. Plenty of bait. Did see a few marks below and above the bait. Started targeting browns for the last 30 minutes picking one as we trolled back to port. Pretty tough fishing for everyone. Abit spoiled still from the 2019 season. Feel bad for all the charter guys out there. Feast or famine I guess. Hope something turns around. A lot of negativity in Oswego in regards to the salmon bite and why it’s so low this year. This was my third year running out od Oswego coming from Mexico. I think next year I will head west more myself, just to explore another port and a change of scenery. Not sure where yet. Pic od the steelie and some others.
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