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  1. Doesn't look like the fishing went too far downhill to me, those fish are nice catches, and doubt he was fighting boats to catch them,,,the entire fishery depends on tourism and input "dollars" from fishermen from all places for the state to fund stocking programs. As long as the state has the funds the programs will continue for all to enjoy,,,just my 2 cents
  2. East end brown trout fishing was great most of the time out,,,lake trout was really good,,salmon was slow for me on the east end,,,(Mexico) average a couple an outing,,,,steelhead was nonexistent for me this year, which was odd because other years I did pretty good on them at times
  3. Do you think the water is deep enough at Stony creek to launch a 26 foot pennyan?? How is the depth channel to lake ontario?
  4. Is wrights landing closed during harborfest? Was going to launch there sunday
  5. Thanks for the report Jimmy, I'm in it, first year for me,,,can't wait,,all I care is that my kids catch some fish and can weigh them in, will be fun
  6. Have never gone in the Oswego pro/am before,,,wondering what port would be better,,Oswego or Mexico point? Any input,,,I did pretty good out of Mexico last year this time of year. Also does anyone know the prizes? I see some trophy's on the website but wondering if there is a list of awards they give out. Is there kids stuff?
  7. Sliding cheaters with 6-8 foot lead were great for me last year on steelhead,,only run them with spoons. I didn't start getting consistent hits on cheaters last year until late June.
  8. Move that laptop and clean that fish right on the table,,,wife would love that, you can add a touch of red to the painting
  9. Marked tons of fish from Mexico to the high rocks on Saturday, only caught 2 browns and one jack king in 4 hours, they were there just wasn't my day, week before did much better
  10. Was so hot and calm, my son in law took a dip to cool off, I told him the water was cold, but he a little crazy
  11. Fished Saturday, same deal as previous reports, fished out of Mexico toward the plant, 20-40 feet of water, riggers caught more than boards, caught 6 browns and a laker, saw a bunch of boats in tight fishing the high rocks. This one had a big bait fish stuck in his mouth, not sure how he hit the spoon without choking,lol
  12. Burt Goodenoughs is the best, especially for guys running the older stuff, they helped me out many times
  13. Look for.the colored water, if you find yourself in the gin clear water, chances are the bite will slow down. We caught fish just a half mile west from Mexico launch . Things lined up good last weekend with strong west winds for couple days then settled down and left good color and fish close to shore. Heck the Saturday before browns were slow and charters went for Lakers so you never know.
  14. 2 of us boxed out by 8:30 am, many browns in mexico bay today. Pickleseed, lances 2face led the bites. It was one of those days you always wait for and wish you took more people,,,lost a heavy brown just before netting as my 8-15lb test brand new riverside pole broke in half, never had that happen in 30 years of fishing. Haven't been bummed over losing a fish in a long while,,,He was huge!
  15. Was slow last weekend, I found some good water north of Mexico launch, trolled forever before I got a few bites though, most charters switched to laker fishing,,,does anyone here know where they are catching the Lakers in mexico? And what depth?
  16. Caught a couple browns out of Mexico on Saturday, on brown had 2 lampreys on it, Dec was there collecting information and asked how many browns I caught and asked if they had lampreys on it, so they are aware.
  17. Thanks for the post dhm, tired of spoons allover the place, so I ordered one up
  18. So funny, I laughed all night long into the morning, what an idiot
  19. Where do you launch at to fish the Niagara bar? I fish Mexico bay and last year was slow, want to maybe travel to find more spring fish.
  20. Please Let us know where you fished and if you caught anything, I wanted to get out but may not get a chance. I’ve gone out in years past just flatline or weighted spoons in front of SR, but only caught 2 steelhead and a couple skunk trips,,,, I know bill saiff posts good pike and walleye action in Henderson area every late fall.
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