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  1. Hey, did anyone see the kayakers out in front of the sandy ponds on Saturday fishing? They were pretty far out there in 80 fow,,like 4 of them. Maybe it was Sunday, my days blend together. Went 3 for 6 on Saturday and 1 for 3 on Sunday. Stager fishing was tuff for me. 80 ft in front of south dunes best for me I guess...look at the cherry belly on this one
  2. Are there any browns left over in Mexico Bay/ high rocks, or did the salmon chase them all outta there?
  3. The thought that "Lakers" are easy to catch is deceptive,,Mexico Bay for instance is great for Lakers but they move around, sometimes you see them in 120 fow but they are only active in 150 fow, or they migrated somewhere else. Salmon are way worse. The problem is finding active fish when you have a line in the water, I would suggest finding someone to network with when you are out there. I don't fish that area of the lake but if I did it would be a blast to see you hook into a 25 lb king and drag you around,,,,GOOD LUCK
  4. Thanks for the tip guys. Went 3 for about 10. Not counting a bunch of jacks we threw back. Maybe like 6 or so of them. Kids first time and kept ripping rods up and down. Was my son inlaws family from spain and they spoke spanish so a bit of a language barrier,.lol..,couldn't calm them down when they had fish on,,,Too funny..nothing big. Fished like 28 to 30 line. Was bumpy this morning starting out with 17 knot winds but calmed down to dead flat thru the day. Lots of bait out there couldn't get a consistent bite but picked away at them.
  5. Thanks for the report, that helps,,I'm in a 26 foot pennyann with some kids,,so was a little Leary going deep with possible north winds
  6. Any Intel on fishing out of olcott? Got skunked this morning fishing 160-200 feet,,thankz
  7. I was getting thermocline at 85 down over 140 fow straight out in front of Olcott .. good marks, caught one salmon and lost 2 in a mid day troll for 1.5 hours....I don't understand but temp was good where I was I thought
  8. This boat is currently in Montrose pa.
  9. Transom solid, both motors run good, couple scratches from the dock, latches for compartments need fixing,,no rot to speak of, but haven't looked really close,, price reflects if a board or 2 needs replacing to get latches fixed good,,,,negotiable,,,,,been a good boat but kids are older and I sold my cottage and already have a bigger boat,,has a ski bar attachedment.
  10. I started with my 19 foot smokercraft, then 24 wellcraft, then 26 foot pennyann yan intruder,, had some scary times in 19 footer and will never fish with it again farther than a couple miles out...the level of safety and piece of mind in my 26 footer is no comparison. I no longer am hypnotized by watching waves build..but then again I'm not the most risky guy out there....some people are really good at it though,,,example,,,last year during the Oswego pro am the tournament was postponed because of a small craft advisory,,,when they lifted it the tournament started,,waves were big still and a team in a 18 footer won the tournament,,I was amazed and impressed and no way I would have been out there in an 18 footer
  11. This is a good video to show my wife when in the evening when I'm gazing off she asks me "what are you thinking about""....lol
  12. Selling my 2004 smoker craft millentia 191 with mercury 115hp outboard. Has a 9.9 mercury kicker motor also. Both motors run great. Has a 2019 karavan trailer with very few miles on it. This boat has been a great fishing machine for me. The boat needs some cosmetic TLC. The carpets and upholstery are well worn..cell is 570-533-1210
  13. Fished 7/28, good screens in front of the north dunes, lots of marks in 160 ft of water, was so hot think I almost baked myself to death. Fished lake trout but did catch a couple salmon,,including a 16 lb salmon trolling cowbells on the bottom.
  14. How deep is Stony creek launch? Can I get my 26 foot pennyann through the creek? May want to get away from the crowds this saturday
  15. If they want to create a law, they should ban the coyotes from killing all the game animals! Nasty critters are killing all the turkeys and deer fawns. They have no clue!
  16. Those of you that have fished during harbor fest in the past, my question is can you launch and fish that weekend ? Or does harborfest close the place to salmon fishing? I have a 26 foot pennyann.
  17. Agreed that there may have been a kink or fray in the line,,however, the violent stops contribute to the cables getting frayed,,,I never had problem with my old cannons, they were slow but that may have helped,,cannon has a problem here,,I replace my rigger cable every year, now with the 180 lb test it has been good so far, so maybe that and snubber will be the solution.
  18. Agreed, the new cannons stop so violently they break rigger weights off,,,I lost a couple weights myself. This year I replaced my cable with heavier 180lb test to try to prevent this from happening. It's a fact.
  19. Fished same 2 days 7-7 and 7-8,,landed 23 fish, lost a bunch, mix of steelhead and salmon, some teen salmon, with a few 15lbs, a 18lb, and a 20 pounder right out in front of oak in 180 +- feet of water. Most steelhead were on the smaller side but lost one nice jumper, ran the same line both days that seemed most productive and on the east troll we hooked up every time. Saturday evening right before dark was on fire. Ran 2 Chinook divers out 160,180 on 4 setting. 2 riggers with cheaters parked between 70-90 feet. A copper and lead core, lead core was only rod that didnt fire. At times ran a short diver out the chute.....Mostly spoon bite carbon 14 taking most of the shots, caught fish on meat and ff also. Great bite out there, Sunday was too windy for us so we slept in.
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