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  1. https://scranton.craigslist.org/bod/d/allentown-outboard-99-hp-20-hp-mercury/7225250470.html
  2. Yay,,,no more watching boats get stuck in the sand
  3. The lighthouse dropoff is real bad, I launched there over the weekend and was inches away from scraping my boat on that concrete
  4. Look at dirty goose sporfishing Facebook history, those guys fish well into October and do well. Browns and steelhead
  5. Made it farther than me, I went to 50 feet then went back in and fished with worms,,,I have no tolerance for getting beat up like that,,,wish the wind would stop blowing on the weekends.,,,too bad they were biting good ,,,,oh well
  6. Anyone out here fishing south dunes? I'm feeling kinda alone out here solo.
  7. I thought they were scattered, until 100 feet I had 75 degrees to the bottom, everyone I spoke with had a slow day. This morning I only went out for an hour and got beat up, still had 2 to 4 footers left over from advisory the night before. I think I only saw 2 boats this morning and maybe 6 tonight, so that explains not many reports. Or they all out real deep. Tonight was dead flat though.
  8. Not much to report out in front of the dunes, temp down 110 feet, real slow fishing and only a handful of boats out today
  9. What a blow last night, 40 + mile an hour winds, every year I like to take a charter trip to fine tune my game and today was the day, Well needless to say with 10 foot waves it was canceled. I was afraid to be near a tree last night never mind the water, hopefully calms and no thunderstorms to follow for this week.
  10. Fished in front of the dunes this morning, 100-130 fow,,,slow bite,,,caught 2 skippies, 1 brown and lost one screamer,,,fished 6-10 am,,,fish seemed scattered and did did not see the marks that was talked about,,,I did end up north of dunes so maybe just missed them
  11. Wanted to ask how many of you guys use scents on your spoons and flashers.. Most of the time I use scent on my lures, I think its lunker lotion,,,but have a couple different kinds... last week I went through a couple trips with little to no bites,,,,next trip out I didn't use any scents and got a bunch of bites...any thoughts?
  12. I fished a little shallower off the north dunes Friday morning, 80-95 feet of water, great marks and caught a couple salmon then went in, trolled north because south winds, most if not all boats out deeper... Don't be afraid to check shallow, that's my rule. I usually only fish a couple hours anyway when I go in because kids get up and want to go tubing.
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