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  1. Hi Hookedupf7, We stayed at Catfish in a trailer this spring for our brown trout outing. They are plenty adequate, but a little beat up. Mid-April nights were cold and the windows didn't lock shut (they fluttered in the wind), but it stayed plenty warm in the trailer. Running water, stove, refrigerator with freezer, bunks, a queen bed (I got the bed), toilet, TV and a shower. It ain't the Ritz Carlton, but it served us well for a week. The trailer we were in could sleep five, and that would be cramped. But there were only two of us.
  2. Hi PD. Tough fishing, I hope to get up there again late summer and share your misery. Regarding your banner... Our forefathers fought and died for the right for you to wave that flag any way you want. I'm not a Trump fan, but I don't hate him either. But that's not relevant to the topic. We (fishermen, republicans, democrats, whatever) don't have a problem until you CAN'T wave that banner. That day will be a dark day in the US of A. If flying that flag makes your heart go pitter-patter, then fly on, my friend.
  3. Just west of the plant,10-20 fow, purple sticks. 4 in the box so far
  4. Nothing yesterday,too windy. Nothing yet this morning, we’re headed down towards little salmon.
  5. 8 browns and a small mouth this morning, found stained water way down by salmon river. It was slim but we were persistent. They liked brighter colors today, again 12 fow.
  6. Fished Tuesday morning west of catfish creek, pickedup two and missed threeon spoons, chartreuse. It was windy and choppy, my 19 Lund had all it could take by noon. Went back out last night around 5, fished east from little salmon to salmon. Picked up 10 or so, missed a few. Mostly on black and silver sticks. Fished 8-15 fow. on the lake now, bluebird day with no takers. LOoking for that stained water below little salmon, they were all in stained water yesterday.
  7. Thanks, It looks good all things considered. I'm hoping to come up April 15-20, It should be usable by then. I'm happy to see that its not real high.
  8. Thanks!!! It actually looks pretty good. I'm hoping to be up there the week of 4/15-20th. It should be open and muddy (hopefully) then!
  9. Hi Folks, I haven't been up for a few years now, but its time to get back. I'm thinking of making an early trip to fish Mexico Bay and down towards Oswego. I'm hoping to find muddy water at Little Salmon, Catfish, the west side of the plant... the usual haunts. Does anybody have any feedback on the Mexico Launch? If I recall correctly, last year everything was flooded and you couldn't launch until fairly late in the season.
  10. Charter. Yeah, that's a great idea. We just back in to our cottage on Lake George using the recipe the charter captain gave is 15 years ago for lake trout. We put my son's girlfriend on two fish; one about 3 lbs and the other was a bigger fish but bit off. Sky blue flatfish, ~1 mph. The Cap'n used davis spinners, but I don't like them. Long story short, you will get a plethora of knowledge from a charter captain. Sorry about the banana in Pulaski, I've never taken a bad charter.
  11. And get multiples of what you think is going to work. If you're running 4 rods, the fish want Mountain Dew Spin Doctors and you only have one... Well you're pretty well screwed. I've got a half dozen of everything that has worked for me (they used to love seeded watermelon spoons).
  12. I'm down in CT so I don't have access to a lot of salmon stuff for when I make the trip up once every year or so. What I've done that has worked well is to buy my stuff on eBay. Folks are selling lots of stuff (not "a lot", but a lot as in "a 20 spoon lot") Mix it up with colors. Get what the folks above recommend, they know better than me, but I'd also recommend a bunch of 4-5" spoons, stick baits and j-plugs. Then when you get there you can see what's working and get started with something in your arsenal that is close. Now you're in the ballpark anyway. When you launch look at the boats in slips and see what colors they are running, some guys leave their rods rigged ready for the next trip out. Then after the day is done go to the store and stock up. I found that on eBay (check the classifieds here first; this is an "and also) you can get a bunch of used stuff for short money.
  13. I agree with everybody. I'm from down in CT. I read the site, read some more and then some more looking for what's happening around Mexico. But, CT is a long way to tow a boat for a weekend, so I'm up there for a week once every couple years. When I'm there, I post. Otherwise there's not much to say. Looks like the lake is still high. I'll be looking for info on the Mexico launch after I post this... But its up to Lake George for me next week.
  14. I fish Mexico whenever I go up there, we stay in Pulaski. We had a terrible trip up there the second week of May, too late for the browns and too early for the kings. And we focused on Kings when we should have focused on browns... Anyhow fishing was terrible. But other folks were catching a few (listening to channel 9). The bay gets snotty just like any place else, its not really a bay, its a bump in the lake shore. But everything is relatively close... we put in in Mexico and fish from Oswego to Sandy Pond, east of Pulaski (not all in the same day). But we have trolled the shore from Mexico to Sandy in a morning. Just be careful. Things can change in a hurry out there. I'll be headed up again this summer when the kings are in.
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