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  1. Glenn, I use a combination of wind finder and an app called fishing points. Between the two they’re quite good. Also check the environnement canada marine forecast.
  2. Go with the Raymarine Axiom. You can function all of those items off of it. Highly recommend
  3. Ok that’s good info. I’m on the north shore usually, now that I can cross the border that’s a much closer drive.
  4. Mid may I’m planning on heading to the south shore, either out of Oswego or Mexico bay. Looking for some steelhead and whatever else we can get. Where is a good depth to start targeting the steelhead? I’m thinking 100’. Any tips would be great.
  5. Excellent let me know how it works for you.
  6. Anyone using on of these units? Seems quite good and versatile.
  7. Don’t repower. I did that a few years back, boat was awesome for two years but ended up buying new anyways.
  8. Hello everyone from Ottawa Ontario. Home port is Wellington Ontario, but this year now that the border is open I plan to fish out of Mexico bay much more often; considering it’s the same driving distance. If you see a 18’ smoker craft named HiJacked II come say hi.
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