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  1. And details on the capsized? I have family fishing "off sandy pond today" what kind of boat and how many people.
  2. Tragedy for sure, prayer to the family...there needs to be a better system to gage wave height and conditions to prevent this from happening again. So many times I have looked at a report of lake conditions only to be surprised when I actually got out there that it was wrong. With the technology we have today you should be able to know at least accurate real time conditions across the lake, .,,just my 2 cents...
  3. Fished in front of north pond sat afternoon, bumpy and only caught one skipper, fished Sunday morning was calm and lots of boats but caught nothing,,,140 to 100 fow think they are still out deep,,,any luck with you?
  4. North sandy pond inlet is shallow as always, 2 foot at times, I only have a 19 foot aluminum smokercraft so I was fine, if your worried about it go to mexico point
  5. Scroll down to the "Henderson harbor" thread, lots of good info there.
  6. I just switched to 30lb wire on my 3 rods to my dipseys, less stretch when setting the hook and breaking dipseys free made easier. Don't forget the twilee tip. But when the wire line gets a nest what a pain. I found you have to spend time out there and on somedays the fish just don't want to bite. That is when the charters have the tricks up their sleeve to force the bite. Good luck you can do it!
  7. Are you sure your not fishing in the nuke plant? Or just a little too close to it,,,,too funny
  8. seeyawader

    September kings

    Fished in front of dunes Saturday, great day to be on the water, slow fishing in the morning but good bite in the evening, caught one 80 fow 50 down on meat rig, wind blowing like mad today think I'll relax today. Small craft for tomorrow,,,,hey ifishy have any tips on fall pike fishing?
  9. seeyawader

    Looks like

    Do you think Ontario is big enough to fit all the boats that want to be out tomorrow? Haha I'll be out there too
  10. September kings Fished out of sandy pond on Tuesday afternoon, went 1 for 3 in 100-150 fow, bite was on meat 90 depth, Question: how long into the year do you guys run your boats? Do you normally run into October, my brother wants to plan a trip in a couple weeks
  11. seeyawader

    Oswego bust # 3

    Crap I shouldn't have let my 12 year old daughter name me and included salmon in my name, didn't think of that! I want to catch more fish too!
  12. Hit a big wave then went and bought a bigger boat! Wish I could do that, curious how much bigger boat did you buy? Sounds like fun!
  13. Check the weather and push back your day off one day if you have to. Suppose to get bad. Don't expect to get out an hour after the small craft advisory is lifted. Takes a while for the lake to calm down.
  14. I'm with you bassinbob, its much less likely people will post a report when they have a bad day fishing (if there is one) I fished out of sandy pond 100 to 140 feet of water on Sunday afternoon after the wind died down. Marked alot of fish mostly 80-100 feet down, bunches of them. However getting them to bite was another thing, ran dipseys,ff and spoon.200 to 300. Came up empty still trying to figure it out. Maybe the wind had them mixed up or I'm just too much a newbie.